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Ya, foot size and obviously shoe type factors into one's decision on how to determine trouser leg opening. A gent who has a size 10UK foot and prefers CJ's 348 last obviously would want a wider leg opening to avoid looking as if he's on skis. But for most guys I think 8 1/2" to 9" is a good range.
8 3/4" pant leg opening for me. Size 10 1/2" - 11 D shoe.
^ great tie and suit
I really wanted to do that makeup in a brown. Either museum calf or just plain chestnut brown. 2102B last or 804 last both look really cool.
Would you design the burgundy shoe something like this? Obviously with a captoe, no medallion. This model doesn't have a punched captoe, but I like the other punched details on the heel. I think it would look amazing with a captoe and in the burnished burgundy.
I've read that Detroit and Soller are actually longer and wider then rain as well. Don't know if this is true or not as I've never had a chance to try on either last. Can anybody confirm this?
Does the Detroit fit similar to Rain in width and length?
All nice fits above...I'm a bit intrigued by the actual true colour of the trousers posted by EFV. They look like a very deep brown on my monitor. I hadn't actually considered that combination but he pulled it off really well.
Thanks guys, I'll try out a few of these ideas within the work week.
Yes, I'd say it has a light grey base. I tried to get closer:
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