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Looking to trade this Hickey-Freeman sport coat in excellent condition.    Looking for shoes or boots in size 10 (or 9.5 for shoes that run larger).      Measurements: Shoulders 18 Arms 24 Length 31 Chest 22.5 Waist 20.5   Single Vent
Great price on a pair of Diesel Men's Zatiny 08EY Jeans, 33x32, Made in Italy. New With Tags        
Have been significantly more selective with my thrift picks. Picked up these jeans yesterday for $10.00 - Diesel Zatiny 08EY NWT, Made in Italy. They are 33 x 32 so not my size and I will be flipping them.              The thrift store right by my office has a pretty steady stream of decent shirts and ties and I have slowly been replacing what I have at home with some great Brooks Brothers, Armani and Zegna ties. I picked up a Thomas Pink seven fold...
Have a few things under auction ending soon   Canali Three Button Suite 44R Super 120s Brown w Grey / Blue Pinstripe (complete with typo in title that eBay will not let me fix)   NEW WOOLRICH GRAY 100% HEAVY COTTON SHIRT L     Ermenegildo Zegna Dress Shirt French Cuff Blue with Stripes 15 1/2, 39   And four other jackets - Paul Stuart, Hilton, Jack Victor and Ben Silver. All going soon for cheap.   
Believe it or not yes. 0% of it came from Mani suits. 
Dude, I get it. Again. All stuff I had passed on and was just double checking on a few labels I was not familiar with. Need to be more selective on this board clearly. I have made something like a grand in the last two months reselling things I have found locally on top of what I have found for myself so willing to take the abuse if I pick up a tip or two. Let me know if you want me to send you one of the sweet ties.
Right, as I thought. Finding nothing on the Conte Di Como tag, not showing up anywhere. Thanks!
The last time I was at my very local thrift shop I took photos of a few of the labels I was passing on. I am sharing them here in case anyone wants to comment or sees something I might have missed. Going primarily on eBay prices for the same labels. I am not a tie guy and did not see any big brands so passed on all of those. The one I was close on was the Mani, but trying to be choosy.    I can pretty much get any of the suits for $20.00, the ties would be maybe a...
Thanks for the welcome and no offense. I fully realize the Evan Piccone is nothing to brag on, was just showing what ended up in my bag - but point taken will stick to the quality items as this is a bragging thread. I also hear you on the London Fog although that coat is old and just cool and I dig it regardless.. I have made a few good connections here, have sold a few suits and have a line on some tweed for myself. Also learning quite a bit.Curious what you think about...
I hit a few sales this weekend, the first was in a church basement and was $2.00 a bag for clothing. I had just a few minutes but grabbed a few things that looked decent.    The dark sport coat is a Hickey Freeman and is in great condition, size 42. The tweed is an Evan Picone and is marginal but quite tweedy. The tie is 100% wool and may or may not be a uniform tie? Not too shabby for $2.00.              I went today to an estate sale at a...
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