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Ha ha yes how on earth are we going to fill our time once we've spent up in Covent Garden
I think you'll struggle to get Ferry to part with it - he's been despirate to get one in 48 as the disaster retailer Coggles have sent him the 50 twice under the pretentions of it being a Small
top one - well spotted getting excited - it looks a cracker http://greenangle.jp/shopdetail/000000002075/029/P/page1/recommend/
Rumours are absolutely trueWhere did you get your info from?
Actually if you click on the Customer Service heading on the Marrkt website they have the proper T&C's under Returns where it does state that refunds are given within 7 days of return The T&C's on the actual Sale page would only be correct if it was an instore event only which is where they have probably copied it from
Yes fully agreeUnder the Dustance Selling Regulations which are part of the law in the Eu, they would have to offer a refund if you returned it within 7 days for any reasonThey might try to quote their T&C's and argue the case but their T&C's are meaningless if you physically haven't had the opportunity to try it on or touch and feel the garment before buying it & wouldn't stand in a small claims court.
Yes I spoke to Superdenim/marrkt and it all came from Cabourn - mainly samples that's why most were/are 48'sDidn't ask about the other items In detail but it is odd why there are Items that weren't up for sale on Cabourn's website - the bench coats particularlyMaybe the stock that didn't sell on the website is being held back for a shop or a further sale
Yes I spotted thatI can't criticise Lewis and Superdenim too much as they do a good job but those terms and conditions are a bit naughty and illegalThey might claim that you have to sign up to their terms and conditions by logging on as a member type arrangement but it wouldn't wash in a county court
Bloody hell I think between us we have just about cleared out all the decent stuff in Marrkt's Cabourn sale in 3 hours!
To reply to myselfI've just looked a bit more closely at the photos and the grey Bench Coat looks to be fabricated exactly the same as the green one so it is bonded wool, not canvas as the descriptionThe green one looks a bit nicer in my opinion as it has the contrasting edges on the pocket flaps and edges but the grey one was in the smallest size and I have lots of green NC coats so it will be a bit different
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