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My manor was also a tattoo free zone except for the simple saint or swift tattoo that some boys had when they started work at 16.We all rated ourselves and thought we were going places and that tattoos would hold us back. That's what our mums and dads told us anyway. 
Thanks for the advice. I might just go and try the 1461 shoes for size.
Interesting film. Proves my point that we spent a lot of time running around in low cut boots.
Cheers G. Not in my size but I might go up a size and take a chance.
I prefer the rounded toe of the 3 eye chukka boot. Can't find them on the DM UK site. Typical. 
I remember the bounce soon went if you trod on a nail. With a knife heated over a gas stove it was possible to do a DIY repair. The last pair of air wair boots I bought were missing the bounce even when fresh out of the box. Did the manufacturing process change?
Where can I buy them? They look good to me. I would like a pair in oxblood .
 The boot of choice in my mob was the 6 eyelet. We didn't go for the higher boot nonsense or steel toe caps. Back then a lot of running took place so a low lightweight boot was best. We didn't hang about street corners and I used shoes for pubs and dancehalls. I had a pair of officer boots that were higher but didn't wear them much. The early MIE air wair soles seemed more bouncy to me than later versions but that might be my memory playing tricks.
'London United' as we used to chant down at Southend on a bank holiday weekend back in 69/70, just to prevent local rivalries from breaking out.
Dodgy geezers on the razzle? 
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