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All 3 of the BB shirts are patterned, as well as two of the BRs, and the Kors. I really wanted to try on all of the shirts I purchased because of the fact that I am 6'4" 260 lbs with a 36" waist and a  48" chest. I am a 12D in shoes.
Outcome awful? In what way? We don't have great shopping in the city I live in but can be in LA within 3 hours, so I had to do much of my purchasing within a limited time frame. I got the BR and Kors shirts for relatively cheap, so if they manage to hold up for 5-6 months that'll be ok. I tried to diversify my purchases so that I could figure out what works, and what doesn't, and use that information for future purchases. This is my first foray into this type/level of...
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Oh and I previously ordered some large shirt and felted trouser hangers from The Hanger Project, as well as some Woodlore Ultra trees to put in my shoes. 
Ok, so I had a chance to do some shopping this past weekend and here is what I ended up with so far: (4)  Banana Republic slim fit dress shirts $35-$40 ea (2) Banana Republic tailored fit wool trousers in light grey and charcoal $80 ea (2) Brooks Brothers wool trousers in light khaki and medium grey $80 ea (3) Brooks Brothers slim fit shirts $60 ea (2) Saks Black Label Slim fit shirts $45 ea (2) Saks Black Label wool trousers in navy and camel...
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Man I sure appreciate all of the input! I do realize the boot in the lighter color may be a little casual. What would you guys recommend I use to darken them up, and the best place to get it? I have never used anything beyond Kiwi polishes and products to get a mirror finish on my boots when I was a firefighter, so this is uncharted territory for me as well. For my next pair of shoes should I get black? Or should I go with an oxblood, bourbon, or something similar? The...
Well I have made my first purchase in my endeavour, and I am pretty happy with it! I was able to snag a brand new pair (not seconds) of AE Cronmok boots in brown for $150. So I think I should be picking up at least one more pair of shoes to start, in black possibly? For those, I like the McTavish. Any opinions?
The office is right between nice jeans and a button up, and shirt, slacks and tie. As far as shoes go, I really like the McTavish, Neumok, Ridgeway, etc style shoes offered by AE, so I am thinking I will probably go that route. No jeans except for Fridays, so the real need lies in slacks and shirts. I am an 18/37 in shirts with big/broad shoulders. Thanks again for everyone's input so far!
Oh and the company I will be working for is Chevron, in their corporate office here in Bakersfield. Hopefully that can give an idea of what level of formality I'm looking for. 
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