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My first singles record was 'Dead End Street' by the Kinks, bought Christmas 1966 when Mum and Dad bought me and my brother a new record player. I later bought 'Waterloo Sunset' a great London tune. The mid sixties London Mods were into the Kinks but few London skinheads in 1969 would have been listening to them. Dress wise they degenerated, a bit like we all did in the early 70s.
I would guess Geno Washington and the ram jam band or Jimmy James and the Vagabonds.
I reckon you are right, Buttons. Next question(s): What was the record? Who was the artist ? Surely not reggae?
What's the record label? My first reaction was Stax, but that was all blue, then I thought Decca.
Good post Aces,It saves me having to write something similar! I don't see the need for any 'aggro' on this forum. It is easy to ignore anything that you consider unimportant or irrelevant. I sometimes post stuff that, strictly speaking,might be outside the confines of the subject but I find you can sometimes get a relevant response by doing so.   On the subject of drugs, my crowds drug of choice was alcohol. Earlier mods dabbled in purple hearts etc but that wasn't our...
Indeed, Little Queenie. By the way, I thought your post a few pages back was very perceptive.
The book is based on the collingwood estate which was situated behind where the Blind Beggar pub is, near Whitechapel. It was knocked down years ago. My extended family lived further east near the Royal Docks. My mob used to use the pubs in their area (Blind Beggar, Black Boy and a backstreet pub on the collingwood) but didn't know of them unless they also called themselves the Mile End mob but that seems unlikely because the MEM were West Ham supporters and the book...
I retrieved my copy of 'The Paint House-words from an east end gang' from the loft in the hope that it might add something to this thread but IMO it still reads as a rubbish book.I bought the book in 1972 when my memories were fresh and remember then being disappointed with it. I blame the authors, and not the kids interviewed, for producing such a crap book.I went to the same pubs and moved in similar circles then but these boys come across as living up to the racist,...
I always liked the leather coats that the girls wore. I think it was a look inherited  from the earlier mods. In the mid '60s boys would have been wearing leather coats as well but I can't remember any skinhead boy in leather. If you could afford it Macs, crombies and sheepskins just about covered it.
I like this photo because it shows a couple of boys with the badged blazers. The blazer is almost forgotten from that period but this photo proves that it was part of the look.(Or are they part of a school uniform?) Also interesting is that although the boys are dressed up they are not wearing ties. In 68/69 they probably would have been. I wonder if the location near to Northampton meant that they would have been wearing decent shoes? I can't see from the picture.I can...
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