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Thanks man, much appreciated
Does GG TG73 fit narrower then Carminas Rain last? I'm trying to nail down my TG73 last sizing. I'm a 9.5UK in the Rain, although I find it a touch long.
What's your us size?
How did you size your GG justin? Did you go a full size down or half size
Hi All, What's the word on Fratelli Talia super 130s fabrics? I was at my tailor doing some alterations I decided to kill some time and flip through some of the new season books. I actually thought some of the patterns were really very nice. I believe the weights were around 9oz. Also the price he gave me to commission a full suit using Fratelli fabric was very reasonable. Any good opinions out there?
Go with 5.5 in Rain. Some members can wear both Simpson and Rain, usually by going up a half size for Simpson. The Simpson last is beautiful but is best suited for a narrower then average foot and a lower instep. I myself can wear a 9.5 in the Rain, but I can't wear the same size in Simpson comfortably. And sizing up would make the shoe way too long for me. I have no experience with the Hiro, but from what I've read here it fits very similar to the Rain last and you...
@wurger , I know you have an extensive collection so I'd appreciate any advice. When breaking in your new pairs, did you feel some heel slippage? My foot won't come out of the shoe obviously, but I feel a bit of sliding in the heel area. I find AS makes a very good quality, rigid sole and I'm hoping that problem will go away once broken in. @Afinepairofshoes I am ordering a pair in a 9, although I've never had to drop 2 full sizes in any shoe brand before.
Is the 109 roomier then the 724 last? I've read that most here have always went with the same size on the 109 and the 724.
X - Post: Maybe somebody can help here - just received my new pair of AS Armfields in black. They are possibly one of the nicest plain captoes I have ever seen from any RTW brand. Anyways my question is about the sizing of the 109 last. I am in between a brannock US 11 D/C width, with what I consider a lower then normal instep. So, now that I've tried in these Armfields, it feels as if they are about 3mm longer then the AS 724 last, also with what I consider a pretty...
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