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Lovely watch. That Mido has been on my radar for a while.
Good points. I've owned Chopard with their LUC movements and currently own an Archimedes (Ickler). Many of these you list are good values as well as being independent of the Big 3 luxury conglomerates. I'm also a fan of Girard Perregaux which isn't really an Indy but Sowind is a small group. I own a JeanRichard with the JR1000 movement. However, if my collection consisted solely of Lange, I wouldn't be too sad .
I've fought this opinion for years on other watch forums. All of the luxury watch brands are foremost in business to make money and they do it based on obsolete technology which is sometimes at the peak of this technology. I like independent brands as well but the best are phenomenally pricey even for basic 3 hand watches. Their owners are not suffering for their craft, that's for certain. IWC in this case is building a very high end in-house movement which in this case is...
Here's what's really important in a tool watch like the pictured IWC CF3. This is an in house integrated chronograph movement with column wheel and I believe a vertical clutch or other means to make for smooth switching of the chrono seconds hand on start up. It's a very high end movement and even has a long power reserve. In this particular watch it is surrounded by an anti-magnetic cage. This is a tool watch and no one will see the movement. I'd like to see better...
+1. Those are beautiful shoes by the way.
Unless he wears the watch there is the chance it may be confiscated. Do not have him bring the box and papers.
I've had 3-4 over the years. A very nice, under the radar brand. In the current line, the Sirius handwound model is lovely. A great dress watch.
It depends on how you define "breathtakingly expensive". Speake-Marin, Journe, Hautlence, Moser some Richard Mille pieces, and others are expensive but not in the same class as MB and F, Dufour, Gruebel Forsey and others.
Had no idea BMW made that many. Still, pretty rare in the US these days.
Your E46 M3 is a Bimmer enthusiast's dream car. Especially those who think the brand has lost their way since the advent of the E90. Even Cadillac thinks the E46 sets the bar for handling in this class.
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