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Thanks for the photos We are sadly lacking photos on this Cabourn thread so always good to have some posted The Parka looks absolutely the right size I also like the contrast between the light sheepskin on the collar, waist tie and the dark ventile
Haven't seen it 'in the flesh' but my understanding is that it is heavier probably less waterproof as oilcloth has a much lower hydrostatic head - although who cares - it's not designed to be a technical garmentCertainly where it will excell is in long term wear and tear as the outer material is going to be tougher and more resistant to brambles, Sparks and will develop a better look the grubbier it gets
I'm a bit disappointed you're dissapointed I was overwhelmed when I got mine from LN-CC in 2010 and continue to admire the parka The parka is a recreation of the parka commissioned for Sir Edmund Hilary for his transAntarctic expedition probably made by Eddie Bauer through the expedition outfitters ( forgotten the name of the company) If there is no filling in the hood then there wouldn't have been on the original and I don't think it would be practical anyway as the...
Any news on your parka?Did 14oz have a 44 after all?
Yes I would size down to a 48I don't know about the Geddes but the Everest/Antarctic parka is on the big side
Hold out for a 44The 46 will swamp you
Oh godSounds like a complete disaster their endSurely they know what they are doing - they can't post 44's and 46's thinking we want a Euro Italian size 54 and 56 respectivelyMaybe they have misrepresented the 42 and it should be a 52 but the rest seem in line with Offerings from Japanese retailers and what LN-CC offered a few years ago ie from 44 to 54
Sorry missed replying before postYou won't regret it - 44 will be great I'm sureGood point about the black navy - my orange one does look a bit grubby after all these yearsLooking forward to photos
I'm 5 ft 11 with 35 I inch chest and 30 waist so reasonably tall but very slimDefinitely go orange and definitely go 44Why orange - it's the classic Sir Edmund Hilary colour that inspired the collection. Much copied but still originalWhy 44 - because the parkas are big
Must admit I've never seen a CABOURN size 42 but judging by the size of my Antartic/everest parka in 46 - I recon a 42 would be perfect for my wife
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