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With regards to sizing on the parka If you take a 50 in Cabourn, my advice is to stick with that - I don't think the fit of the parka is that critical - they are big and you want it to go over a thick sweater or a jacket As regards prices - with the pound dropping like a stone, now has probably never been a better time to buy from the UK
Panache in London
Looks great especially in the grey or the brownThe navy looks too dark to show the details although I would probably get more wear from the navy
I don't think there are any Cabourn stockists any more in LondonJust End Clothing, Bureau Belfast, Superdenim and Corniche now in the UK getting regular stocks of Cabourn Authentic
All the Lybro arrived the other day Really pleased with everything except the Joes shirt which has a way too large a collar for a size 46 It looks silly buttoned up on my scrawny neck I would expect a size 46 (X small) shirt to have a 15 inch collar at its largest, well this shirt had a 17 inch collar!! So unfortunately I've just had to send it back to End for a refund The quality of the shirt and the fabric was superb though and if the collar had been a bit smaller, I...
Well after all I said on this forum and thread about not liking Nero style jackets, I've gone for the full Cabourn Lybro look as I've just ordered the navy workwear jacket, matching chinos and a white Joes shirt I already have the waistcoat which I really like - more the fabric, the photos just don't do the Japanese canvas any justice I think the whole look might be a bit OTT but I could certainly wear the waistcoat with just the chinos and the waistcoat and jacket with...
Yes I think that's a fair assessment
It's only my opinion of the new storeI can not fault their on line service thoughI have bought from them many times on line and their service is second to noneThey also seem to continue to get a reasonably full statement of line in Cabourn, getting my size 46 in some items where others don't - not even the Cabourn online store!I visited the old store several times and enjoyed the Cabourn x Converse launch evening a while ago when they did have Cabourn in storeThis new...
Just a warning to anybody that is thinking of popping in to End's new larger store in Newcastle hoping to see or try on some Cabourn They do not have one item of Cabourn in store and they no longer have their store room round the corner to go and get it for you so unless you ring ahead with a couple of days notice, you are scuppered In fact, although the store is larger on three floors it seems to have less stock than the tiny old store It is completely soulless and a...
Bought the size 46 Lybro Cabourn navy waistcoat from Endclothing the other day Love it, very impressed with the handle of the Japanese denim and I like the large metal buttons The collar is a bit strange in that it doesn't fold over flat as it stands proud but I'm guessing that's it's USP I wore it under a Mallory the other night
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