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I ordered the two tone Women's khaki cameraman from UshowU but then a day later I got an email from the owner saying that unfortunately the size 10 had been sold and the website hadn't been updatedSo I bought the navy one from Flannels in the end after the khaki ones just disappeared from the Cabourn websiteI agree with the women's parka - it will be much better with the women's fit than an xxsmall mens parkaI bought the mens 46 from LNCC the evening LNCC first went live a...
My wife has the women's navy Cameraman which looks great - nicely waisted to a women's figureMy wife also wears my orange Antartic/Everest parka as well although it is a bit big.
OK yes perhaps Future Textiles just do the 4 way roll necks & the knitwear labelled as 'made in England'Haven't a clue about his Scottish manufacturer
I think that's it on-line in Europe - Flannels just got a few women's Cameraman jackets last winter but haven't carried forward any more of the Women's range
Not 100% but it might be Future Textiles in Derbyshire
Because it was the only one in my size outside of Japan so it couldn't be replaced - I would just get my money back
Strangely enough the worst problem I've had were also shorts - they were the Bombay Bloomer shorts from SS11 Loose threads on buttons not properly finished off and the stitching on the belt loops was pretty poor Other than that again from SS11 my Work Pocket jacket in linen had ropey stitched button holes - where the butcher buttons went through holes - the stitching around the holes was poor It took me a whole evenings work to restitch and finish off Everything else -...
You won't like my car then
Pieces are getting sold at full priceThe shop is already a huge success - Everest parkas, Mallorys and other outerwear has sold from the shop since it's opening on ThursdayCabourn from End clothing and Superdenim plus an awful lot of the Filson collab have all sold well at their retail priceOver the years I as well as other Cabourn devotees have bought a few key pieces early on which we know will sell out straight away and then kept back some cash for the sales but quite a...
Yes I would definitely size down on the Everest Parka - it's a big coatAlthough having said that it does look good hugeI could have easily and should have in hindsight got the 44 as my wife wears mine more than I do
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