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Yes, part of a suit.    Better with a burnt orange or copper colour?
  any help?
aside the shoddy tie knot I quickly threw on to try this combination out before training today, is this tie ok with the suit material? or are they ugly together?   tie is browns and beiges, but quite washed out tones. and it's tweed. the suit material is very smooth, almost felt-like.   
Hello again!   I've just picked up this 3-piece at a steal. not really familiar with how patterns work if I'm honest.    I think a cream/ecru/beige shirt, but what sort of tie/square works? I have seen some dark brown woolens I liked, some plain, some with coloured diagonal stripes weaved through. Some brown and coloured tweed. not sure if they'd work.    here's the suit, it's a touch lighter in the flesh.  horrible yellow lamp bulb. it's a sort of dark...
americangent, is napoli any good for thrifting?
  thanks for the reply... well i'll be a single guest at a friend's wedding. so it doesn't have to be formal. i'm a security dog handler so there's also no office, just a desire to look good when i get a chance to   i've just bought a similar tie to this in a houndstooth pattern to wear with a white shirt. i think it looks good. my suit is slightly darker, but similar.    
how about something like this? i know it's a lighter suit than mine, but i think it looks good   pink and burgundy sounds ok too. will see what i can find, thanks
my quick question is....    what shirt, tie, and square combination to wear with a petrol blue shawl lapelled suit?
not really an option, i've got flights booked with 5 other people direct, just a couple of days before the wedding.    i think this is essentially a "what to wear with a petrol blue suit" thread
just to clarify, it's not my wedding. it's a friend's. so i am free to wear whatever i like.    militia, that was my instinct on the waistcoat. but am open to the idea.    what colours for shirt/tie/pocketsquare would you folk recommend for this colour suit? i don't think that navy skinny tie looked quite right in practice.      americangent, looking at the climate, i'm expecting 15-20 celsius in april. i was a little surprised by that, as i have family in...
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