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Who the hell says norvegese stitching is waterproof?
Exactly - even my construction boots built for heavy duty abuse and inclement weather have allowed traces of water inside when I've stepped inside deep water puddles.
Wouldn't a close cut welt take away from the detailing of the norvegese stich in the first place? The beauty of it is in the depth of the welt which accentuates the stitching. Plus, I can't even see how it would be possible to get it much closer then it already is. I'm not a shoe expert but I own several high end storm welted boots and the pictures I am looking at reflect exactly what I own.
More then likely it's either that the boots don't fit, or the customer is unhappy with what they have received. Personally I think that make up would have looked a ton better minus the storm welt. Or at the very least, dyed to a dark brown or black. But I'm sure most of the guys who received their orders are extremely happy with them, and the upper looks fantastic.
Creative Recreation has some nice styles at Nordstrom. The plain white or black is pretty cool, and reasonably priced
Cool - thanks guys. I'll be checking them out this weekend for sure.
Thanks Nick - Do they have a retail store front or is it a strictly online business?
Anybody here try spier and McKay shirts? They look like they have some decent button down options and I was hoping I could drop in and have a look myself.
Interesting, I find my EG galway size 9.5UK to fit quite long. I can't imagine that CS in the same sizing is much longer.
What is the verdict on the CS 316 last? How does it fit in comparison to Carmina, EG, Bonafe? etc
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