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Sorry i meant his royal highness the supreme magnificent lord lewis, god of all gods!
I am not a troll, i am merely trying to find the best of the best of all shoe polishes, i am trying to get a job as cheif shoe polisher of his royal highness the supreme lord lewis and cannot do a bad job!
Well basically i am in love with a guy, he is literally my hero! He sometimes allows me to clean his shoes for him (but this is only if im really lucky) but i need some really Top quality stuff in which to please him
Hi, I looking to buy the best shoe polish money can buy, as I wish to clean the shoes of the greatest man that ever lived. He is literally my hero! Obviously no ordinary shoe polish will do for a man. Of his caliber, and so does anybody have any suggestions? I can't be expected to use any High street rubbish for someone if his majestic glory. Thankyou
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