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 Yes, the jeans, cords or sta-prest were all worn to just cover the top of a 6 eyelet boot. We all had a cardigan for casual wear.I only had one pair of braces and didn't wear them much. The skinhead caricature was a joke.
 Back in 1969 I had  Back in 1969 I had both types of box pleats on my B'S shirts. I preferred the closed ones then but now the box pleat needs to be open for my tastes.
Well spotted. The ones I saw had a vertical seam.
If they are made in England then they are a real bargain.
     Good purchase Ed. I like the shape of the Clarks. The Loakes have a deeper and better brogue hole punch in IMO but the leather of the Clarks looks good. The ones I saw were made in Vietnam, as are the Desert boots. If you can turn them into a true burgundy they will be even better.
Why don't you review for us the books you recommend?
Were they in burgundy? how much did you pay? 
I meant  to write  longwings not wingtips . 
I noticed the shoes a couple of weeks ago when I was in Clarks looking at desert boots. I thought they were a bit light for wingtips with the soles on the thin side. They were a great shape and I might of been interested if they did them in a true burgundy. Okay for the price.
Yes. For me, this is where it all started. Itchycoo Park https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGEgRnvFzLY Check out the clothes worn by the Small Faces. (Ignore what they were wearing late 60's and early 70's when it all went wrong for many of us)
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