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OK I would try a Cabourn size 50 then
It is available from End clothing and at the new London shop in a dark blue - I don't think it's quite navy but certainly closeI've got the orange parka from AW10 (I think as I'm losing track of the years) in a size 46I paid around £1500 which is what they were thenAre they worth it ?Ventile, goose down, Pertex, sheepskin, RiRI zips, wooden toggles, horn or wood buttons very small numbers, made in EnglandAn iconic recreation of Sir Edmund Hilary's Antarctic coat which he...
Just thought someone might be interested that the new Cabourn store in London has an Orange Everest/Antartic parka in the rare size of 44 (XXS) The parkas are huge so if someone regularly takes a Cabourn 46 and wants a snug parka then it's up for grabs They will take payment over the phone and post out
Unfortunately I missed the opening of the Cabourn store last week as I couldn't tie up a business trip to London to coincide but I've just had a very good chat with one of the store managers, Richard who seems very knowledgable and gave me a list of stocked items in my size Seems to be a huge success already -Nigel is in the store again this Saturday and and there is another official launch on the 16th October
Has anyone noticed a new Cabourn stockist called Smith & Morris?
Yes pretty sure it is Mine went back for a repair a couple of years ago and it went back to PHD The down filled ventile garments in the Scott Collection were made by PHD - they were listed in the book
The colours of the Ventile Everest/Antarctic parka is limited by the colours of VentileThe original was in orangeThen when it was reintroduced AW10 it was released in blue and orangeThe year after it was available in brown, white and dark greenSince then there has been survival yellow and beigeThere seems to be limited runs each year in the mainstay which is orange and a few other previous coloursI think it depends on what Cabourn's stockists are prepared to order and what...
What is your chest measurement ?
You are quite right - how sillyNext time I'm sailing in driving wind and the rain, I will default to wearing my three piece suit business suitNext time I'm out in the Morgan in temperatures of less than warm instead of wearing my Coastal Command jacket, I will don my blazerNext time I'm helping in my flood stricken village by helping my neighbours to build up sandbags in the pouring rain, instead of wearing my ventile parka, I'll attire in slacks and a smart white...
Thanks for the postI suppose the original was just an Irvin with a hoodIt's nice as an original but agree it lacks Nigel's woofle dust
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