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FWIW Munky I was having the same issues and switched to the 21CM Saphir brushes in hopes of solving the problem. It's only been a few weeks but so far so good for me and I have been using them a lot due to a recent snow storm and subsequent melt. If you are still having an issue I'd consider that Ultimate Brush if only because I understand the frustration of just wanting to keep your shoes in good condition and, instead, making matters worse.
Just received my Grey Kurabo denim (thought I had missed out on those forever) and Salt & Pepper Donegal overcut Walts and couldn't be happier. Love the makeup with the D-rings and button fly.
X-Post from the Alfred Sargent thread. Can second the 2 days from the UK to NYC but wanted to add I also picked up a bunch of accessories to go along with my Hanovers. A couple of the large Saphir Horsehair brushes / Beech crepe bush and a couple of Selvyt cloths - all highly recommended and well priced.   Also great communication with AFPOS.
Crazy great deal.
Same with me. 2 days from AFPOS to NYC. I actually had to ask them to delay shipping as minutes after placing order I found out I needed to travel for a couple of days and didn't want to miss delivery. Not the best picture but it's the Hanover in Rustic tannish/brown (not as dark as photo in real life) grain calf. Boots are awesome by the way. It's my first boot with a commando sole and arrived just in time for the recent 26.9 inches here in NYC. Great traction and the...
A couple of photos that so fail to convey how great these ties are.    
I appreciate the follow up.
A little research on 325 lasted boots shows some people go down just the 1 size (i.e. 8 UK = 9 US) while others will drop down an extra .5 size to compensate for the more voluminous last and the fact that some boots tend to run a little larger (7.5 UK = 9 US). You might just need to flip a coin.
Rob, is this the equivalent of a "Formal" Canadian tuxedo.
While neither of the Schneider pieces are my size it's making me realize I need to start paying closer attention to this thread.
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