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Well done, itts good that Flannels sent it out so quickly and thanks for the postAll the best for Christmas and 2015
Cabourn sale watch Just looking around the web on UK shops and I think the pick of the reductions so far is the brown Donkey Jacket at Flannels - half price to £400 The brown version sold out everywhere else quite quickly because being brown, it isn't too literal to the black or dark navy iconic British working coat. Also the brown version has fantastically thick brown leather whereas the navy has thinner softer leather The brown is a great jacket, rugged with plenty of...
Spare buttons are a bit hit and miss with Cabourn garments over the years although all but a couple of the jackets or coats bought new have had some in a pocket in a brown small envelopeI don't think you are missing anything as I don't appear to have had any on a vest/waistcoats and I have 3 Mallorys, 2 hospitals and 4 other typesWhat I do is make sure the buttons are absolutely well attached with no loose unfinished threads - restitch if necessaryFortunately all have been...
It's not that crazyI've shrunk washed Nigels linen work pocket jacket and hospital waistcoat with great resultsOthers I know have shrunk washed a Mallory jacket with good results so I expect a mallory waistcoat will work well - I'd do it carefully by hand and reshape to dry - it's woolen tweed so have a search on Google to get some ideas on how to do it bestI'm definately going to shrink wash an AW (FW) 10 mallory which is on the big side
I agree - you can't let Coggles get away with their Dispicable behavourIt is well documented on this thread with my experience of Coggles and they are not fit to be selling premium brandsThey have a dysfunctional warehouse, returns and delivery system and a remote customer services department that have no understanding of the product and just see the same info that you or I see
Thanks for the photos We are sadly lacking photos on this Cabourn thread so always good to have some posted The Parka looks absolutely the right size I also like the contrast between the light sheepskin on the collar, waist tie and the dark ventile
Haven't seen it 'in the flesh' but my understanding is that it is heavier probably less waterproof as oilcloth has a much lower hydrostatic head - although who cares - it's not designed to be a technical garmentCertainly where it will excell is in long term wear and tear as the outer material is going to be tougher and more resistant to brambles, Sparks and will develop a better look the grubbier it gets
I'm a bit disappointed you're dissapointed I was overwhelmed when I got mine from LN-CC in 2010 and continue to admire the parka The parka is a recreation of the parka commissioned for Sir Edmund Hilary for his transAntarctic expedition probably made by Eddie Bauer through the expedition outfitters ( forgotten the name of the company) If there is no filling in the hood then there wouldn't have been on the original and I don't think it would be practical anyway as the...
Any news on your parka?Did 14oz have a 44 after all?
Yes I would size down to a 48I don't know about the Geddes but the Everest/Antarctic parka is on the big side
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