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   Agreed.  Thanks guys.
Ugh, now I'm really thinking of pulling the trigger on that Oilver Spence crazy tweed plymouth blazer.  I'm in love with it.   Trying to figure out sizing. I'm typically a 38R.  38 seems on the small side based on the measurements. Anyone have experience with OS sizing?
Got...ties...ties...ties...and more ties.  Sweet.
Hi, any input on the hybrid jackets?  This one in particular.  I live in NorCal (East Bay) and need a jacket that can be lightly layered and worn in spring and fall.  I'm looking for something that resembles an unconstructed sport coat  and this seemed to fit the more casual end of the bill for that.  I was looking at the Jcrew barn jacket but I just don't think it would be versatile enough for me.   I did read some earlier posts in this thread that commented on it's...
Anyone have any feedback on the McGraw's?  I am thinking of pulling the trigger today.  My only reluctance is it's a loafer and I just tried the Presidio with bad results.  I know the #2 last is difficult so I'm hoping the #4 is more forgiving.  Typically I'm a 10D in the #5 last.
I don't think that I can try anything else in the 2 last, it's just an odd fit for my foot.     I just got my return label from Adam.  He's been really helpful when I purchase shoes from the Brookfield store.  I'm thinking of trying the McGraw's in Walnut.  Does anyone have experience with the 4 (234) last?  I do have a pair of Cortlands and I think they are on the 4 last as well but I think it might be the 4 (444) last.  Not sure of the difference besides what is stated...
I thought the Presidio was on the #2 last.  It's the Brooks Brothers loafer with the combo sole.  Unless I'm confused and mistaken, which I've been known to be both.     It's these on the BB website.  I got them as seconds from AE.
Is it the #2 last or just the fact that there is less room for sizing errors on loafers.  I really wanted those Presidio's to fit.  I guess I'm onto to a different model.  Ugh.
That's helpful.  I'm going to try the tongue pad.  If that doesn't work than I'm going to return and try the Patriot.  I would be all over it but I really want walnut and that isn't offered (at least I don't see it on the site).  Also, that combination tap sole looks pretty awesome.   *edit* I see the Westchester is offered in Walnut.  Not sure on the 7 last but I could give that a shot as well.
Well I talked to Jerry and he recommended a tongue pad which I should have thought of myself considering it's what I have in my Royal Imperial Florsheim's.  I'll give that a shot and see if it works.  Anyone think that will be odd if I wear no show socks with these?  Skin rubbing on that tongue pad.   It's a mild let down when you get a new pair of AE's, rush to get them on and then realize you have to wait a little bit longer...Oh well, good practice in patience.
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