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tts, although the arms are slim. chest has decent room for layering purposes. 
yeah, its one of my favorite coats, the way it changes color depending on lighting is really cool too. (plum, midnight blue)
 it's probably due to your proportions. any way to make your legs look longer would help, (less stacking, skinner jeans, black)the way you angled your pics might also contribute to your legs looking small so i wouldn't sweat it too much here's a couple fits i had with the coat [[SPOILER]]     [[SPOILER]]
ugh... i was too late
lame. they refunded my order, said they ran out of my size and there was a glitch in the system. oh well
 thanks for the heads up... ill be on the lookout
i just purchased. sorry and thank you!
    yes i have that hoodie. shoulderpads are tencel with raw edge finishes. the "black" cotton has a subtle greenish hue to it
  toj, geller, cheap monday, cp
  got my toj0 today. size 48 with 50 lengths on body. 
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