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@Leaves or anybody who can answer this really: Would it be a smart move to go down a half size from the rain last for the 804? If the instep is higher then rain I'm thinking it could be a good move for myself, so long as the last is still elongated.
I did end up going with a half size down, from my usual 9.5UK.
For me, the tetbury always felt generous. Much more then my other 348 lasted shoes in the same size.
The 946 is such a great shape. Guess I'm biased, since I have 2 pairs of EB's on that last :)
Really beautiful and simple. One of the nicest ack cap toes I've ever seen.
Carmina has some beautiful lasts. I especially love that brown simpson captoe on the left
Oscar and Robert are great boot lasts. I've probably said this a million times
Opposite for me. I find the Rain to be longer and more roomy in the instep, when comparing equal sizes.
I'd be in for a tanker
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