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The Dick Emery sketch was particularly poor. The show needed a lot of canned laughter to tell the audience when to laugh.I never connected the sketch with the scene I was involved with but I suppose the general public did..
It's true that the site repeats itself and often goes over old ground but sometimes out of that comes new stuff. The Bristol lads wearing Tonic Levi sta-prest is something I haven't heard of before.Many original posters have moved on. may be because they have said all they have to say but you never know what someone will think of next. I would like to see new posters add their bit even if it has been said before.I knew many skinheads in my area but don't know what happened...
That 'George Davis is Innocent' graffiti was also over East London. Just north of the Rotherhithe Tunnel it was on a railway iron bridge and a nearby wall. I think people were copying it everywhere in London.
They are trouser style, straight leg with 8 1/4 hem, sit on the waist.Two back pockets with flaps. They are ordinary 'knocking about in' trousers, nothing too special but compared with other cords in the shops they are quite good. They are not as good as my Brook Taverner cords, material wise. I like wearing cords with desert boots so long as I get the colour match right .I buy most of my stuff over the internet but I do like to try things on first, particularly trousers...
 I bought a pair of the M&S Blue Harbour cords today and for the price they are pretty good. I like the fit on the waist etc.I don't see them as skinhead wear but they remind me of a brand called GB's (made in UK)  that used to be sold in Debenhams in the 1980's. In the end I suppose we all gravitate to M&S. I just wish they would start making their clothes in the UK again.
Blackmans always seemed a bit of a chaotic place even back then but it was like an Aladdin's cave to me. Apart from the DMs, which he had a full range of stock, he seemed to have a few samples of decent shoes, at half the price of the Squire shop offerings. It used to be a treat to go there and was part of our Sunday morning circuit.Those sheepskin prices seem reasonable were they any good?
Interesting that you ended up wearing a Gloverall Duffle Coat because so did I in 1972 (none of my mates did though). I have always been slightly embarrassed that in 3 years I went from a Crombie to a Duffel Coat.(but then I did move up north for a while). It seems like the wrong way round. Today I would choose the Duffel Coat over the Crombie for general wear. I would only wear a Crombie at a funeral these days.Missus thinks my love of a Gloverall is weird but I like the...
Yes I did look at the Sanders boots. Thanks for the tip. Quite good but not exactly what I'm looking for. I am a bit of a fussy sod. Annoyingly, my missus bought a pair of jodhpurs this week that were the exact shape I'm after but they didn't have them in a mens version.
I Have the same  BB Mac in a 40R and mine sits just above the knee. It is a few years old with a generous cut and I can wear a jacket under it. I am just over 6ft and for me it is the correct length. Any longer and it would drown me. Today most macs seem to be cut too short, for my tastes, at a car coat length  I like a Raglan cut to the sleeves but the BB is a standard sleeve. Some of the macs on the US ebay site posted by Botolph look pretty good.
Were those RAF coats really a part of the skinhead look in the North? I remember hippies, that listened to Prog Rock, wearing them down south.Greatcoat vs Crombie - no comparison. Crombie every time for me.
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