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Got to love a guy who sleeps in his suit and looks crisper than his unmade bed.
Brown Allen Edmonds lace-ups; a Brooks Brothers classic Oxford cloth button-down; a light brown cashmere Zegna sport coat, three-button model; tan Faconable slacks; tan Polo socks; Rolex GMT Master, steel and gold; Burberry trench coat, all cotton. It is storming in Los Angeles. Blame any misspellings on Mr. Spelling Check.   Frank Swertlow  
Hi:   Why am I interested in fine clothing and your organization? Clothing is important on many levels, politically, socially, creatively and not just sexually. Your group takes clothing seriously.   I came across your site when trying to find out if a gift from a lady friend who is the vintage clothing business is a real "Sulka" dressing gown or a sloppy fake with a "Sulka" Paris label. A model friend who is a collector of vintage robes and negligees said it was...
I am new to your marvelous group and am looking for some suggestions about what appears to be a vintage Sulka dressing gown. It was given to me by a lady friend who runs a high end woman vintage store, The Way We Wore in Los Angeles. The red silk appears to be fraying in some places but the body of the gown, velvet or velveteen, is in very good condition.                                 The label says Sulka, 2 Rue Castiglione, Paris. I showed...
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