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thanks a lot! Much appreciated
 thanks! toe box is perfect but overall the shoe is way too big, probably not the right length, though accordingto Brannock that is what I need. Probably not safe to try such a worn out shoe to figure out the right size
 Thanks so much! Yes, it has the foxing, so it's the BB version
 Sorry I meant, there is only ONE letter!
Hello all,   I just copped a used pair of tassels in brown shell cordovan in a size 12 B from an ebay vendor. Yet, I kind of doubt that they truly are 12 B's (feel way too wide), especially because inside the shoe, there is only letter,   might it be that this is an old model and this is a 12 B/D? Maybe some older aldens did not have mention of both   heel and shoe width inside?   To all you alden pros, what do you think, 12 B: yay or nay?   !   Thanks a...
Hi Gentlemen,   Is there anyone here owning aberdeen last in calf leather?   Just copped some new dark brown calf aberdeen and I have a little heel slippage and after a few minutes trying   my feet hurt at the tendon and heel, even though the fit is good.   So, two questions:   1. Will the slippage stopp?   2. Is the hurt I feel normal with slip ons at the beginning with very stiff soles?   Thanks all!
UPDATE: 450 euros
Thank you for helping!
Hi gentlemen, Does anyone know the name of this last and the name of thoses loafers?   Thank you very much!
Brand new, only worn in shop chukkas, including shoetrees + dust bags + box   SIZE: 10 US   Width: 10 C/E (C:heel; E: rest of the shoes)   Leydon Last   PRICE INCL. SHIPMENT!
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