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I hope so
I didn't receive my notice yet. Super excited for these
Is the Enzo 74945 last a similar fit to the 804? I'm really liking the new brown cap toe.
Very nice chukkas
Sizing question - I'll try posing here since a lot of us have shoes from both Carmina and EG on this thread through skoak I take a solid 9.5 in the carmina oscar. I took the same size in the EG galway on the 82 last and I find that it feels so long and spacious by comparison. Is this just crazy talk? I've always been under the impression that EG is a narrower fit than most other brands.
Great boot. Those look like they are built to last forever.
Looks great - what last is that boot on? I'd love a chelsea on the 804 or the 773.
I wonder how a black chelsea boot on the 804 or 74945 last would look. I have a chukka on the 773 last that I think would also look great.
I don't feel that at this point in time a December order will arrive any faster than a January order. Holiday season is coming soon and I doubt that anything will be produced until that time anyways.
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