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Were they in burgundy? how much did you pay? 
I meant  to write  longwings not wingtips . 
I noticed the shoes a couple of weeks ago when I was in Clarks looking at desert boots. I thought they were a bit light for wingtips with the soles on the thin side. They were a great shape and I might of been interested if they did them in a true burgundy. Okay for the price.
Yes. For me, this is where it all started. Itchycoo Park https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGEgRnvFzLY Check out the clothes worn by the Small Faces. (Ignore what they were wearing late 60's and early 70's when it all went wrong for many of us)
Definitely buyer beware on the jeans. I noticed the made in Sri Lanka and the turn up showing ordinary stitching, but why? Obviously not selvedge material. I can't remember if my early 501's were selvedge though.
 Yes, back in the day lucozade came in a big glass bottle and was wrapped in yellow/orange celophane. It was usually taken by people that were ill. My mum asked our GP if she should buy it for me when I was sick and he said don't waste your money as it was only sugared water. Clever marketing turned it into an energy drink that was essential for distance running and was the drink of the London marathon.
True and we had plenty of confidence too.
I remember that Skinhead term wasn't used but having older Mod cousins I can't remember that we called ourselves Mods. I remember that we did want our own identity though.
Looks like the Merry Fiddlers pub. I am surprised Pete liked 2 button jackets. In 1969 I looked like him but in 1970 my hair would have been longer.Pity we can't see the shoes worn. Then we could have seen if he was going down the Ivy route.
We used to call it the shit and shovel.
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