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Do you mind taking the front length measurement from top of the shoulder seam, the sleeve length from the shoulder seam and the centerback sleeve?
  I am not too sure about that. My 28 PNS came with a 30'' waist out of the box (and PNS is the newest cut of APC)
I'm really surprised by the level of costumer service I received. My first order (2 shirts and 1 pair of chinos for free as part of their promotion) had fit issues (which is too be expected) but they're still wearable. I emailed them and they gave me a a full store credit, including the current price of the free pair of chinos, and the $16 express shipping charges! They have a buy 3, get 1 for free promotion right now, so I ordered 4 shirts with my store credit without...
Price drop!
The waist sizing on context is definitely wrong. My 28 PNS measures 30'' in waist, and PNS is their newest cut.  So I'm 99% sure all APCs measure 2'' more than the tagged size. 
  Really? Have you even done this yourself?  It's amazing that you went from a tag 28 to a 31.
    It looks identical because they round the numbers. A size 31 WILL be slimmer in the thighs than a 32.
  So I guess I have to write off APC or find an old pair. What is the inseam on the ones you have in your signature? Even if it shrinks 0.5'', it'd become too short. 
AFAIK APCs are unisex, but if there are actually two versions, that explains the shorter inseam.What do you guys think of the waist? If I ever a belt, would it still stretch significantly?
Just got my PNS size 28 from easton trading company and the inseam is only 32''!!! They will be certainly too short for me after shrinkage. It is even final sale so I'll probabely have to sell it on the marketplace to a shorter guy. Would the inseam of a regular PS be longer?   The fit in the legs is exactly was I was looking for. Thighs that aren't super tight and they taper hard down the knees. The leg opening is so small (6.25'') that It takes a decent amount...
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