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Cerneabbas. You have jogged my memory re FPs. The FP site claims that it was West Ham supporters that first asked for tipped collars in the WHU colours but I thought this was a myth. My cousin part of the mid sixties North Bank claims it was true however, and he even has a Made in England FP in the colours today. The only polo shirt you could buy as a kid was a FP and my mum bought me and my brother FPs to go on holiday in the early '60's. I have a holiday photo with me,...
That Crombie coat would have been almost a weeks wages back in 1968. I used to shop in a Debenhams store down south at that time and in 1968 bought a fly fronted navy mac and a paisley Tootal silk scarf. Not bad for a 15 year old!
That was a good find Clouseau. I shopped at the Bronx shop in 1969/70. It was a great shop for Ivy style clothes. Nearly all American imports. Mr Knightley also shopped there I seem to recall.Geoff Deane gives a good account of life of a young East London teenager from those days.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91LC3Tde3AA
I haven't seen this photo before. Love the hats. I remember seeing some boys on Canvey Island, with a similar look, at about the same time. They inspired me to be come part of a gang of lads all out for a good time. I see a very definite link between this lot and those of us who came later. Who wouldn't want to be in Clacton with them?
If the drawing is meant to be from 1970 then surely that time would have been more suedehead than skinhead? Where are the Royals, brogues,bass weejuns? Are they covered by other drawings?I never wore a t-shirt then. The boots are too high. My crew wore 6/7 eyelet boots, when we wore them.etc
My first singles record was 'Dead End Street' by the Kinks, bought Christmas 1966 when Mum and Dad bought me and my brother a new record player. I later bought 'Waterloo Sunset' a great London tune. The mid sixties London Mods were into the Kinks but few London skinheads in 1969 would have been listening to them. Dress wise they degenerated, a bit like we all did in the early 70s.
I would guess Geno Washington and the ram jam band or Jimmy James and the Vagabonds.
I reckon you are right, Buttons. Next question(s): What was the record? Who was the artist ? Surely not reggae?
What's the record label? My first reaction was Stax, but that was all blue, then I thought Decca.
Good post Aces,It saves me having to write something similar! I don't see the need for any 'aggro' on this forum. It is easy to ignore anything that you consider unimportant or irrelevant. I sometimes post stuff that, strictly speaking,might be outside the confines of the subject but I find you can sometimes get a relevant response by doing so.   On the subject of drugs, my crowds drug of choice was alcohol. Earlier mods dabbled in purple hearts etc but that wasn't our...
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