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Thanks for the review I felt the same about the 'Scottish Jacket' so never invested although when I met the Cabourn team for the first time, James was wearing his and it looked great A bit of spray starch on the collar area might help - spray from the underside a little at a time with a warm iron - I've done this a lot on raincoat collars to make them stand up proud of the nape
Entirely fair - check out previous posts on here for the history of the Cameraman and check our Nicks blog post regarding the origin of the Cameraman
Sorry for late post but I've just caught up with recent postsThis was called the 'pocket work jacket' from SS11. It's very roomy in fit and made in Linen denimI have it in a 46 with the matching Hospital Waistcoat/vest and is one of my favourite Summer Cabourn piecesI got mine from Selfridges in London when they did Cabourn for 2 seasonsI washed it to shrink it a little which worked really wellThe same fabric was used on the deck jacket and a pair of matching trousers by...
Excellent point - that's exactly why I resisted
I second these points - Ferry, do not let them get away with their incompetence and deliberate attempts to charge people for clothes they send backAnd I say it again for anyone tempted - stay clear of CogglesWhen buying on the internet Buy from Cabourn outlets that have bricks and mortar shops and staff that care who can physically feel and see the clothes they are selling if any problems arise
The Fred Perry x Cabourn collab looks great Especially like the shoes Thanks for posting - any more info? If it's more at a Fred Perry price point - it will fly
I think it must be the Cabourn store as they have advertised the display of their SS15 collection to buyers from the new store, which happened a few days ago - also the SS15 has a Fred Perry collab - hence the rather minimal make shift Fred Perry signage. Like the table tennis bat window display ! Very Nigel!I think the grand opening to the public will coincide with AW14 launch hence why it's down as September although if they are paying rent now, I would ship all the SS14...
I think you make some very good points - most designers predominantly design for themselves. A good example is Paul Smith. Before he went global in all markets, his suits were always long fitting in the sleeves, body and legs because he is tall. Now his pattern making is done on sophisticated software for different markets, these long fitting idiosyncrasies have disappeared.Because Nigel Cabourn clothing is still made in very small batches in small production runs, a lot...
Great news about the Cabourn shop in London Henrietta street is a great street right off Covent Garden I was down there last week and knew that Nigel was planning a store in Covent Garden -King street or Henrietta street looked ideal King street has the greater footfall and already has a few of his competitors - Common People etc but Henrietta Street is certainly smart and a great location
Not at London Covent Garden rents and rates
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