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Just not that much, eh. The color combo is still great IMO
SB, when I saw your pic in the "recent images in this thread" corner, I thought it looked awesome, because the tie looked solid. With that pattern, I don't like it that much...
Gotta agree with this. Silk looks weird folded, and when I started wearing a hank I remember I would iron a silk one into a TV fold so it would hold its shape. It hurts to see old pics now. Guys, don't do that. Ever.   That said, if you seek that kind of floppiness, then I guess do it...
May I ask where did you get it? That PS is awesome and it doesn't seem to be available anywhere. BTW, your DFIH looks just fine IMO; I like when a knot is not so perfect. I usually tie mine all neat and centered but that's because my imperfect knots look like crap
Not necessarily, a jacket doesn't have to follow your body contours like a swimsuit. A bit more room everywhere (not just on the waist) would make it look more comfortable. It doesn't have to be much more room, really.   That said, I think it doesn't look bad at all as it is. And length is fine...
He's moving.
Lol. Would never have guessed being a native español  Thanks.
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