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Eventually I will get around to posting pics but, I purchased 3 Individualized shirts from the original MTO event held at the LES shop, and short of needing to shorten the sleeve length a smidge for future orders, I'm very pleased with the shirts. (Almost had a serious dryer mishap but that's a story for another day and why you should alter sleeve length at a tailors as opposed to a Maytag.) The Epaulet fit doesn't quite work for me (too tight around the chest and lats) so...
After a quick consult last night with Rob for a tie recommendation for a new sport coat (can you think of someone better to consult with) I went and pulled the trigger on the Skyburst navy. Usually, I see a few things I really like but hesitate and then find they have sold out, so not this time. I may go back for another but figured I should start with the tie with the quantity of 1 first. This is my 3rd Yellowhook but first in a while (purchased a couple at the original...
Nick - seeing that I'm already in NYC and I have an Eidos suit just let me know what time you need me to show up and I'll be there for you.
For sale:   John Lobb Chigwel'sl on the 2511 last in Claret Misty Calf size 9.5 U which equates to a 10.5 D US on the 2511 last. They are brand new in box and come with the original box, polish cloth, JL bags and care guide. (Shoe trees are not included.)   They are an absolutely beautiful shoe and I am pleased to offer them here at a great price. These are not seconds or subs - just the real deal. If these were a half size smaller they would not be for sale.   The...
Quote: Is that because once she finds the shoes and watches you're going to need the firearm? (Please note I don't condone shooting your wife - or anyone for that matter.)
I assume that answer was intended for me. Thanks for the response. I will recommend the Lexol as it is convenient and straightforward. Still glad I asked as I was thinking just really saturate them with Lexol as the leather would be "thirsty." Will recommend it be used judiciously.
That's a shame Munky as you can can longer tell people your shoes are hot stuffed just like your pants. (We are so mature here). Now my main intention for posting.   A co-worker has come across a pair of Corthay Arca's (figure this is right up PB's alley) that were slightly used but have the spent the last decade in a box in the back of a closet. He wants to "recondition" them before wearing out so I was tempted to suggest Lexol based on the recent conversation here (a...
If you're in or around NYC you can walk them down the block to Self Edge who will chainstitch them for you. Matt actually walked me over which reminds me, I miss Matt and how's he doing?
emptym -  above and beyond - I really appreciate the measurements. Haven't pulled the trigger yet -  plan on checking out the Great and British stuff on Amazon tomorrow.
50 Rota / 34 Walt for me too. You've got to love the vendors here on SF.   NYI - killing it as always.   Vanson jacket looks great.    Back to work.
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