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Agree - they look like something from Aldo shoes
Here's my comparison: It's a rain lasted adelaide, and the bonafe 804 captoe oxford. Hope the pics show well. These are both size 9.5 UK. I find that the 804 has a high-ish instep like rain, and it's about 4-5 mm longer overall in the same sizes.
Didn't try them, I wasn't wearing the proper socks. The price was $650.00 Canadian, which is basically $6.50 American
Saw these at the mall from Zegna, there top shoe line. They look eerily similar to the Bonafe captoes that I just ordered. What do you guys think? Who is Zegna getting to make there shoes now anyways? I think these are Blake stitched.
My thoughts exactly. I got home late yesterday, so I'll post up pics tonight for sure.
I find it's definitely longer. I'll post a comparison tonight between my Rain last and 804 in the same sizes (9.5UK)
Anybody have experience with both the 946 and the 804? I find the 804 fits about 4 or 5mm longer in the same size. I'm thinking about sizing down for the 804 on my next purchase.
I wear both in casual or formal settings ( grossa and fina). For me a grenadine can go either way. It's the colour that dictates whether the look is formal or not.
Inca 6120 is a great colour - I debated using that for my MTO but I went with bolet calf instead
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