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Glue traps are generally a bad idea.
I'm sure if you were in its position, you wouldn't be laughing. :|
  Why didn't you just report them to the relevant authority? I would have, illegal or not, I don't think that level of cruelty should be tolerated.
  An asshole would do something like throw a glue trapped animal into the bin for it to starve to death and gnaw its leg off, rather than humanely euthanise it. The person with that rat story should have just killed the animal then and there, rather than inflict unnecessary agony to it.   I would argue that glue traps are inhumane. Regardless if they are pests, nothing deserves to be tortured to death and if you have to kill something, do it quickly and with minimal pain....
How do they even compare to regular ciggies? Are they healthier?  
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