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Loving the cognac jumper
Did you go with the same sizing? How would you describe the differences in the way the lasts feel on your feet?
I'd love a black chelsea on the 804
I'm not sure if the 804 presents itself well on a chelsea, but maybe the guys at Skoak can showcase something. Also, the 74945 is kind of a chiseled round last, so maybe that last would work well too.
How does anybody feel about a chelsea on the 804 round toe last?
I might be interested in this MTO but I'm not crazy about the toe taps.
I think we can anticipate a lot of these coming after seeing these pics.
I hope so
I didn't receive my notice yet. Super excited for these
Is the Enzo 74945 last a similar fit to the 804? I'm really liking the new brown cap toe.
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