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Claptons 2 button suit jacket was probably made to measure to his specifications. Not unusual back then to go to a high street tailor and get suits, jackets and trousers made up how you wanted. You had to be specific or else you might end up with a suit that your dad would wear. Erics jacket looks like it doesn't have a top pocket ?
I noticed that Clapton does the collar buttons up on his Harrington in one photo. I never have and I don't remember seeing that look. I do have one Harrington with buttoned sleeves that I roll back. The jacket looks similar and is without a raglan sleeve. Not a Bara but a Katharine Hamnett, pure cotton, made in England. His could have been an America import.
     That story is a good read. The Newcastle boys seemed to be in the know as to what was happening down south but they didn't have the shops selling what they wanted to buy clotheswise. He writes that you couldn't buy Dr Martens in Newcastle at that time but even down south we had to make a trip to Brick Lane to buy our first pair.6 months later plenty of local shops were selling Martens.The author travelled around so he would have been aware. I remember Newcastle always...
The Coventry boots and braces boys would not have got into Ilford Palais, Tottenham Royal or the Lyceum in the Strand dressed like that in 1969.In fact I seem to remember you even had to wear a tie to get in to most dancehalls. The dress code at their Locarno must have been slack.
I had a white crew neck short sleeve mesh FP but that was post-skinhead in the mid-70s. I remember mates wearing them with gold necklaces. I think my dad had a mesh FP polo but that was early 60s.
 I am not above visiting charity shops. I recently bought an Austin Reed rainmac , made in Japan, for £4. Normal retail price was above £200 and the mac was mint. It fitted perfectly. I offered £5 and told them to keep the change but the assistant became confused at so generous a gesture. I don't think I would buy a used polo shirt but if it was a Smedley in new condition I might reconsider.
Yes, I forgot that Dead End Street was an A side. Funny though I always regarded it as a B side. I must have both singles in storage.
No ifs, no buts Waterloo Sunset is classic London song. The old mods I know still think of it as an all-time great. Dead End Street was a great B- side. I still have the 45 in my collection.
This is very good advice from someone who obviously knows what they are talking about. Not sure that I would go to the charity shop for polo shirts though.
Eric Burdon and the Animals were mods when they sang 'Hold on' on Ready Steady Go. Otis Redding introduced them, no less.
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