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IMO the greatest football shirt ever. Thinking about it there was an earlier WHU shirt with one claret and one blue hoop that was even better. Crystal Palace had a similar shirt. 
Looks like John Hollins in Chelsea strip 1970 or 1971. So not way off.
That is really interesting because I seem to remember that FP now claim that in about 1956 it was West Ham fans that asked FP for the white tennis shirt to be done with claret and blue tips to collar. The shirt in the catalogue is pretty close in maroon and blue and this was 1952. I have a family photo of my dad his work mate me and my brother all wearing FPs at the seaside in about 1960.Great find Clouseau, you live up to your name. I want everything from that 1952...
I had a red jacket similar to James Dean's in the 80's and called it a blouson.    We didn't wear donkey jackets but some mates had them when the skinhead thing was over and wore them at football.   Pea coats were not worn by us but older mods liked them.   I didn't see that girl's hairstyle. Our girlfriends tended to have shoulder length hair. MoM's sketch is much more accurate for the young skinhead girls look.   Good to post on Page 1969. A significant date in...
My jacket was a plain brown one and I called it a monkey jacket. Some kids called them bomber jackets. I got mine in Rumford indoor market in Romford in 67 or 68. Mine was too big for me and by the time I grew into it I was wearing a Harrington.
I seem to remember that the width of braces was an important detail. I suppose it has been covered on here before. Mine were 3/4 inch but some boys went for 1/2 inch. I think 1 inch were considered too wide.  Our strides didn't require them and I thought it was a bit over the top to wear them.
 Back then we didn't carry cameras with us except perhaps on holiday so not enough photos exist from that time.  It is always good to find a photo that backs up the memory as to what was being worn at any time.To my knowledge only one photo of me from 69/70 exists on the Internet. I can boast how smart I was without contradiction I did find some photos of me from the mid 70's in the loft but I wouldn't want them to get out.
Blimey,  I've never seen a Skinhead family before.     Great photos on the tumblr blog. I've already spotted some people, boys and girls, that I knew from school.
 Which would date the photo about 1976. The woman in the background top right suggests a holiday camp setting.
 Yes, the jeans, cords or sta-prest were all worn to just cover the top of a 6 eyelet boot. We all had a cardigan for casual wear.I only had one pair of braces and didn't wear them much. The skinhead caricature was a joke.
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