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 How do you size Soller vs Forest. i.e. if I wear a 9UK in Forest what size would I wear in Soller. I've noted the same aesthetic issue that you've pointed out. But while I'm not sure the Forest last would be my first choice for a "proper dress boot" where I would prefer something sleeker from heel to toe, I think it works well from semi-dressy on down. In other words, I don't wear them with suits but they go great with tweed sport coats, flannel pants, jeans, etc. 
Last time I was in the store someone was purchasing one. I only wish I were cool enough to pull it off - and a 38. Great coat.
  Agreed. My first job out of college was with a small consulting firm and one of the clients I was working closely with was the American Apparel Manufactures Association.
Epaulet has great belts available at their stores on LES and Brooklyn (you can check their thread over on Streetwear and Denim) and No Man Walks Alone (midtown) - while they don't have a retail store - if you see something you like on the website you can shoot them an email and make an appointment to stop by their showroom/warehouse. Both offer great products at great prices with great service.
I'll put on another pot of coffee.
Clearly Epaulet needs to introduce a line of kilt's. I am first in line for one made from 14 oz. Kaihara denim.
Crazy. Had to pretend like I was working for 5 minutes and missed the pearl grey. (Assuming I would have been quick enough to snag).   Funny thing is that I was going to stop by the store today as the shirts I ordered from Individualized arrived. Now, I'm stuck behind my computer for the rest of the day.
Thinking I should call my credit card fraud protection department just to let them know they might see some unusual spending behavior today.
 I'm going to have to get me some solid color OCBD's (of all things not to have in your closet - all mine have stripes) so I can get me some of these pants. Look amazing Rydenfan.
New Posts  All Forums: