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Looking forward to stopping by on Friday. No food for me but I will be more than willing to put a dent in the scotch/whiskey.
Wouldn't that make them "F P" boots. Truth is, my favorite Bonafe on the site right now is actually the burgundy grain jumper. They are right up my alley but, as a result,  I currently own similar boots from Carmina & Heschung (debatable if they are as nice but...). 
 Appreciate it. A couple of other options were brought to my attention as well and I'm getting overwhelmed but that's the inspiration I was looking for.
Not as epic is taking 4 years to iron that shirt.
  What RogerP said. I do not believe you (we) are thumbing our nose or asserting our dominance over the masses via our choice of footwear. These are just a departure from my typical shoe so I was looking for some feedback on their versatility. For some that flash of grey is very subtle for me it it's a little bold and I don't want to stray too far from my comfort zone.
 Hear you loud and clear.
Love that shoe as well and you are taking great care of them. You should post your regiment for these on the Shoe Care Tutorial thread because whatever you are doing it's working. (I guess Vass gets some credit for using great raw materials and making a great product - must help, can't hurt.)
 This is an interesting proposition. Basically you are splitting the difference between strong contrast and minimal contrast. The only downside is that it significantly tones down the "FU" aspect of the boot (as I continue my internal debate as to whether I push my boundaries or stay safe). LeviMay - still may be interested in your GMTO and don't wish to step on it. I have 3 Carmina boots and love them all (1 burgundy and 2 brown) but I'm also just intrigued by Bonafe in...
I can't just yet as I've spent the past 15 minutes staring at the Bonafe's. If anyone has any pictures of a black/grey bal boot in action would love to see them.
Really love those as well.
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