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We used the term having a bit of 'aggro' for fighting and someone causing 'aggravation' or 'agg' as in causing a bit of trouble. Didn't really use the term bovver, especially when the media got hold of it for 'bovver boys'. At school fights were 'bundles' and 'having a ruck' was also used. Our school headmaster was named Mr Roberts and the Harry Roberts chant could be heard in the school corridors for a while.
As I have said before much of what I was wearing 1968-1971 I can wear today (in slightly larger sizes!). Compare that with Goths, New Romantics, Punks and other youth movements that followed. A mature man would look ridulous in many of the fashions he followed as a teenager however much of the Mod/Skin/Suedehead look has stood the test of time IMO. Or am I deluding myself like the Teddy boy?
I wouldn't slag off the 80's casuals, either. I've always seen them as having a strong connection to the 1970 suedehead. They probably went overboard on designer labels and the logo's but the thinking behind their clothes buying was the same as mine, I think.
Ha Ha.Yes that looks like buttons alright. He must be having us all on with his young boy act. Are the two old geezers in the background Original,Original skins claiming that it all started in 1929?
I was only jesting. I forgot to use one of these
I'm with you on the faded jeans. I always want mine to stay in a near pristine condition. Back in 1969 I loved the heavyness and smell of new Levi jeans. You don't get that today without spending a lot of money.   I'm not with you on the 'sleeping in your own filth' comment. I wash at regular intervals, with or without my missus help.   I'm also with you on buttons.His knowledge is impressive and I reckon he could have easily bluffed his way on this site to being 16 in...
Nearly all my girlfriends (hark at me!) had natural shoulder length hair and dressed more like early mods and later more like hippies than skinhead girls. The skinhead girls tended to be more 'boyish' and were a bit on the young side for my tastes. I did like the girls who used to wear the fitted girls Brutus shirts though. The Tonik mohair suits with the short skirts also looked smart. I think one craze was for some of the girls to dye just the front edge of their hair....
Going back to the photo of the 'bleach boy' does anyone have any info on   Who he was? (Somebody must know) Where was the photo taken? When was it taken? Was it for a media shot? (it looks a bit stagey to me). Why the no parking sign? (Was it near a football ground. Where are all the fans?Where are the cars?) Why no mates? (Was it the bleached jeans and boots?) Something just doesn't ring true about it. Not for 1969.   For me the photo raises more...
  He might have been a psycho but the odds are that there would have been one or two psycho's already in the dancehall along with their firms and they wouldn't have stood about waiting for him to make his speech. I remember a gang of black kids tried to take over Ilford Palais one night and small rival mobs in the Palais quickly formed a united group and chased them back down the High Road.
40 Euro's for Lee Rider, Made in Japan and high waisted- absolute bargain!  Were there many pairs for sale? I'm looking for similar jeans.
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