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 Actually the Derby and the Blucher are two different shoes. there is a subtle, yet important detail in the uppers (info here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blucher_shoe)But look at the difference in the cuts of leather between the following two shoes   The top is a blucher and is made from a single piece of leather, where as the bottom is a derby and typically made from 3 pieces (excluding the tongue). Derby is originally a British shoe style, and blucher is Prussian. Why...
I wear US8.5D in Barrie lasted shoes and either an 8.5D or 9D in Barrie lasted boots (the difference is basically thin socks vs thick socks) I find 4497 lasted boots in UK8 is a perfect fit, just a tiny fraction smaller than a Barrie 9D boot, I can wear thick or thin socks comfortably. I suspect it comes down to a width issue as to whether you go 1/2 down or full down.
Shell is 320euro and the MTO charge is another 100euro. These include VAT @21% but don't include postage
I'll see what I can do for you tonight when I get home! It's pretty overcast today though so natural light won't be the greatest...
In comparison to what? As far as workmanship goes - they are spot on. As far as cordovan vs calf I much prefer cordovan. But you don't buy cordovan for what it looks like after 3 months, you want to see what it's like in 3 years. It's about the cheapest pair of new cordovan black shoes you'll get your hands on. For sure Alden/Allen edmonds/carmina shell is better quality. But I think as these continue to wear in and get brushed and reno'd these will be as good as those. So...
Thought I'd share a picture of my black shell captoes that have now got a good 10+ wears and a couple of months on them. The cordovan still needs some more wearing in and nourishment, but they're getting there!
 I've never used anything but bone on my shell and it works wonders for removing scratches (so I can't compare to a spoon). As for the oils - there is definitely something in the bone. If you rub it over the shell you definitely see some residue left behind, and I don't believe that it's the bone lifting oil from the shell. If you rub your hands over them they will also feel slightly oily afterwards. Check out Namor (I think it was) doing the 'mac method' on his boots with...
No - not at all... what crazy bastard would want to see pictures of it.... .... ME ME ME ME show them now damn you!!!!
Yes, their standard shell colours are Light Brown (cuero), Black and Burgundy. The seem to have sourced blue/green shell from another tannery so there's quite a good chance of some more obscure colours also being available.
Conventional wisdom is that they are the same sizing as regular Alden - so usually on the Barrie Last, size down 1/2 a size from your TTS
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