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My cousin had an Equals LP in 67 and we listened to it but they were, again, a bit too commercial. The resident band at the Ilford Palais only knew  about 5 tunes and 'baby come back' was one of them. We hated Slade  and thought of them as a commercial piss-take. Caricature skinheads.Desmond Decker music was the real thing for us.
This was about 4 years after we were wearing similar clothes. At this time I was wearing flared loon pants, clogs and had shoulder length hair I am embarrassed to say. My mob and many of the originals completely lost it. Interesting that blazers with initial badges are mentioned as I thought that look was ignored by the media caricature of skinheads but was popular with my mates in 69.
 Yes, I think we were aware of that at the time but it was a good single. Another guilty pleasure was 'Spirit in the Sky' which every London skinhead seemed to like even though I thought we shouldn't.  I had Hit 67 Stax and Hit 67 Atlantic in my record collection and was snobbish with my musical tastes but sometimes I couldn't help myself. 
Good post roytonboy. I bought the Bob and Marcia record and loved it at the time even though I thought it was a bit commercial. All the skinheads at my school left at 16 and I was surrounded by long haired hippy types in the sixth form who were into prog rock. I eventually grew my hair as well.Still have the record in my garage.
Yes a higher rise ( maybe +12 " for 34” waist) than the Uniqlo and a better feel to the denim. I did notice the zip fly on the Uniqlo pair but the cut was not as good for me. I had to travel to find an M & S that had them in stock so that I could try them on.
The Rise is about 1/2 inch more than my Lee 101Zs. They have a button fly which I am not keen on. They are not high waisted jeans but are similar to jeans I used to buy. Not low waist. 501s seem to vary a bit so I can't compare with them.
 Thanks for the tip Ed. I bought a pair. Good quality and almost comparable to my Lee 101s. Not bad for the money and a good fit. I checked out Uniqlo but would say these are better.
Exactly right. We spent most of our childhood running around outside. Usually only one fat boy per classroom. The Brutus shirts were the tightest fitting especially the short sleeves with the sewn in box pleat. My first B'S had the sewn in box pleat but my first stripped B'S had an open box pleat like the American shirts and was less fitted. The American import shirts were more baggy. I think Donkey Jackets shirt is not too big except maybe in the shoulders.
Difficult to see any details in the photo but at my school all the proto-skinheads wore riding/jodhpur boots in 1968. They had a more rounded toe than the mod chelsea boot. I bought my boots from a horse riding shop and they were pukka.
Ha! Blakey-On the buses-Get that bus out, Butler! I used to wear blakeys on a pair of jodhpur boots, at school. We used to slide down the school corridor. Headmaster ended up banning them. Too dangerous for my liking.
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