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 These watches are not currently being produced, but were made in significant numbers. They are usually known by the movement code, which was the Luch 2209. However, this movement was shared across Raketa, Luch, Sekonda, Vympel, Poljot, and Vostok model lines. They were produced in chrome, gilt, and solid gold cases of many different dial combinations. Here is a good resource on this famous movement to get you started: http://www.2209watchmovement.com/  The first watch is...
I misworded my original post, I didn't mean to make it sound like the watches are out of production. Only the older style Raketas are. Vostok Amphibias are produced in numerous variations.As for parts, these watches really will go decades with simple oil and cleaning
 In the course of normal wear, there is nothing in these watches that would warrant replacing; there are thousands of perfectly working examples that date from the 70s and 80s floating around. They are built tough and resist shocks very well. In the event of parts necessity, the factory that (to this day) produces these watches will sell any parts that are needed, and whole donor movements can be bought for a few dollars. It is pretty much a non issue, to be honest.
 The watch community is full of people who are familiar with working on these watches, there are plenty of service manuals available, and any competent watchmaker who can safely service an ETA movement will be able to work on these. I highly recommend them, check out the Russian watch section at WatchUSeek forum for more info. Meranom is the online retailer most people go to for their simple watches. For chronographs, I like poljot24.de
Im a huge fan of russian watches. Mechanically solid, the engineering behind the amphibia to achieve 200m resistance is elegant in its simplicity. As long as you avoid painted dials and are open to some aftermarket add-ons, they can be incredible watches. The russian chronographs (Sturmanskie, Strela, Okean) represent some of the best value for solid, pedigreed handwinding chronograph movements. The OKEAH (Ocean) reissue is a beauty to behold. The dress watches with the...
Did you mean sizing half up makes it too long? Do you recommend I go with a 9.5UK Olfe if I am a 10.5D in Allen Edmonds 5 last?
Can anyone compare the fit of the Olfe last to the Allen Edmonds 5 last? I wear a 10.5 D in the AE 5 last (Kenilworth), and I cant decide if I need a 9.5UK in the Olfe last, or if I should go up to 10 because in case it is a very narrow last.
How do you guys put on lace up ankle boots? I received my MacAdam and they look SO sharp! But putting them on is a total hassle. If they are laced up all the way, there is no way to get my foot in without putting a lot of strain on the shaft and tongue area and really jamming it in. But if I undo the laces, then I have to do them back up.   So far my solution has been to lace them standard up a few eyelets, and then thread the lace laterally up each side instead of...
So the E4 WG fits slightly larger than the 201 in the same size?
Looking into getting N&F elephant 4, currently wearing a 33 in the UB221 tapered fit 21 oz, do I get the same size in the elephant? In general, is the weird guy identical to the UB tapered in the same size? My 33 UB221 are slightly loose in the waist by half an inch, but I had to size by thighs. Should I go with a 33 in the E4 or a 34?
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