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Forgot to mention, I'm trying to stay in the sub-$100 range since this will be my first shirt from Luxire. The G&R Powder Pink Royal Oxford looks nice, but is out of my price range.
Pink Dress Shirt Recommendation Requested   Would like a recommendation for a pale pink fabric to be used for a shirt to be worn with a suit and tie. Would like something thinner than a standard oxford.  Would like the fabric to be non-transparent. A search for "Pink" on Luxire's website came up with:    Pale Pink Soft Royal Oxford  Pink Pinpoint Oxford  Pink End-On-End 100/2  Pale Pink Lustrous Soft   Anyone have experience with the above fabrics or other pale...
[[SPOILER]]  Which fabric is this, and how would you describe it?  I've been looking for a navy blue shirt similar to this.
 The more photos I see of that collar, the more I like it (provided it is worn with a jacket).After adding the 1/2" to the collar points, what is the final measurement of the points.And, what's the measurement of the spread between the two points? Any pics with this shirt and just a tie (no jacket)??
 Hidden button down collars seem to be mentioned somewhat frequently.  I've used metallic collar stays along with a magnet to achieve the same result.  Seems just as effective as a hidden button down, and perhaps more versatile since removing the magnet gets one back to the original collar.  Can a hidden button down collar be "unbuttoned", or will this expose the hidden button and/or tabs? By the way, I still believe that larger collars which look good with a suit/tie...
 Even with a hidden BD, it seems like it would look like a HUGE collar without a suit/tie.I'm beginning to wonder if a suit/tie just requires larger collars for both proper scale andto allow the points to be covered by the jacket.  Curious what others think.
Shirt Fabric Drape I've received some fabric swatches from various MTM shirt makers and am wondering how to evaluate them.  By looking at them, I get a good sense of the color.  I can also tell how transparent the fabric is.  I can feel its softness.  But, how can I get a sense of how a shirt made from the fabric will drape??  Any suggestions are appreciated.
The first tie is on its way to me in the mail so I have not seen it in person.  It is described as silver, grey, and blue.  On my monitor, it does look fairly blue.  When I receive the tie, I will put it next to my suit.  I think there is agreement that as long as it does not blend in too much with the navy suit, it is the better tie for this occasion.  I'll take some pics of the tie with my suit once it arrives and post them.  I will do the same with the second tie which...
Also -- curious as to why the first tie would work better.  I was thinking the first tie would blend in too much with the suit since both the suit and tie are blue, whereas the second tie might be more visually interesting with its contrasting stripes.
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