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 Great combination of shirt, jacket, and tie.  Can you provide details on the shirt, specifically the material and the type of collar.  I'll be ordering a few shirts from SM, one being a pale blue dress shirt similar to yours.
 I'm looking to have a casual shirt made and am leaning towards the pink pinpoint.  How opaque is the pink pinpoint?  And, when wearing the shirt, do you see a noticeable difference in the color of the placket vs. the color of the shirt on either side of the placket?  Reason I ask is that the white pinpoint I ordered is relatively opaque, but I notice the placket difference which makes the shirt look as if it has a vertical stripe down the middle. 
I sent a couple of shirts in as references for measurements for an MTM shirt.  I just received both shirts back today.  They were packaged the same way as new shirts: folded with supports, wrapped in plastic, and in a rectangular cardboard box.  Kudos to the continued great customer service!!
I will be in Missisaugua on Saturday 7/3.  I would like to visit one of your stores to see some fabric in-person and get fitted for some MTO shirts.  I would also like to look at some RTW shirts.  To do this, should I visit your Missisaugua location or Toronto location?  Also, what are your hours at each of these locations on 7/3?
I ordered and received my first shirt from Spier & Mackay.  It is a Size 15 Contemporary fit, and is now the best-fitting shirt I own (even better than an MTM I had ordered from Proper Cloth).  The problem is that I don't see much of a selection on the website for Size 15 Contemporary fit shirts.  Will more be added anytime soon?  Would be nice to see a blue chambray, casual white, and other solid colors.
I ordered a few polos which did not fit correctly and need to be returned.  According to the S&P website, "To be eligible for the credit, all returns from the USA must be via United States Postal Service Regular Ground Service.".  So, I packaged the polos in the original box and took them to the post office.  The post office stated that Ground Service to Canada is not available.  Delivery to international destinations is via air only.  The cost to ship back is $25.  The...
 What are the main differences between the four options above?  Are some of the fabrics more opaque than others?  What about softness/thread count/weight/drape of these fabrics in comparison to each other?
White Shirt   Tried searching this thread, but didn't have any luck.  I'm looking for advice on an S&M MTM white shirt fabric for a casual shirt. I'm looking for something thicker than a fine dress shirt material, but also thinner than an oxford material.  I'd also like the fabric to be fairly opaque.  Any suggestions?
I have trouble wearing some of my spread collar shirts without at tie.  The collars end up either being too wide and don't look good or don't lay flat against my chest.  Thought that both these problems would be alleviated with the extreme spread.  Also, I'd like to see pics of various SM shirt collars without ties if anyone cares to post some.
I would love to see photos of these being worn casually without a tie.  I am looking for a collar other than button-down which will look decent without a tie.  Perhaps the extreme spread collar will do the trick.  Photos would be greatly appreciated. 
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