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I have this raincoat that I was lucky to pick up in the UK in a sale at 75% off. It's a great coat but unfortunately not made in USA. I only wear it about 4 times a year though.I tend to stand out from the crowd these days wearing such clothes.
I never had a pair of monkey boots although I liked them. By 1969 my brother and his mates aged 14 were wearing them as a cheaper option to DM's. Girls were also wearing them so for my group of 16/17 year olds they were not so popular.
Although I was/am a soul fan If we are talking specifically about 1969 the music that stands out for me is that of  Desmond Dekkers'  'The Israelites' and 'It Mek'. His music could be heard in all the places we visited at that time. Many Skinheads turned against Reggae by 1972 but I still liked/like it in small doses.Today, I mainly listen to Classical music in my car, to help me avoid road rage incidents.
  Totally off topic but this was the magnetic football game I had as a boy. I looked on ebay to see if it was worth selling but in the end it went to the tip.
Now over 1000 pages. What ever happened to the bloke who started it? Where is 'Spirit of 69' ? Someone should tell him he created a monster.
This is not an original comment (given that there are now 1000 pages of this stuff) but the music was an important part of the Mod to Suedehead era. In my gang soul music was what we mainly listened to around 1966 onwards. (Following in the footsteps of the older Mods). Within that there was a hierarchy of 1.Stax, 2.Atlantic and 3.Motown. Motown we considered as watered down soul but it was the best to dance to, so was accepted and had its place. I don't know much about...
I watched the film and thought the same. I have some John Smedley shirts with the big collar that look similar to the photo.
The Mintz and Davis shop in Romford was the place where many boys from Barking, Dagenham, Romford and the Essex suburbs bought their first Ben Shermans. I know I did. A great shop for a 15/16 year old in 1969. I think the owner was an old Jewish guy. The shop opposite the Tottenham Royal was more like the Squire shop and mostly American import stuff in the window. I never shopped there and can't remember the name. I used to pass it on my way to White Hart Lane. I don't...
Don't know anything about casuals but I came up against a few before the West Ham v Liverpool league cup final in 1981.After drinking in the Tottenham pub opposite the Tottenham Court Road tube about 20 of us left early for the game and were met by about 20 Liverpool lads on the platform. Although we were in our mid to late 20's, mostly married and some with kids we rose to the challenge and chased them. It was a trap and we ran straight into a large mob of scousers. We...
I have read before that John Simons didn't like his younger customers back in 69/70 but I don't remember any customers over the age of 19 in the Brewer St Squire shop, at that time.Did he have many older customers? As Lasttye says he made enough money from young Herberts like me to expand and opened shops along Oxford St. I remember a Squire shop next to Bond St station that I used and there was one in the Kings Road in the early 70's. Like Mr Knightley I started shopping...
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