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 I share this opinion as well.  I find the nap of my G&G suede a little more lush and velvety for lack of better terms but I am still very satisfied with the quality of my Carmina suede. Don't know if a photo is helpful or useful but I snapped a quick picture of them side by side. 
Same here. Ties are incredible.  
Othertravel - a little late to the game but I wear Carmina Rain in UK9 and G&G in UK9.5. both corresponding to a US10. I snapped some photos of them with measurements as best as possible (the G&G's are on the TG73 last). They both fit me well.        
Should we expect much shrinkage? I wear an XL in Epaulet shirting (and they can still be a touch tight) but looks like I "measure into" a YH 3. Measurements are very similar to a shirt I currently own that fits well but that shirt has been laundered - concerned about a perfect fit pre wash/too tight post wash. Also, now much room is there in the arm hole. As someone who is in decent shape and works out a bit (not a lot but apparently enough)  tightness there is a common...
Can anyone here comment on the comfort level of the wool/silk (spring/summer) suits/sport coats and if they travel well. I need to look "professional" and prefer not to be bathed in sweat and covered in wrinkles. Thanks.
Just came back from the sale so I figured I would provide an update. My haul was a staple blue Sea Island cotton shirt for $80, a really nice button down oxford for $40 (both with beautiful Mother of Pearl buttons), a short sleeve shirt for $10 (again, the buttons alone are worth more than I paid for the shirt) and a bunch of pocket squares and a pair of boxers at $10 a piece.   It's definitely worth stopping by if you are in or around the neighborhood. Seemed to be a...
So many great ties. Just shed a tear for those of us who can't wear wool/linen garments. Cashmere and linen on the other hand is fine but -  as stated before - I don't wear ties that often in NYC summer heat/humidity. Yet I'm still tempted by a few.
The best part about jury duty in NYC is walking across town and spending your lunch break at Epaulet. As I recall, Adele helped me choose a sport trainer as I was waffling between a couple of options.
Wow, collection looks great. Decisions, decisions, decisions...
Black as well for me. I get that it's not a pea coat but rather a shawl field jacket -  but my first thought when I tried it on was that if Vladimir Putin designed a pea coat - this is what it would look like.
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