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My theory is that the media chose to portray skinheads with a caricature image, either through ignorance or deliberately, and skinheads at the time didn't do themselves any favours by playing up to the image when interviewed. Revivalists generally chose to follow the caricature image without realising the creative richness of the originals.I blame the media.
Agree with you on Florsheim  longwings  v Loake longings, Clouseau . The FP CATALOGUE is interesting and again I would buy everything on the pages (particularly at those prices). I noticed on the pullover bottom left one colour offered appears to be White/Niger. Wouldn't get that today.
I did the same search. Florsheim longwings at £80 pair? I would buy a couple of pairs at that price!
 I'm after a pair of Royals in burgundy. My local shop is selling them for £160 so I may contact Strutton Ground and try to get them a bit cheaper. They are a good looking shoe.Good find from TKMAXX On the boots TomMc666.
Don't know about the 873 but the 874 are original fit high waisted that are slightly undersized and come up short if worn on the waist. 
I have a pair of 874s in green and I like them because they are high waisted and indestructible. I paid about £45 from a UK supplier. Mainly  polyester to give the non iron look. Never thought of them as a Sta-Prest substitute though. Missus hates them because of the workwear connotations. Skateboarding kids seem to like them. 
I bought my Swedish clogs in 1972. I can't remember if it was Budgie or the Scandinavian girls that influenced me but I did travel down to Brighton in the summer to meet up with Swedish and Finnish girls who were at the south coast language schools for a week or two. Blokes from all over London visited the South coast expecting to pull a Scandinavian girl and the 16/17 year old girls were usually up for it.I remember it even made the national newspapers a bit later.
You're right about overseas made DM's. I spent a few hours walking around in them today and I think by the time I break them in they will be worn out. My first reaction when I saw them was that I need to get to work on them with the polish. I wouldn't recommend buying them at the full price unless they are MIE.Yet another example of a British company abusing its heritage with cheap overseas manufacturing.
I bought the size 11 in brown and although I normally take a 10 they fit me well. So Clouseau was correct on DM sizing. They do look big on the feet and for a chukka boot they look a bit industrial. Not much bounce and they need breaking in. The advert said MIE but mine are Thailand. But for £66 I am not complaining.
The Jewish contribution to Menswear for me was immense. My first monkey jacket Rumford market, Romford. First Ben Sherman Mintz, Romford. First DM's Blackmanns Brick Lane. First America shirt and Harrington, John Simons Squire shop. Mohair from a Jewish guy in Petticoat Lane and made into a suit by a local Jewish tailors. A crombie from Moss Bros and so on. What happened to that Jewish connection? Where did they all go?
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