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Also really like the Fishtail Camerman
Yep - got the khaki Winter ones which have the wool liningThey are huge but I love them -I've Liquiproofed them and wear them working around the house and garden
Some of mine definitely say 'made in Scotland' so I think you are right The 4 way roll necks are great but I've taken some of the labels out and restitiched the main label so it can be worn inside out as I like the seams and the triangle reinforcements on the neck I've also got a few of the knitted waistcoats but they don't get much wear and the moths got at my navy one I've tried lots of moth repellents over the years but I still get the odd hole
The Lybro dungarees arrived today Nicely packaged in strong brown inner and outer parcel I prefer boxes for protection but I've never had an issue with the strong brown paper parcels -Bureau and Superdenim use them so I guess they do the job adequately The dungarees are huge I normally take Cabourn 46 and also do have quite a few 44's as well and these are tagged 44 and they are massive but I really like them Superbly made -not one loose thread and everything has...
Just had an automated email order confirmation through now after the Interlink textVery oddOh wellAll will be forgiven if everything arrives OK and it wears as good as it looks
Just an update I've just had a text message on my phone from Interlink saying my order will be delivered tomorrow (Friday) Better than nothing Still no email confirmation or acknowledgment though which is a bit curious To answer the question as to what I've ordered - beige Lybro dungerees in size 44 Over the past year or so I've bought a few Cabourn items on eBay and another Mallory from End, the Lybro navy work jacket, four pleat work chinos and matching waistcoat...
After buying Cabourn from many stockists over the years and getting a terrific service from the likes of EndClothing, Superdenim and LN-CC (when they were Cabourn stockists), I placed an order for the first time direct on the Cabourn website on Monday evening Bit of a clunky website and order process but used PayPal to pay for the item after filling in all the necessary details I've had no email order confirmation from Cabourn nor any shipping details nor any...
With regards to sizing on the parka If you take a 50 in Cabourn, my advice is to stick with that - I don't think the fit of the parka is that critical - they are big and you want it to go over a thick sweater or a jacket As regards prices - with the pound dropping like a stone, now has probably never been a better time to buy from the UK
Panache in London
Looks great especially in the grey or the brownThe navy looks too dark to show the details although I would probably get more wear from the navy
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