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 I have this exact same problem with my PC shirt.  My shirt has been washed and worn numeroustimes, but problem still exists.  @ccallis : Any chance higher button placement will fix this problem??
 @ccallis It would be nice to allow the specification for number of buttons regardless of shirt length. The shirt I received only had 7 buttons due to its length.  I have room for another button and would have preferred 8.
 @ccallis If first button is raised by .5" or 1", will you provide 8 buttons total on the front of the shirt rather than seven?  Would be great if you could.
Forgot to mention, I'm trying to stay in the sub-$100 range since this will be my first shirt from Luxire. The G&R Powder Pink Royal Oxford looks nice, but is out of my price range.
Pink Dress Shirt Recommendation Requested   Would like a recommendation for a pale pink fabric to be used for a shirt to be worn with a suit and tie. Would like something thinner than a standard oxford.  Would like the fabric to be non-transparent. A search for "Pink" on Luxire's website came up with:    Pale Pink Soft Royal Oxford  Pink Pinpoint Oxford  Pink End-On-End 100/2  Pale Pink Lustrous Soft   Anyone have experience with the above fabrics or other pale...
[[SPOILER]]  Which fabric is this, and how would you describe it?  I've been looking for a navy blue shirt similar to this.
 The more photos I see of that collar, the more I like it (provided it is worn with a jacket).After adding the 1/2" to the collar points, what is the final measurement of the points.And, what's the measurement of the spread between the two points? Any pics with this shirt and just a tie (no jacket)??
 Hidden button down collars seem to be mentioned somewhat frequently.  I've used metallic collar stays along with a magnet to achieve the same result.  Seems just as effective as a hidden button down, and perhaps more versatile since removing the magnet gets one back to the original collar.  Can a hidden button down collar be "unbuttoned", or will this expose the hidden button and/or tabs? By the way, I still believe that larger collars which look good with a suit/tie...
 Even with a hidden BD, it seems like it would look like a HUGE collar without a suit/tie.I'm beginning to wonder if a suit/tie just requires larger collars for both proper scale andto allow the points to be covered by the jacket.  Curious what others think.
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