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Are they hanging from french cleats?
Sent PM about park avenues
Are these still for sale? I wear 7 in Edward Green 606, and that's actually a bit small for me. Would these fit me?
Is 11D the UK size?
Thinking of getting a 6A. I'm 5'8", 130lbs. 14.5 32 in shirt size, not sure about chest size. I'm hesitating between 36 and 38. From reading the thread, it seems like I should be going for 38? Just want to confirm...
Is this sale at the North Vancouver location? How long does it go until?
Thanks for all the tips. I'd definitely get all of them if I had the money, but unfortunately I don't. I think I've settled on a black MDR
Getting first ToJ jacket before it's too late. Thinking MDR, TOJ0 or suede T-1. Any thoughts?
$14 sent 24 x 2 23 x 2 with international shipping
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