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  Looks like 105.D is right on the border, leaning towards Large. I dont anticipate ever getting narrower shoes than a 5 last in a D, so even if I go C width in a wider last, I should be ok right?   Interesting, so these are basically Amoks with a crepe sole? I havent been wearing my Amoks much, on account of worrying over the suede, but it has held up very well so far. I nuked it with the waterproofing spray that AE sells.
Can anyone comment on whether to order the JAB shoe trees in Medium or Large for size 10.5 AEs on the 5 last (Kenilworth)? The JAB website recommends going to large starting at size 10.5, but reviews mention these might be big for narrow shoes, and the 5 is a narrow last, so Im wondering which I should go with, since I am seemingly on the border.
I had the MacAdams briefly and definitely thought them worth the price, for $130 I would totally buy them again. I ended up flipping mine for a profit on ebay before I ever wore them, though.
Im sure its been covered, but does the Bourbon polish function well to keep the tone of the Bourbon leather? I know it is essentially walnut buffed on a black wheel, Im wondering how well the Bourbon specific polish works?
When is the next sale? Labor day?
I look at it the same way Ebay sellers do when they require instant payment for a "buy it now" option -- you cant just "buy" it to hold it for yourself. My paypal address is provided; if people lag days on payment and a better offer comes in, I let them know and ask them to match it. Perhaps I should be more explicit when I say payment is expected immediately, but I dont think its indicative of a dishonest nature.
 That is the idea; that until money changes hands, the item is up for sale. Ive never refunded someone through paypal because another offer came through during the transaction process. The second I receive payment, I take listings down. But once or twice a bigger offer came right after confirming a smaller one, and the other party was understanding and said they didnt want to match it. I dont think I am a piece of shit, but I suppose thats what most supposed pieces of shit...
 It is what it is. Ive never ripped off or defrauded anyone, and I wouldnt deal with the hassle over a difference of a couple bucks, but if the difference is significant, I would be upfront, apologize, and address the more pressing needs in my life.
Its annoying when sellers cancel your transaction in order to accept a higher bid from someone else, but I cant really blame them for doing so. Ultimately, money is the name of the game here and these are all luxury/discretionary purchases; they arent gouging air conditioners in July or something. I have had it happen to me and I have done it once or twice (I am paying off student loans and when it comes down to it, I will do what I have to to get them paid off. Its...
 I would check out Orient, they have some really special models and you can get amazing deals on ebay/online.
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