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@GuP I wore black wholecuts for my wedding. Mine are Enzo Bonafe shoes that were ordered through Skoaktiebolaget. As far as I know, Carmina has the style available often in the rain last. I think that a black wholecut shoe is a great alternative to the more traditional captoe oxford, especially for a festive event like a wedding. A captoe oxford will always strike me as very business like, but is still always appropriate for a wedding.
Thought I'd contribute to this thread with my Enzo Bonafe MTO 3 eyelet chukka on the 773 last with colour vitello Boley.
Great model - which last and colour did you go with here?
^^^ nice looking chukka - I'm looking forward to mine
can't answer that for you, I have no experience with the Detroit last.
no, the 804 is longer
I sized down .5 from rain to 804. I found 804 similar in width, and the instep about the same, possibly more generous. Also the 804 is definetely longer. Probably 4mm or so in the same sizing.
New Bonafe peccary / calf adelaide. More amazing in person then on the site. I'm in love with the 804 last. I see a few more MTOs in my future Now I wonder if the chiseled round 74945 fits similar?
I couldn't take same size in 946 and 804 either. I went with a 9 on the 804, and an 9.5 on the 946. The 946 is a shorter last in the same sizing.
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