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Ah, yes I meant Suit Supply. How would you compare Suit Supply to the slim cut by Hugo Boss?   Thanks
I just joined the forum hoping to find some people who could help me find a suit (and possibly a sports coat) that would fit me well.   I live near DC and am considering spending in the $1000 dollar range to get a suit that fits right. From what I can tell I have to spend that much or it doesn't fit. I'll check out Hugo Boss 36short/slim, which costs less though. I need a size no bigger than 36 short that is cut slim. It has to be cut slimmer than the Joseph A. Banks...
Bumping due to complete re-write of question after doing some research.
I live near DC and am looking for a suit which is no bigger than 36 short and a slimmer cut than most stores offer because the cuts are too loose for my build. I got 36 Short and slim by Joseph A. Banks, but it is too loose.   I'm considering Brooks Brothers, but I've also heard of Suit Source, Suit Supply.   Can you give me advice on getting suits by these sources?:   -Martin Greenfield -Southwick -Brooks Brothers Milano or MTM -Suit...
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