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+1. Those are beautiful shoes by the way.
Unless he wears the watch there is the chance it may be confiscated. Do not have him bring the box and papers.
I've had 3-4 over the years. A very nice, under the radar brand. In the current line, the Sirius handwound model is lovely. A great dress watch.
It depends on how you define "breathtakingly expensive". Speake-Marin, Journe, Hautlence, Moser some Richard Mille pieces, and others are expensive but not in the same class as MB and F, Dufour, Gruebel Forsey and others.
Had no idea BMW made that many. Still, pretty rare in the US these days.
Your E46 M3 is a Bimmer enthusiast's dream car. Especially those who think the brand has lost their way since the advent of the E90. Even Cadillac thinks the E46 sets the bar for handling in this class.
I apologize if you already know this as I haven't read all the previous pages in this thread but there is already a 4 door 6 series, the lovely Gran Coupe.
Does BMW currently build a normally aspirated car that meets your criteria? I guess the 128i and the M3 are still sans turbo but there is no normally aspirated 3 series. I drive a 2011 328i with the N52 NA inline 6 and it's sweet, smooth and mellifluous. I have also driven the F30 with the new 4 cylinder turbo and while different in character, it's a great engine.
Since when does dressing sloppily mean one lacks class? Class is not defined by how well you dress.
I'm guessing your bride to be will be wearing a traditional wedding dress. If so, you should be in a black tux. Our wedding was small and not too formal and I wore a black tux, white vest and white bow tie. The groomsmen wore black tuxedos and black accessories with white tuxedo shirts.
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