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I like AG jeans, and plain old Levi's jeans have served me well for years.
Did the Canadian pricing option disappear from the website or is it just me?
I'd like to add that I own a rain lasted pair of balmoral boots and the 86 lasted cambridge.
I have both lasts. 87 is a little wider. Toe area feels a bit more open, whereas the rain last tapers. I take the same size in both. No way I could size up or down in either.
Is the millerighe sole firm like a dainite sole?
I have a 773 chukka but I'm not sure how it would would as a chelsea. I'm 100% certain that the 804 would work better for me. If I can't get 4 guys to go ahead with this one I'll probably go solo.
I agree - the heel on the rain last always felt huge to me
I definitely perfer smooth calf and the 804 last over the 062 for this make up. Google the Bonafe 773 last, as I think it makes for a nicer chisel then the above photo.
I've never actually seen the 062. Any references?
I'm going for black, not really interested in a burgundy shoe at the moment.
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