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 I miss my shogun! I even had a ratcheting clasp from the MM600 on it...and yes, I always appreciate a date wheel that is color matched to the dial. There are few things worse than a beautiful dark dial with an ugly white date wheel, it looks so amateur! As for the location, I have never heard any concrete reasoning for the location at 3 and I doubt that it has anything to do with focus group research. I think it is because a 3 o clock date wheel is *slightly* easier to...
 I just think symmetry should be paramount, and I never understood why 3 o clock became standard when 6 o clock is just as easy to manufacture and looks way better
So many wonderful Seikos that would benefit from a no-date version. If only!
I always prefer dates to be centered on the dial. I wish more manufacturers did this
Agreed. Would be better without the mercedes hand, but DLW watches sells some really nice bezels and mod parts for those so inclined (there are also plenty of modders that will do the labor for you cheaply)
I love the look of ceramic bezels, they look great on modded seikos:  
  IMO the best all round automatic watches in that price range are either the invicta pro-divers, with Seiko movements (can be easily modded to get rid of the Sub homage look), or Vostok Amphibia. This one just launched today for $124 (a bit more than $99 but still very affordable):
 Its a decent looking watch and is fairly cheap, but chinese movements are a real crapshoot when it comes to quality control and reliability. There is definitely a market of fakes and imitations, and I do not have a high opinion of chinese made goods anyway, so I really dont have any interest in repping a Chinese brand. People will swear up and down that their several year old chinese mechanical is "reliable", but I would much rather go with a movement like the Russian...
Been lusting after this Strela Kosmodrom. A very unique take on the classic officers chronograph:       The more vintage-inspired ones:  
 That does sound very strange. Perhaps it was a bad design. Either way, at least the warranty support was very good. I can understand the frustration, and it is unfortunate that these experiences color someones impression of a brand, but the reality is that even with very small rates of manufacturing error, over millions of units someone has to end up with the lemon. 
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