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I agree with this 100%. It is almost as if the narrow media image of skinheads has been adopted as 'the look' when we know there was a lot more to it, clothes wise. This site is good for putting the record straight.
Now you have got me thinking. Did I have a long sleeved V-necked Shetland in 68/69 or early 1970?  I had sleeveless v neck pullovers     ( my mum loved knitting them and I had a tasty maroon one) but these were worn over long sleeved Ben Shermans. I have photos that show we also wore cardigans for casual, again with a shirt and maybe sta-prest trousers. I have a 1970 receipt for an Alan Paine jumper from the Squire shop and this could have been a shetland, but I don't even...
I thought it was. Just checking. I have been in there once or twice.
It has been written before but, just to add, I can't remember any of us wearing T-shirts under our Ben Shermans in 68/69/70. In about 1964/65 I remember we used to have cheap white T-shirts which, as kids, we customized with what we thought were Mod symbols. It was all done very badly and had a home made look, but we didn't care. Our mums always insisted that we had to wear vests or we would 'catch our death of cold'. In 1968 I think we regarded string vests or singlets as...
What's the name of the big pub in the background?
      Early West Ham skinheads ?  1923 Wembley. Both my Grandads are in there somewhere. They look too smart to be Bolton Boys.
I remember trilby hats worn down the Ilford palais for about 3 weeks and then they were quickly dropped. I never managed to buy one myself
The picture says East End Boys 1970 but what East End? They look like the younger brothers of the earlier 'skinheads'. A bit like my younger brother and his mates.Where was the photo taken? It captures the spirit of the times.
This is Ska ! A programme from 1964 featuring the best in Jamaican ska, featuring Eric 'Monty' Morris, Jimmy Cliff, Prince Buster, (Toots and) The Maytals, The Charmers, Stranger Cole, Roy and Yvonne, The Blues Busters and Byron Lee and The Dragonaires     (url=)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyrhw6dkXkM(url/)  (1/4)      (url=)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dB2elK7PVFg(url/)   (2/4)      (url=)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UR_phlSARYM(url/)   (3/4)      ...
'The Long Good Friday' . Bob Hoskins delivered a great London dialogue with quite a few choice phrases. Apparently his accent was considered too strong for the US market and he was dubbed in a faux Cockney. A bit Dick Van Dyke. That upset him. A good London geezer, born outside London. An exaggerated version of some of my relatives.
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