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In regards to what has been said above, I am looking to get as high quality product as possible given my budget. That is why I am asking for the opinions of the members here. I want nice clothes that are going to last, and stand up to being worn day in and day out. I will continually be building upon the base of what I will acquire over the next few weeks till I start my new job. Like I said, I am 28, so I am looking for clothing that is a little more fashion forward in...
Thanks for the replies guys. Looks like I may be making a trip down to LA next weekend. If I were to hit up, say a Nordstrom's or Saks, any brands I should be looking for, or staying away from? Again thanks for the help so far! Looks like I found another addiction!
Hi everyone, my name is Nick and this is my first post here on SF. I stumbled across the forums here while looking around for what to wear for the new job I just landed, and it seems that there is a vast wealth of knowledge held by the members here. So my problem lies in that I have next to nothing to wear for an everyday business casual dress code type of job, as I have worked in the oil fields for the past 5 years. I have now moved into an office setting in the same...
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