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Finally won an item (and did it without sniping). Just placed a bid, went off to a Super Bowl party and returned home to the good news.
I have really come to appreciate the shape of the Napoli spread collar. Becoming a favorite of mine.
I came home to find my 2 new Zegna's waiting for me. The dark navy knit cashmere and the cashmere dark blue plaid. These were the 2 ties that stuck with me following the trunk show. The hand and depth of color on both is amazing.
Had a chance to break out this bad boy today. Wore it more casually during the day with jeans and a sweater then switched into office pants and a jacket for a night out on the town.    
That was my under the wire choice as well. Originally I was going to go Walt but switched to Taylor last second. Couldn't resist a quality basic. Then I got greedy and added the smooth silver glen plaid in Walt as a way to add a "greyish" flannel without getting a grey flannel.
At least with the EFF's the pricing is decreased rather than increased. I'm used to paying a surcharge for the right to pick and choose the specs I want. It's tough not to pull the trigger when you have great fabric choices at sale pricing.
I wonder how many other people are giving the fabrics one last look before the clock strikes midnight...
Mr. Clemson and Zippyh just killing it. The C&J website should post links to your photos. Beautiful shoes (and +1 for Epaulet pants).
 Agree with FC with regard to the charred forest being more charcoaly. You will not be known in the office as the guy who wears the green pants (my fear when I purchased them).  If you want "green" I saw the new Green Moleskin(?) Walts that came in and they definitely read as green. Personally was originally leaning toward the Olive Lovat Highlander but now wondering if my sleeper is the Dark Chocolate Shadow. Pair it with a navy jacket or sweater = easy, peasey, lemon...
Had a chance to check out the swatches at the trunk show and there were some really nice fabrics to choose from. After several rounds of EFF's I was in the market for some basic office pants so I jumped on the classics (the oxford grey flannel, wool-cashmere grey dress and, perhaps my favorite swatch, the Lovat Blue Brushed Flannel). Also had the chance to try on the Taylor's for the first time and was very impressed. Considering I have a closet full of Walt's I Opted for...
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