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ATLjon:   Are ​the shirts at all slim fitting? And what are the sleeve lengths? Thanks,
I'm no expert, but it looks very, very bad to me. Sorry to say.
That brown and blue grenadine -- wow!
I bought this some time ago from TweedyDon, but unfortunately it's a little small for me. I hope he does not mind me using his description and pictures, as they are much better than anything I would do: This is a lovely suit, that would be ideal for a chap starting out--or as an everyday go-to suit! Cut in a contemporary (but NOT fashion forward) style of subtle darting and two button closure, this suit is almost but not a dark grey glen plaid, being a crosshatch...
I don't have any Kiton, but I would be happy to trade kittens.  I use mine for juggling.   
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