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  Thanks. Fair point about the waistcoat; it was intended as a retro outfit though, for those days I feel a little FU. Just wearing such a suit in the city is a little extravagant by itself I will be wearing this as a two-piece most of the time, though. And even more often as an odd jacket, as this cloth was not really intended for trousers.
me wants a understand this
  Thanks. Just the generic robot pose, Stitches does it better
#4 is the most formal tie, though it looks like a wedding ensemble. But I like it the most.
^ Had problems with my old account's password. For some reason password reminder mails would not arrive, though I had no spam filters nor rules set up for SF. So I created a new account...   Real bummer is that my posts will have to be "held for moderation" for a while, but I can live with everything else.   Today:       I just wish this worsted flannel was a bit less shiny, but with so few DB jackets available at my affordable price point (if any...
This suit is now wearable after being tailored, albeit still a bit on the tight side at the hips; tailor did what he could. Hopefully I'll resume weight loss.    
With Hampton's fit my first pick would have been a white shirt. If it was blue it would have to be very pale.
That jacket needs matching trousers, Claghorn. Do they sell them as separates? It'd make a very nice suit
Had problems with my account, and it looks like I'm not receiving support mails from SF at all (checked my spam filters and rules, but nothing). Starting over again...   This was friday, my Ultimate iGent Suit™ is finished:       [[SPOILER]]      
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