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I remember trilby hats worn down the Ilford palais for about 3 weeks and then they were quickly dropped. I never managed to buy one myself
The picture says East End Boys 1970 but what East End? They look like the younger brothers of the earlier 'skinheads'. A bit like my younger brother and his mates.Where was the photo taken? It captures the spirit of the times.
This is Ska ! A programme from 1964 featuring the best in Jamaican ska, featuring Eric 'Monty' Morris, Jimmy Cliff, Prince Buster, (Toots and) The Maytals, The Charmers, Stranger Cole, Roy and Yvonne, The Blues Busters and Byron Lee and The Dragonaires     (url=)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xyrhw6dkXkM(url/)  (1/4)      (url=)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dB2elK7PVFg(url/)   (2/4)      (url=)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UR_phlSARYM(url/)   (3/4)      ...
'The Long Good Friday' . Bob Hoskins delivered a great London dialogue with quite a few choice phrases. Apparently his accent was considered too strong for the US market and he was dubbed in a faux Cockney. A bit Dick Van Dyke. That upset him. A good London geezer, born outside London. An exaggerated version of some of my relatives.
The Damsons look good. Back in the late 60s my mob only wore 6/7 eyelet boots. We never went in for that 8 eyelet (or more) look with rolling up the jeans to show the full boot. Our 1/2 inch turn ups came just below the top of the boot. I remember this because when the police took our laces from our boots at Southend on Bank Holiday Monday we were able to run around the Kursaal with the top eyelet tied with a piece of string (nicked out of M & S) and the Police didn't notice.
Beauties. They don't get better than that.
The boys from West London/Chelsea  were way ahead of us living in other parts of London and the suburbs, in terms of the Ivy knowledge. I didn't know the term Preppy.
This sums up nicely my thinking. Ironically by the time we accepted and used the term Skinhead in about 1970 we had started to grow our hair. I saw plenty of fighting between like minded kids but I never saw p*ki bashing. The Media had a lot to answer for. No doubt it went on but not in our crowd.The sense of collective identity was special.
I forgot. Alexandra  were also good for Dogtooth/Houndstooth patterns.
We used the Romford branch for Prince of Wales Suits and Jackets. They seemed to have particularly good patterns for POW.
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