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Hi Gentlemen,   Is there anyone here owning aberdeen last in calf leather?   Just copped some new dark brown calf aberdeen and I have a little heel slippage and after a few minutes trying   my feet hurt at the tendon and heel, even though the fit is good.   So, two questions:   1. Will the slippage stopp?   2. Is the hurt I feel normal with slip ons at the beginning with very stiff soles?   Thanks all!
UPDATE: 450 euros
Thank you for helping!
Hi gentlemen, Does anyone know the name of this last and the name of thoses loafers?   https://smhttp-ssl-39255.nexcesscdn.net/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Alden-Tassel-Loafer-845x563.jpg   Thank you very much!
Brand new, only worn in shop chukkas, including shoetrees + dust bags + box   SIZE: 10 US   Width: 10 C/E (C:heel; E: rest of the shoes)   Leydon Last   PRICE INCL. SHIPMENT!
  Damn nice! Where's this shirt from? 
Hi there,   I am wondering: does it run big or small? I do have a small but wide feet, and its always such a dram to find shoes..   thanks a lot!
always looking sharp mister!
Sorry for the mess..
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