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Suggestion for the best place to acquire one?
Thanks for the advice. My pants range from very light grey to very dark, and color brown that is versatile enough to be applied to the whole range?
I'm going to buy my first pair of Allen Edmonds shoes soon. This will be my first pair of quality shoes and I'm having trouble deciding which color to get. My first instinct was black PA's because my suit is black, but I only wear my suit a max of 4 days a year. My daily wear consists of pants in varying shades of grey and solid color dress shirts. So should I buy brown shoes and continue to wear the cheap but passable black shoes with my suit, or buy black first and build...
EDIT: Wrong Forum.
I ran into a 10 B Player at the rack today, not impossible! Anybody know if they ever have AE at DSW?
Not mediocre relative to what others make, mediocre relative to what I could be doing if I had concentrated that drive and work ethic into school and attained a degree before I started my career. Could be better off, or worse, just hard not to wonder!
When wearing brown shoes with grey pants should the shoes get lighter or darker as the shade of grey gets lighter?
I didn't realize there was a scotch thread, will definitely check that out. I wasn't really feeling the Glenmorangies that had flavors imparted onto them by the special casks, etc. I like the Glenmorangie 12 quite a bit, and definitely the Macallan 18. I really like what I can only describe as maybe a "heavy" finish? Is that peat?
Glenfiddich 12yo. Been slowly but surely trying different scotches. Tried so far: Glenmorangie 12 Glenmorangie nectar d'or Glenmorangie Quinta Ruban Glenmorangie Lasanta Johnny Walker Black and Gold Glenfiddich 12 Macallan 18 Glenlivet 12 Any suggestions?
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