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Fantastic, I love the brown and navy combo on both the Cameraman & the Mallorys for this season. It's such a great looking colourway - makes my all brown or all navy Cabourn jackets and coats look positively dull
It is a Mallory made for the Japanese market - non made it to be sold in the UK and I can't remember it sold online in EuropeThere were at few sold in the US and of course plenty in JapanCan't remember whether it's got a green Mainline tag or The authentic tagInterestingly the ex British footballer & manager Gareth Southgate was seen on ITV sport wearing this exact jacket a year or so ago and I tweeted about it. It was Nigel who retweeted and replied that it was a Japanese...
Thanks for postingThere are sometimes small variances between garments depending on the maker or batch and I suppose they can only comment on the sample garment in their possessionI had two NC x Brady jackets in my possession for a while and there were differences, namely - stitching on cuffs, stitching on the lining, size of the collar & the hanging loop was completely differentThese are small batch produced garments not mass produced, software designed & robot pattern...
Which is????I'm dying to know
Definitely looks like temporary tack stitching to me to keep its shape prior to being wornThe stitching is not finished off on the inside - the photos show strands sticking out from the inside.It would be up the owner whether to keep the stitching in place or not but looking at Nigel's photographs I think it looks better with the collar unpicked and either out with the top button undone or turned up to keep the chill off the neck or pose 'a la Cantona style' which is the...
Drew tweeted me that they are aiming for the 25th September opening and I came across a tweet from a shop fitting contractor/developer who was on site working on the new Nigel Cabourn store
I'd ring Lewis at Superdenim first - as he works from the office where they have the stock so he can just go and have a look for you if he doesn't know the answer
Good point about the Donkey jacket collar and I don't know what the answer is although I would think it really unlikely that Cabourn would permanently stitch down the collar as part of the design. It may have hidden button fastenings as on some of his shirts or it may have a temporary tacked down collar similar to when you first buy a suit where the vent is temporarily tacked down or the pockets tacked up to stop creases If it's the latter there might be good reason its...
I think the collar makes itThere is something very distinguished and vintage about a large collar - it' harks back to the World War 1 era which again is a huge influence on the collectionOne of my favourite NC AW pieces is the New Beatham Duffle from AW12 ( I think, losing track of the years & collections) which has a large boiled wool collar - I think it looks pretty special and everyone comments how how fantastic it is.Without the large collar it's just another Filson coat
Love the new look website and the photography but I found it extremely difficult and clunky on the ipad - is it just me?It looks like the only 46 (XS) available from the website of any note is a navy Mallory so not very happyI hope End Clothing or the new shop carries more smaller sizesIf i were managing the shop, I would get in 44,s and 46,s for the growing wealthy Chinese customers (and me of course)Hope you are reading this Whoever is responsible for stock & sizes!
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