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Hi Sarah, nice to meet you too. Where are you from?
Hi, I am looking for a less-recent burberry trench coat, with wool lining. I actually found one on eBay, but before buying it, I have a major concern. I am 175 cm tall (5"74), and this coat is a 40 short, extending for 47,5 inches. Living in the countryside, where is hard to observe people wearing coats like these, I am not sure if I am tall enough to wear it. It should go some inches below my knees. I can see that modern overcoats fall well above the knee, and that is not...
Hello, I'm not very good at English, so I'm sorry for any inconvenience. I've always liked to wear old-fashioned clothes and accessories, as long as my budget could allow me. Right now, I'm looking for a burberrys trench coat. Regards
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