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Going out to eat - I think I'm incorporating a few SF un-approved antics, or at least items which are a bit frowned upon - white semi spread collar - dark navy knit tie with worsted suit - CJ tetbury boots - somewhat slimmer lapels - and no wrist watch or pocket square
@NAMOR do you own any carmina chelsea boots?
Does anybody know the answer to this: Would a shoe on the Simpson last in a 9.5 be the same overall length as a 9.5 on the Rain last? Is the Simpson more elongated then the Rain, while the rain is a bit wider? Any help is appreciated, thanks M
Tobacco suede chukka MTO in action - very comfortable and they look great dressed down.
Dark suede is the ultimate combo with denim
Yes, it would be blasphemous
On a separate note: Since boot season is fast approaching, a re-run of this exact boot with pebble calf brown upper and smooth calf brown lower, with Norvegese stitching would be amazing
Nobody in for a Bonafe adelaide in Bergeronette calf? Come on ppl I know there was 2 guys interested Here is some style ideas -(from top) Bestetti, Bonafe, Aubercy
I think robert old 1909 has them www.robertold.co.uk
The Alex is a kick ass wholecut too. The only pair of shoes in the movie I wasn't crazy about was the highbury, which to me just seemed like a shrunken pair of tetburys.
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