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I remember Danny Baker working with JSP on TV. Michael Aspel kept charge and DB was the voice of young Londoners. I think this was only shown on local TV. Always liked Danny and on his radio show he used to gently rib Robert Elms about how his accent changed depending on who he was interviewing. I used to change my own accent back then. Not sure anyone does that today.
All my mates had moved on. Even my younger brother and his mates had long hair by then. It is a time I look back to with some embarrassment, dress wise. Some of my mates even started to ridicule reggae and soul music which I thought was a step too far.
My Who anecdote is that when they played Live at Leeds. 1970 Keith Moon threw a drumstick up in the air and smashed the refectory light. I went to Leeds in 1972 and part of the freshers tour included viewing the light. When I took fresher's around I told the same story and the light was not repaired for years.
I was at the Rock at the Oval 1971. I remember the sound system was terrible for most of the acts. Particularly the Faces..I was way past skinhead then with long hair and flares.
My impression was that by 1969 most London clubs consisted of one big gang lead by one of or two leaders. Over  at West Ham it seemed that there were small groups from Aldgate East to Upminster and  all stations in between all with their own leaders.
In 71 I went out with a girl who lived on the Isle of dogs who supported Millwall and she said some of her male school mates were also Milllwall fans even though the school was north of the river. Don't know if it was true. Some of my mob used to go to one or two pubs down the Old Kent Road mid 70s. But we never felt as comfortable as we did down the Mile End Road.There was a club in Charing Cross where East and South London sometimes bumped into each other. Did you ever...
As we know Skinheads didn't invent aggro at football matches but I think they raised it to a new level. Rivalry between WHU and Millwall goes back to at least the 30s, between different dockworkers. I don't remember any matches or trouble between them in the 60s. 
Very true. Robert Elms in particular  used to peddle the accepted media view that the UK was a boring monoculture before the 80s.He contradicts himself in his book, of course.
I was. The QPR shirt was a good one. My brother had a copy. He also had a Celtic Hooped shirt. Popular with Local Catholic boys.Maybe this is off topic but it was part of the culture of the time 
And behind Clyde Best can be seen another great Crystal Palace shirt
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