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Also Mike Ashley owns a controlling stake in USC as well as Flannels and Cruise Clothing
Yes I think you are right - all owned by Mike Ashley
Interesting history https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karrimor
I find it hard to pile into criticising Sports Direct ownership of Karrimor as I don't know what they have done with it recently What might be interesting is that Karrimor have probably a large archive of old designs to draw on and an established history in military and expedition supply
Ha haStill looks good with a blue tie
Looks great with the blue tie Zissou
It's generally known as the Hangmans KnotIt's reasonably straight forward although you do need a deceptively long length ( oo err) of chord to make it look great
Thanks for heads upWhat does everyone think to the Pom Pom hats?I saw Nigel wearing one a few months agoReally like the Navy Aviation Smock but the pocket details look a bit lost on the dark navy ventile
Thanks for posting the blog about the shop It is quite nice I've been twice over the last few months and so far have only come away with the Midori notebook as a gift to my eldest son and a white Medical Shirt which was on sale in my size of 46 I was tempted with the Atkinson jacket and the 48 does nearly fit me as it runs a bit small but in the end I went for two SS15 Business Jackets and matching waistcoats in Ends sale - the grey linen mix one and the bright blue/...
Thanks for postingThis is complete news to meI never seen any other reference to this collection not seen any of the clothes
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