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Should we expect much shrinkage? I wear an XL in Epaulet shirting (and they can still be a touch tight) but looks like I "measure into" a YH 3. Measurements are very similar to a shirt I currently own that fits well but that shirt has been laundered - concerned about a perfect fit pre wash/too tight post wash. Also, now much room is there in the arm hole. As someone who is in decent shape and works out a bit (not a lot but apparently enough)  tightness there is a common...
Can anyone here comment on the comfort level of the wool/silk (spring/summer) suits/sport coats and if they travel well. I need to look "professional" and prefer not to be bathed in sweat and covered in wrinkles. Thanks.
Just came back from the sale so I figured I would provide an update. My haul was a staple blue Sea Island cotton shirt for $80, a really nice button down oxford for $40 (both with beautiful Mother of Pearl buttons), a short sleeve shirt for $10 (again, the buttons alone are worth more than I paid for the shirt) and a bunch of pocket squares and a pair of boxers at $10 a piece.   It's definitely worth stopping by if you are in or around the neighborhood. Seemed to be a...
So many great ties. Just shed a tear for those of us who can't wear wool/linen garments. Cashmere and linen on the other hand is fine but -  as stated before - I don't wear ties that often in NYC summer heat/humidity. Yet I'm still tempted by a few.
The best part about jury duty in NYC is walking across town and spending your lunch break at Epaulet. As I recall, Adele helped me choose a sport trainer as I was waffling between a couple of options.
Wow, collection looks great. Decisions, decisions, decisions...
Black as well for me. I get that it's not a pea coat but rather a shawl field jacket -  but my first thought when I tried it on was that if Vladimir Putin designed a pea coat - this is what it would look like.
I bought that one as well yesterday. I've never owned a pea coat so figured I was overdue. Also grabbed a couple of ties plus met some nice people.
I primarily travel with a bag similar to the Weekender and the primary reasons I do so is because a) I'm a man and I carry my luggage and b) as it's soft sided I can squeeze it into open spaces on overhead racks where hard sided luggage wouldn't fit. The 1 or 2 times a gate agent made a comment about the bag I just squish it a bit and explain it's smaller than it looks and if there is no room overhead it can fit under the seat in front of me. But, again, as it's soft...
Thanks for the info IMYS.   Looking forward to seeing the final products re. shirts As they are locally sourced is there any discount if I go to the factory and sew the shirt myself?
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