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Double breasted pinstripe - the al capone challenge
How about weekend casual fit challenge - but you have to incorporate a sport coat and button down shirt with no tie - jeans or trousers are acceptable
Mine too, I'm changing the laces after maybe 10 wears. Try filing the inside of the speed hook
I'm about 6'1 and 225 lbs - my advice is that it's good to carry a bit of weight on you. Women like guys with a bit of muscle definition and you'll look healthier. But be very aware that it is difficult to find clothing that you like if you decide to keep packing on muscle. All of my suits and sport coats are bespoke. I can't find anything off the rack that feels good. Forget about any of the Italian brands for me. Im lucky to find shirts that feel good. If I do they...
@Cleav are those CJ Hallams? They look really nice with that suit
@simian do you like that exact model and colour? Like I said previously I am in for sure.
I want this exact model here - I'm not sure if anybody else is interested here
Go 7 UK
Sorry, the pricing aspect. If 1100$ is a reasonable amount for the jacket in respect to making it and material cost.
Hi All, I was hoping to get some advice here since I know this thread has the most experienced purchasers of higher end garments. My tailor recently quoted me 1100$ Canadian for a sport coat from the H&S crystal springs collection. The jacket is fully handmade, half canvassed and will probably be half lined with all working surgeon cuffs, patch pockets, etc. I have several jackets made from the same tailor, but never with H&S before. I think the price sounds OK, I'm...
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