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This is very good advice from someone who obviously knows what they are talking about. Not sure that I would go to the charity shop for polo shirts though.
Eric Burdon and the Animals were mods when they sang 'Hold on' on Ready Steady Go. Otis Redding introduced them, no less.
Two of my aunts were sitting in deckchairs drinking tea when it was all kicking off on Brighton beach in the famous Mods and Rockers mid sixties battle. They regarded the fraca as free entertainment. They had lived through the heavy Germany bombing of London docklands so for them the fighting was child's play. That generation were pretty tough and not much phased them. The photo does look staged though.
Royals are on my wish list as well. I walked past an old fashioned menswear shop in Westcliff near Southend and I saw a pair of Royal brogues in burgundy for £150. I don't need any shoes but they looked so good that I have to buy them.
I got blind drunk on rum and black when I was 16 and it took me 30 years before I could face a glass of rum again. A West Indian friend went back to Tobago and bought me back an authentic rum and I got over my phobia.
Sort was an authentic skinhead term for a girl in 1969. It wasn't derogatory. The term tart was also used. I think that might have been more offensive but blokes would call each other tart in an affectionate non-gay way. Bird was commonly used but chick was a little bit too hippy for skinhead tastes.The girls down Iford Palais wouldn't be drinking much Babycham. I usually got stung for VATs, rum and black, rum and coke or even drambuie. And on Sunday night those girls...
Between 1968-1972 My crowd only used the middle button on the jackets. Anyone using the bottom button would have a been considered a twat. When Alexei Sayle burst onto the alternative comedy scene wearing a tight fitting mohair suit he did all three buttons up and we though twat.
The main difference for me is the collar roll. One is too big and the other too small. I like the pattern check but I wouldn't buy either whatever the cost. 
Me and my girlfriend bought 4 pairs of Lee Riders in a warehouse store near Brooklyn bridge. The assistant was a friendly old Jewish guy who gave us free Lee key fobs which I still have to this day. I think the jeans were less than half price compared to UK. I've loved Lee jeans ever since.
Same here. Back in the 60's you just went in the shop and bought a pair of Levi's, Lee or Wrangler. The shops didn't have a range of numbers. The jeans were all zip fly with a similar cut. I first had red tab Levi's and I can still remember the smell of them when new. One time I got home to find I had bought orange tab and I thought they were knockoff. Back then I only had one or two pairs of jeans at any one time. I now have over 12 pairs and I would swap them all for my...
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