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I like the shoes actually. The texture of the suede looks great with this fit. Plus, they are derbys. I think dark brown suede is a great F/W shoe in almost any application.
As a business owner myself, it comes down to integrity and character - you either have it or you don't. If you are capable of screwing even one customer knowingly, without being man enough to admit to fault, you lack both tributes - and that's all I have to say about that Back to awesome DBs
If you buy from a reputable company you are less likely to be disappointed in your purchases, regardless of costs, so long as you know exactly what you are buying. If you buy from a private "guy" whom nobody really knows, without a long-standing reputation in the industry you are taking a buyers risk. However in this case I believe that the person of interest had built some relationships on this forum and then mislead customers into believing they were receiving some sort...
3mm could be the difference between shoes that fit like a pair of soft slippers or shoes that fit like a pair of iron maidens.
Nothing wrong with it. Just a regular guy selling 300$ + ties on the net.
People with too much money who drink a lot of SF kool-aid
I actually use a Merkur single razor - the package lasts forever for a fraction of the cost
Subliminal advertising
Only way to do a beard off is if everybody goes clean shaven at the same time - razor blade Schick hydro clean, not just trimmer clean.
Can this guy ever show his face on SF again without being tarred and feathered
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