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I've also never been a fan of the frankenstitch, and I've never understood how it became such a hyped phenomenon on these boards. I can think of 100 other boot styles that Carmina does better than that one. It's probably the most hideous boot design I've seen. It reminds me of something from Aldo shoes, and that's being generous.No hate to the guy who owns them, just my opinion. I'm sure we all have a pair of shoes or three in our closets that another person wouldn't be...
I find it fits just as long as the rain last, and feels wider in the same sizing. Maybe that's just my experience though.
Maybe it's just me but, does anybody find the 890 last to fit long and wide compared to the 82 last?
I took a size 9 in the 804 and a 9.5 in the 946. I wear a 9.5 in the Rain last models that I own, one being a chukka and the other a balmoral boot. I can't wear the Rain in an oxford style though, as I find the instep too high and the length a bit too much. The 946 is a touch shorter so I can deal with the extra volume of the instep. I found the 804 to be very long and wide in the same sizing as rain. Just to give you guys some background on myself, my feet are between a...
so FedEx duties are 30 percent of the total cost? My incoming EGs are going to hurt for sure.
anybody out theee who owns both the soller and oscar lasts? I'd like to know how they compare to each other and if they fit similarly as I'm eyeballing a pair of soller lasted chukka boots. Oscar is just about perfect fitting for me in a 9.5uk
I wonder if the 2102B, 804, and 74945 all fit the same.
Nice look
I know the question has been asked to death, but would the Bonafe chukka MTO in the 74945 last fit similar to the Oscar last boot fit?
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