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This was the post - back in the days when i was posting for fun -  post number 2831 3/7/13
Sir Hilary's orange Antarctic parka was on display in the Auckland museum Might be still there as there was an exhibition in 2013
Sir Edmund Hilary did wear his orange Parka which was made for him for the trans Antarctic expedition on EverestBut not to the summit - he wore it when he returned to the foothills with his son and apparently he wore it on numerous occasions when he visited Tibet and the lower Everest slopesA couple of years ago on this thread I posted a photo of him wearing it on Everest in around 1960
I would be surprised if he doesn't as the Antarctic parka is a recreation of the one that Sir Edmund Hilary wore on the trans Antartic expedition which forms the theme of the collectionI know that there is a more extreme special version but I would guess that shops will still order the standard one
Just watching Ski Sunday on the BBC - nice to see Nikki Lauda wearing The Cabourn Parka at Kitzbuhel
It is , very nice collection - must admit I was sorely tempted with the tobacco Mallory as I like the Mallory with slightly lighter ventile patches to the main body fabric
I don't think they come with every jacket and probably not the MallorysMine came with the Business Jacket and it was in a small brown envelope in one of the inside pocketsWhen I bought the cricket stripe Compton sports coat, that came with a small metal RAF pin, again inside a small envolpe in the top pocket.I think these sort of badges are very popular with Cabourn fans in Japan
Thanks, let us know£59 isn't a bad price if it's done wellI think Barbour charge around £80 ish from what I've been told
Interesting - have you had it done yet and if so how much did it cost and were you pleased with the end result ?
Spotted Drew looking nervous hiding behind a clothes rail and a severed head in a boxHas there been a murder ?
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