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Sort was an authentic skinhead term for a girl in 1969. It wasn't derogatory. The term tart was also used. I think that might have been more offensive but blokes would call each other tart in an affectionate non-gay way. Bird was commonly used but chick was a little bit too hippy for skinhead tastes.The girls down Iford Palais wouldn't be drinking much Babycham. I usually got stung for VATs, rum and black, rum and coke or even drambuie. And on Sunday night those girls...
Between 1968-1972 My crowd only used the middle button on the jackets. Anyone using the bottom button would have a been considered a twat. When Alexei Sayle burst onto the alternative comedy scene wearing a tight fitting mohair suit he did all three buttons up and we though twat.
The main difference for me is the collar roll. One is too big and the other too small. I like the pattern check but I wouldn't buy either whatever the cost. 
Me and my girlfriend bought 4 pairs of Lee Riders in a warehouse store near Brooklyn bridge. The assistant was a friendly old Jewish guy who gave us free Lee key fobs which I still have to this day. I think the jeans were less than half price compared to UK. I've loved Lee jeans ever since.
Same here. Back in the 60's you just went in the shop and bought a pair of Levi's, Lee or Wrangler. The shops didn't have a range of numbers. The jeans were all zip fly with a similar cut. I first had red tab Levi's and I can still remember the smell of them when new. One time I got home to find I had bought orange tab and I thought they were knockoff. Back then I only had one or two pairs of jeans at any one time. I now have over 12 pairs and I would swap them all for my...
For the Police we used the term Old Bill amongst ourselves and Coppers to others. Never heard the term Codger applied to The Rozzers or Cozzers.
The scooter photo I would date about 1972. The bike registered in 1971 and no helmets indicates pre1973. No idea on the clothes/shoes. It was a time when many of us lost our way, clothes wise.
I didn't know anyone with a camelhair sports jacket.. Navy blazers, Prince of Wales, Houndstooth ,Dogtooth and Mohair were our thing. All 3 button, centre vent but not 3/2 roll and fitted not sack style except for the blazers
That's how I remember it. I was a big James Brown fan but, I can't say I was into him before about 72/73. By about 1975 the clubs I went to were playing him all the time including all his back catalogue.
JB was popular with my mates from about 1972/3 when the clubs we went to started to play the jazz/funk style of music.1968/69 was all about ska, reggae, bluebeat etc. Soul music was big for us (Stax/Atlantic) pre 1969 and the local Palais played Tamla which we considered a bit commercial. 
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