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Nice. Inca last? Doesn't look as pointy there as it usually does in other pics I've seen. What size are those?
Great SC
golfinz I agree for the most part, I just think the look of the boot needs a sole that looks as rugged as the leather. Commando would probably be my first choice, and I agree that double leather is a better choice then dainite. I don't really care much for dainite, but its a great sole option if you want your shoes to last a hell of a long time and pretty comfortable right out of the box. In my opinion, dainite doesn't fare much better on slippery surfaces then leather....
I think this boot needs commando sole or dainite.
That's one MTO I regret missing....the CXL Oscar boot
Can anybody verify that the 890 last fits similar to the 888?
@Leaves or @GabrielOB, would Carmina do this shoe style on the Robert last as well?
Oscar last with brown pebble grain from Skoaktiebolaget. This is one of my favourite boot lasts out there, and one of my most worn pair of boots in the fall / winter.
Would a pair of Hannovers come shipped with the lasted trees as well?
I'm just lying to myself :) 
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