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Well I thought it would never happen but I'm seriously running out of wardrobe space so have had to list a NC coat on EBay http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nigel-Cabourn-Authentic-Range-Bench-Coat-/252277372240?nav=SEARCH
They do look good
Well done
Thanks for postingAnother fraudulent site that will be just used to take people's credit card or Paypal detailsThey have stolen End clothings imagesPass the word around social media that these are to be avoided at all cost
In my collection, I don't have one aircraft jacket as short jackets aren't quite my style as I always wear a jacket however I did try this one on in Flannels a couple of years ago and I don't think it has side entry pocketsThis version has the pockets lifted from the Luftwaffer Channel Trousers which Nigel has in his collection and I have a reproduction pair from a shop in GermanyThe trousers are full of detail and have large bellow pockets to the same proportion as the...
Just looked at the law Any company selling goods in the UK from website has to display on its website somewhere a full postal address That means that this website is fraudulent
Thanks for posting thisIs never heard of themI never trust a website that doesn't have some sort of address or telephone number and this doesn'tIf you look at their stock and fashion labels they sell it's totally impossiblePlus they claim to have all sizes from XS to XXL again impossibleI would say this website is a total Freud until proved otherwise
I'm sorry if this offends anyone on here but I think some sellers on EBay are just off their heads looking at some of the asking prices for second hand Cabourn clothes Sellers seem to think they can sell Nigel Cabourn clothes at as much as or over shop sale or end of line discount prices Utterly barmy a coat or jacket which was around £1000 retail would only be worth £200-£300 at the very most if it was desirable and very well listed
It's been around the end of February the last few years
I've got two of the Summer Business Jacket and waistcoat combos and the amount of waistcoat showing above the V of the jacket looks perfect to me
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