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The Kickers look like something you would buy for a five year old. Many 'adult' clothes today seem to be an extension of what childrens' wear is. Men dress like overgrown babies and children.   Going back to boots I vaguely remember rubber-soled commando boots. In the late '60s you were never far away from an Army and Navy store that supplied cheap clothing and footwear. I bought officer boots and jungle greens from an A&N near Fords motor works.They generally sold to...
I just assumed it was recently written. If he is 56/57 that would make it believable but even then he must have been ahead of the game in his own peer group. It would be a bit like me claiming to be a London Mod. I know the clothes details , where they went and what they did from my cousins, who were Mods, but it would be stretching the truth to claim I was there.
I have always worn pink BD shirts. I think it is an easy colour to wear for casual or smart. I do however remember coming across prejudice back in the day, mainly from friends with an Irish background. Some of the Irish were very conservative (some still are) and to them a Pink anything represented the sign of a bum bandit. Luckily I was macho enough to carry the look off. I remember walking into an 'Irish' pub (the Joker, Seven Kings) with 1/2 dozen mates, suited and...
They look pretty good to me. I recently found a Next catalogue from the late '80s in the loft, when George Davies was running the business. It was a shock to see how 'Ivy' some of their products were back then. I had forgotten  If they offered the same products today I would be quite happy to shop there, which just goes to show how standards on the high street have dropped. It was before the time when production was outsourced to China. Nothing will change however as the...
His story doesn't ring true if he is 53 years old, as stated. If he was born in 1953 it is more believable. Its quite close to some of my own memories, except for the violence. We generally only fought with boys our own age (usually at football) and mirror images of ourselves. Any aggro was incidental, except at football matches. We were only interested in having a good time. Other people were invisible to us.
Funny that, I have been looking for about 10 years for a pair of Jodhpurs boots to match the ones I bought from an equestrian shop in Elm Park in 67/68. Plenty of boots around but nothing to match the slightly rounded toe of my original boots. The search continues.
 Yes, the wedding reception could have been interesting. Fortunately, or not we went our separate ways. I went to a wedding last weekend when 'bubbles' was sung even though Tottenham and Arsenal supporters were also present. They just kept quiet for the sake of the bride.
I once had a girlfriend from the Isle of Dogs northern end and was shocked to find out that her and her mates supported Millwall and not West Ham. Rotherhithe Tunnel is nearby and also Blackwall Tunnel.There seemed to be areas that were no mans land but in my family from Poplar and Stepney it was West Ham.
I remember seeing a 30 strong gang of boys from London at Canvey Island, bank holiday 1964. They were Mods but were proto-type skinhead. They went around singing Prince Busters 'Al Capone' as a gang song. I was well impressed, at 11 years old and saw my future that day.
The 1967 West Ham v Man U game was the first time as a 13 year old I saw organized football violence but trouble between West Ham and Millwall goes back to pre WW2. One reason was the rivalry between dockers working north and south of the river. Danny Baker the DJ from south of the river claims that he could tell the difference between accents from both sides.
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