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Fit depends on more then just the lacing closure. I have a low instep so most of my shoes close in the middle or almost close. As long as they hug your heel and the length feels good for your toes I'd say they should be fine, as they'll stretch a bit on width but not immensely. It's really hard to find a last on a maker with a "perfect" fit. Nowadays I order mostly boots or chukka boots since finding the perfect oxford fit has always proved difficult in my case anyways....
I actually have a Bonafe chukka on the 773 last. It was my own personal MTO. I'll try to post a pic today.
Is that the Cambridge in rustic tan? I pulled the trigger on a pair in mahogany grain and I love them. Do you have any more pictures of them being worn?
I find the tetbury to be a half size larger. I have a 9uk tetbury and a 9.5 AS Alex jodhpur boot in the 724, which is the same last as the radwell.
I went a full size down. I'm a US 10.5D so I went with 9.5UK. A touch narrow at the toe box but after a few hours of wear they got very comfortable. A half size down in my case would have definately been either too long or too voluminous.
Anybody take the same size in Soller as they do in Oscar? Any differences in fit / feel between the two?
@LeatherFoot any more CJ stock coming in? Islay restock perhaps?
I know, I saw the link. I like the idea of the two tone calf boot although a part of me thinks that I'd get more usage from the single colour brown grain that was sold out.
Any plans for a restock of the Carlos santos field boot?
If you have a decent shoe rotation, both "real" dainite and "imitation" dainite will last what feels like eons.
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