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Being a Liverpool company Libro was modelled by The Beatles The Beatles wearing Lybro jeans!!!??
Some great vintage adverts as heritage
Talking of clothing sweat shops Picture taken of Lybro machinists in their Liverpool factory in 1959
Some interesting points raised about the Lybro range I had a quick look at it a couple of weeks ago and it certainly looked the part - thick strong cotton. Well stitched with nice details at a sensible price point Richard in the shop mentioned Lybro a good few months ago to me and explained straight away that it was going to be very Cabourn but at a lower price point as manufacture will be done in the Far East Don't forget some shirting in the Authentic range was made...
I popped into the Cabourn London Shop yesterday for a good look and try on of the AW15 collection Richard admitted that some of the Harris tweed and ventile stuff won't be complete until mid October but there was still plenty to see and try on The quality of fit and the fabrics certainly seems to be getting better Very impressed with the jackets - Tenzing in the dark navy; the Business Jacket in the Navy; the Grey DB jacket and there were the new Malloys but only a...
Thanks for the infoIt was a cracking saleI spent up at End this season buying the Business Jackets and their matchingwaistcoats in the grey linen and the blue cottonI bought a white medicsl shirt from the CS early last month
Crikey Nigel is certainly leaving it late to get up his AW(FW)15 collection up on his UK website I wonder if it's a concession to his shop stockists so they get a few weeks head start ?
Also Mike Ashley owns a controlling stake in USC as well as Flannels and Cruise Clothing
Yes I think you are right - all owned by Mike Ashley
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