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Spot-on Roytonboy. Saved me the trouble of writing a reply. I am only interested in the 1960s to early 1970's as far as this site is concerned.
If you are over 60 (which most originals are) and you pay London borough council taxes you can get a free Oyster card. I have one which I use occasionally.  Needs to have a photo so not transferable. Oyster cards are free for some tube workers their families and even friends. A bit of a racket really but I am not complaining. 
What about clogs, crocs , flip flops and cowboy boots? Not to mention trainers .
I am a big fan of desert boots in general and Clarks in particular. They are a great, versatile boot. I would not pay £250 for a pair though.I never pay more than £50.
I can still smell those first pair of brand new  Levi's! The orange tab ones I bought next were somehow not the same. My brother and me both sat in a cold water bath to shrink our red tabs. Mum went spare when she saw the colour of the water in the bath. I always liked a deep indigo colour for my jeans. For my mob Wranglers didn't quite cut it because they were cheaper and not so rigid.
I seem to remember that there used to be quite a bit of confusion over Royals,Gibsons, Longwings etc. I used to use the term American brogues (even for longwings made in UK) and Smooths.I never quite understood what shoe a mate had bought until I actually saw the shoe. Many of the terms like Royals or Gibsons could mean a different shoe to different people. My first pair of redtab Levi's were shrink to fit. 1 " in the waist and 4" in the leg. The jeans were heavier than...
Yes, I did. And for a bit of a French connection what about Manu Dibango? I still have LPs by all of the above mentioned names.
Miriam Makeba and Hugh Masekela were popular in the 1980's in London as well. I remember going to a club in South London to see them.The audience was mixed age wise and racially. The term World Music was used to cover a very wide range of music but aficionados knew the origins of the music. I also liked the Afro beat of Fela Kuti. Great for dancing to. I worked in Tanzania around that time and at one village party I was really looking forward to the music but they ended up...
Mine is almost ldentical to this one. I think I paid £50 for it.
It's a medium size 40 just above the knee length. It fits so well I can't get rid of it. I might just wear it one day.
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