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Always a great time - always great vendors - and now you throw a bourbon sponsor into the mix - this makes me happy!
I received my first 2 Yellow Hook shirts - The Pinpoint Oxford BD and The Italian denim BD. They are fantastic in material and construction and exactly what you would expect from YH. When I get a minute I'll post some photos. I will be the next to state, "If you are on the fence, I say go for it."
My measurements were taken by Kent when he did an NYC trunk show so I can only assume that my info was input incorrectly somewhere along the line. Fortunately, most of my issues were fixable, but I spent $210 to get the suit into "good-enough" condition. My intention was to use it as a "beater suit" so i didn't make a federal case out of it. Kent did offer to cover the cost of hemming the pants if I sent him a receipt (they came finished but way too long) but I chose not...
Not for me.
I've had a pair of navy suede string loafers that are a few years old (purchased when Epaulet dumped their remaining stock - however long ago that was) and mine are decidedly navy. As often stated, there are always inconsistencies in colors from batch to batch. If unworn, you can contact seller and ask if they have a "lighter" pair you can exchange for. Perhaps leaving them in the sunlight will lighten them a little bit.
I'm a US 10, wear 9.5 in Barrie last and wear KN14 in 9.5E (as well as all my G&G) and am very happy with the fit.
 I share this opinion as well.  I find the nap of my G&G suede a little more lush and velvety for lack of better terms but I am still very satisfied with the quality of my Carmina suede. Don't know if a photo is helpful or useful but I snapped a quick picture of them side by side. 
Same here. Ties are incredible.  
Othertravel - a little late to the game but I wear Carmina Rain in UK9 and G&G in UK9.5. both corresponding to a US10. I snapped some photos of them with measurements as best as possible (the G&G's are on the TG73 last). They both fit me well.        
Should we expect much shrinkage? I wear an XL in Epaulet shirting (and they can still be a touch tight) but looks like I "measure into" a YH 3. Measurements are very similar to a shirt I currently own that fits well but that shirt has been laundered - concerned about a perfect fit pre wash/too tight post wash. Also, now much room is there in the arm hole. As someone who is in decent shape and works out a bit (not a lot but apparently enough)  tightness there is a common...
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