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Get yourself a Morgan and drive it in the Winter The Coastal Command gets plenty of wear
Yes I agreeI don't have a FW15 Cameraman but I don't think the sizing has changedI'm a Cabourn 46 and the 46 in the Cameraman is perfectI once tried on a 48 and it was definately too big
Does anybody know of any Black Friday NC deals to be had?
For any who didn't know what PhilVo and I were posting about Here is the camo beeswax Naval Parka from SS11 Not for the faint hearted
Lancashire UKI got an email from Noverre yesterday saying the delivery was for today and that it would be coming by DPDThere was a link on the email which would track the parcel but I didn't use it as I got it delivered to my office
Just had my items delivered today from the Marrkt sale Fantastic - really pleased The black oilcloth CWP in 44 is quite small but perfect for my wife so she's happy And I've got these beauties The linen jacket is absolutely fabulous - can't get over the heavy weight of the linen and fit is spot on - it's labelled as a 46 and is perfect
You're right - it's not for the faint heartedI've worn it a few times and the last time was a year ago in Liverpool - I got some, well should I say 'interesting' commentsMy wife has worn it a few times in the Summer as wellIt's one of those jackets I hardly wear but can not part withAccording to Drew at the time it was the only 46 outside of JapanThere was a sand and white version in 46 in a shop in Italy but I couldn't get to contact them
And I really liked the blue Gingham check Caneraman/Rangoon ( whatever name it had that season) from SS11 Tried it on in Selfridges at the time I bought the blue and white camo naval parka and the blue linen work pocket jacket and hospital vest I think I nearly went bankrupt on that day!
Ha ha very good point , well made
Actually I've just remembered there was another one from SS10 called The Rangoon jacket which had a more faded bees wax yellow topThe yellow Cameraman from SS12 had the top two pockets in yellow as well and the yellow was a bright ventile
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