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  Oh, thanks, good to know what Someone said that the perfume was never the same after the contract (?) was taken over by Proctor and Gamble. 
This is related but slightly OT: does or has anyone used the Yohji Homme perfume? It's discontinued now, but perfume expert Luca Turin raves about it and gives it 5 stars in his guide to perfumes. There's a couple of discussions about it here -   Does it work as a Yohji aesthetic in scent form? I love what Commes des Garcons, for...
  That's great - wearing Yohji certainly does away with the need for red carnations in the buttonhole at the airport.
Howdy lads,    A while ago, someone asked if there were any women on this thread. Hello! I'm Arche's girlfriend, a dress historian and fashion curator, and have been watching with increased fascination from the sidelines as he got into Yohji. I even borrowed a couple of his pieces the other day in Annie Hall style (comfy trousers). I really like seeing what Yohji does with historic references and how fabulously timeless they are. So I thought I'd drop in and say hi,...
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