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If they are the shirting equivalent of your ties I'm sure they will be fantastic.
Any idea of what cost would be?
Not to take this too off topic but having enjoyed some Yamazaki 18 over the weekend - there are some fine whiskies coming out of Japan these days - I know a tour/tasting would be high on my list for a one day excursion.
It looks like we need to postpone EFF for today. I need to visit a client and will be out all day. If no one else here has an issue then I suggest we just move it till next Wednesday (Monday and Tuesday don't work for me either.) I'm totally serious by the way. Who is with me... let's see a show of hands... anyone... Bueller...Beuller.   Disappointed and happy hunting everyone.
Just finished paying my Bloomie's credit card. It went on for a couple of pages and it read Eidos, Eidos, Eidos, Eidos, Eidos, Drakes, Eidos, Eidos, Eidos, Drakes, Eidos, Eidos.   Also filled out their online survey and put a good word in for Eidos.   Keep feeding the beast.
Sorry. DId my best to try and capture the color. Best advice would be to just do a search for the shoe. It's a pretty iconic model and you'll find tons of pics.
Good Epaulet day for me.   Caught the sale today and ordered the last pair of Garrand British Tan khakis and came home to find my EFF Rivets (Purple Japanese crinkle distressed twill) waiting for me. Thanks to all for the sizing advice. Sizing up to a 35 worked out perfectly and the length is spot on with cuff. Oh, and the fabric is great. These are my first pair of Rivets which means I have now collected one of every Epaulet pant style to date. I assume I get a free...
My situation was the exact opposite but I nicely rectified that with this past seasons additions. Having said that I'm excited to see what surprises await.
 !'m a US 10 D on Brannock and I take a 9.5./10 in EG 82 - 9.5E G&G MH71 and UK9 Forest.
I think you speak for the entire forum.
New Posts  All Forums: