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Used to rent a house on Dafuskie Island back in the day on Bloody Point. Talk about a quiet vacation spot. Since NYI brought it up my bourbon selection is nothing to spectacular but I just broke out a bottle of George Dickel hand selected 9 year old. May all are new Chromexcel belts last that long.
Delete cookies and try again? (and don't purchase anything in my size yet please.)
Moo Are you still sticking with the "one watch" approach? If so, I would go Milgaus. I've tried on that Milgaus and really enjoyed it. You know I'm a Panerai guy but they are fairly polarizing and if it's not for you it's not for you. If I had to choose between the 36 inchers, I prefer the second one (silver dial).
Big Castangia fan as well. Best bet is simply to ask for measurements as they run all over the place. The current models for sale at Saks and Bergdorf's fit as a classic R. Yet, I have a Battistoni from Barney's that I purchased in a short (which I am not) as it fit more like a classic R than the regulars which ran a bit long. I also have a couple of Castangia's from Eredi Pisano that ran long but those were unique in that the pockets sat a little higher up on the jacket...
Stopped by Bloomingdales and had the opportunity to meet Quentin (who works with Nick and was a pleasure to meet) and check out some of the new F/W stuff. You guys are going to be impressed. Tried on a couple of things and figured I would share a photo of one of the sweaters that struck my fancy.  
Understood. It was never my intention to skirt the rules and now that I understand what I've been doing wrong I shall correct immediately. I will add that I never did post in the EG appreciation forum assuming that it would come across as "spammy" and spamming was never my intent and why I responded as I did to the accusation. Thanks for setting me straight. Now, back to our regular programming.
Are you kidding me! First off, it is routine for posters with stuff in buy & sell to note it at the bottom of their posts. Secondly, I am not a "heavy" poster but I have nothing to do at work today but kill time so I figured I would post some. These shoes have been available for sale for a while and I doubt viewership of this forum is going to be unusually heavy over a holiday weekend. I rarely check the forum over a regular weekend let alone a holiday one so if you feel I...
 Considering that one as well. Hope there is some stock left.
I constantly pick them up when they are 3 for $25 in store. I'm selling some Edward Green's NIB but no trees. I had a guy PM me to ask me about trees so I told him he had 2 options. He could order lasted trees directly from EG for like $120 or he could do as I do and go to JAB and buy 3 trees for $25 and use those. I never heard back from the guy, perhaps he thought I was not being honest, but these are in all my EG's.
I'm also a fan of those Galaways. I have seen dark oak run from medium to "darkish" brown but have personally never seen it as a really dark brown. I guess a lot of that also depends on what polish you choose to use with them, how they patina, etc.
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