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Just wanted to thank Mike, Matt and everyone for a great time last night. Had a couple of beers, met a couple of people, bought a couple of pairs of "sample" pants (which was great as I completely missed the recent on-line sale) plus a couple of other things because it's Epaulet and it's hard to walk out of their empty handed. Looking forward to the next one.
First off, you're right, the canvas doesn't look as good, it looks better. So, yeah, I have the canvas so can't help you re. weight/heat. I can tell you these are really well made and are built to last and look good doing it. As per size, the reason I purchased mine was because I have a Tumi duffel that is large and it can be overkill at times. The Champan (as compared to the Tumi) would be more a medium size and, I would assume, in line with what you are looking for. If...
Who told you about my bell.  
Sorry Cleave. I actually do put a lot of stress on the tip of my shoes and have found them to be a life/shoe saver. Some have raised concerns about the metal damaging hard wood floors but I have not experienced that. Not only do I enjoy the "tippety-tap" but I also love how they look. They bring a touch of class and sophistication to the soles of my shoes. Eureka - Topy's are out and tap shoes are in. Sorry again Cleave.
Well, you can't argue with math. Now that we've (hopefully) put the topy issue to bed can DWFII, in 5000 words or more (feel free to use as many as you wish to express your disdain for me), explain how flush mounted metal toe plates are ruining my shoes? For the record, I have Nick V place them on all my shoes and since he clearly has a vested interest in recommending them..
I believe the Grants are EG but the Narvell's are G&G.
That whole photo is win Venividi.
A So I shouldn't use renovateur on cordovan? Unfortunately I have nothing more to say about VSC. My real name is not Larry Venetian so I really don't care if people choose to compliment or disparage the product. If people have had issues with the product they should post their experience here so we can learn from there misfortune. I'm sorry the product has worked for me so far and that I have fallen outside of SF orthodoxy.
So far, based on my personal experience, my boots are not shiny. I prefer a matter shine to a spit shine on all my shoes/boots so I will keep an eye out for that. I care for my shoes sparingly and use a small amount of product when I do. Perhaps that has something to do with it. If, 5 years from now my boots are ruined, I will issue a mea culpa. But, for now, I have had great success taking care of my shoes and will continue to trust my intuition. As far as using on...
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