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How do you guys put on lace up ankle boots? I received my MacAdam and they look SO sharp! But putting them on is a total hassle. If they are laced up all the way, there is no way to get my foot in without putting a lot of strain on the shaft and tongue area and really jamming it in. But if I undo the laces, then I have to do them back up.   So far my solution has been to lace them standard up a few eyelets, and then thread the lace laterally up each side instead of...
So the E4 WG fits slightly larger than the 201 in the same size?
Looking into getting N&F elephant 4, currently wearing a 33 in the UB221 tapered fit 21 oz, do I get the same size in the elephant? In general, is the weird guy identical to the UB tapered in the same size? My 33 UB221 are slightly loose in the waist by half an inch, but I had to size by thighs. Should I go with a 33 in the E4 or a 34?
  Looks like 105.D is right on the border, leaning towards Large. I dont anticipate ever getting narrower shoes than a 5 last in a D, so even if I go C width in a wider last, I should be ok right?   Interesting, so these are basically Amoks with a crepe sole? I havent been wearing my Amoks much, on account of worrying over the suede, but it has held up very well so far. I nuked it with the waterproofing spray that AE sells.
Can anyone comment on whether to order the JAB shoe trees in Medium or Large for size 10.5 AEs on the 5 last (Kenilworth)? The JAB website recommends going to large starting at size 10.5, but reviews mention these might be big for narrow shoes, and the 5 is a narrow last, so Im wondering which I should go with, since I am seemingly on the border.
I had the MacAdams briefly and definitely thought them worth the price, for $130 I would totally buy them again. I ended up flipping mine for a profit on ebay before I ever wore them, though.
Im sure its been covered, but does the Bourbon polish function well to keep the tone of the Bourbon leather? I know it is essentially walnut buffed on a black wheel, Im wondering how well the Bourbon specific polish works?
When is the next sale? Labor day?
I look at it the same way Ebay sellers do when they require instant payment for a "buy it now" option -- you cant just "buy" it to hold it for yourself. My paypal address is provided; if people lag days on payment and a better offer comes in, I let them know and ask them to match it. Perhaps I should be more explicit when I say payment is expected immediately, but I dont think its indicative of a dishonest nature.
 That is the idea; that until money changes hands, the item is up for sale. Ive never refunded someone through paypal because another offer came through during the transaction process. The second I receive payment, I take listings down. But once or twice a bigger offer came right after confirming a smaller one, and the other party was understanding and said they didnt want to match it. I dont think I am a piece of shit, but I suppose thats what most supposed pieces of shit...
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