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The Ben Sherman shirts we wore tended to be plain or stripped but the Brutus shirts were tartan or check. For the sussed boys who wore American import short-sleeved shirts the check was a popular choice.
 Spot on for many originals. And don't forget that John Simons opened up his shop in Covent Garden in the 80's which was a life saver for many of us Ivy boys living and working in London.
Sussed indeed, but maybe showing a bit too much red sock?
 Sean, as a matter of interest , what shoes are you wearing in the photo?
I think yellow was the no. 1 colour for us followed by black or red.My younger brother had all three. 
I don't remember Slazenger polos in our area but in about 1970 as suedeheads we did wear their V necked jumpers. My first pair of real football boots were Slazenger before I graduated to Puma brand.
I wore Fred Perrys all through the 60's. I have holiday photos of my dad, his mate, me aged about 11 and my brother aged nine all wearing FPs in about 1964. If you bought a Tennis shirt that is what you got. There wasn't a wide range of brands available. Original skinheads did wear them in our area. John Smedleys with the larger collar were worn by my older Mod cousins.
 Our mob bought our jungle greens from the Army and Navy store at the chequers, Dagenham . It also had the musty smell.
 To be a paper millionaire in West London near Stamford Bridge you only need to have your own house in that area. I have worked with a few chaps in that situation who bought their houses in the 70's and are now sitting pretty.
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