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I remember that Skinhead term wasn't used but having older Mod cousins I can't remember that we called ourselves Mods. I remember that we did want our own identity though.
Looks like the Merry Fiddlers pub. I am surprised Pete liked 2 button jackets. In 1969 I looked like him but in 1970 my hair would have been longer.Pity we can't see the shoes worn. Then we could have seen if he was going down the Ivy route.
We used to call it the shit and shovel.
Early 60s Mods would say he was too young to be a Mod but he was part of that transition to skinheads. He should really claim to be an early skinhead. Mod perhaps carries more quodos.
 TI think the photo was taken in the Merry Fiddlers pub Dagenham a well known skinhead pub by 1969. It was mentioned in a documentary at the time. I went there a few times but didn't rate it. A rival pub was the Westbury Arms in Barking. If your face didn't fit you could easily find yourself in trouble in either pub.Better pubs were to be found along the Mile End Road.
The classic album cover for originals was the Tighten up volume 2. I still have it in my record collection in the loft.
IMO, looking back, the BenSherman was superior to some USA shirts sold in the UK but we were elitist and snobbish and if everyone could buy a Ben then we were looking for something different. I wish BS made as good quality today. I don't remember wearing any short sleeved Ben Sherman and the USA short sleeved ones I always craved.
Made in USA carried weight in my mob in 1970. 
I would say that the early skinheads were magpies when it came to choosing what clothes to buy and wear. We borrowed ideas from earlier Mods,  Workwear clothes, Army and Navy,continental Europe in particular Italian, Traditional British but a major influence was Ivy. From late 69 onwards. I was aware of the term but had only limited knowledge cleened from what the Squire shop sold and watching Peyton Place on TV. No one I knew wore a sack jacket but we did wear 3 button...
I agree with this 100%. It is almost as if the narrow media image of skinheads has been adopted as 'the look' when we know there was a lot more to it, clothes wise. This site is good for putting the record straight.
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