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Digging the Sumo with a ceramic bezel swap. Id prefer a blue sumo and blue ceramic, but FFS I wish people would stop ripping off the rolex bezels! Its just one design among many equally good ones!  
 A steel dive watch turns into really heavy ballast underwater. I would be surprised if divers are wearing full steel + bracelet on dives. Im keeping my eye on Baltic. Mechanical chronographs incoming: 
I miss my shogun. Titanium is so much better than steel.   For those of you curious, you can upgrade the shogun clasp to the titanium ratcheting clasp from the MarineMaster 600. This will give you the ability to adjust the fit on the fly for hot days when your wrist swells, and the clasp remains titanium (versus the MM300 clasp which is steel). In this post I have measurements and pics:
 Glad to hear it! In my experience, all the Amphibia models wear a bit smaller than their size implies due to the short lugs. The foremost retailer for Amphibia watches online is Meranom (zenitar, linked above, is well regarded too). Meranom in particular has a very close relationship with the factory and frequently commissions special editions / versions (listed on his website as Amphibia SE) which are finished to a higher standard of detail. He is usually prompt and...
  As with most Parnis, your greatest enemy will be shoddy quality control. The smaller / cheaper / fly by night sellers dont check their watches at all and duds are more common. More respectable retailers will check their watches. But overall, these watches are of middling quality and are usually not accurate over long periods of time and field very little water resistance (which was the dealbreaker for me, to be honest). I personally recommend dajiwatch as a parnis /...
 Sure thing, its uber_watches: Theyve got a bunch of watches in great condition
Just picked up these vintage citizens for $25 a piece, NOS-ish condition. I love sunburst dials and prefer no date watches, so these will make great semi dress models once I change the bands (case size 36mm). Ebay seller has a bunch more for anyone curious (as well as many other models in good condition)    
I wish Seiko had more dateless models. The SARB065 is amazing but the asymmetry of the dial with the date drives me crazy!   
Picked up a Seiko SNZH53 and put it on a shark mesh bracelet. Love the old school domed crystal and the fact that the bezel itself has its own crystal, a very rare touch that adds a lot of depth and pop to the bezel. Not my pics, but this is what it looks like:  
 Value is all relative, of course, but I find that even between $100-$200, there are so many classy mechanicals and eco-drives that I have as of yet not found a reason to go for battery quartz; but I admit I dont spend much time exploring that category and I usually try to nitpick every potential acquisition until I can really narrow the field down. 
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