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I want this but in navy and a merino or chunkier wool.  Every other notched lapel cardigan or blazer I've seen is either of inferior quality or just looks ill fitting.  Any chance that will be a stock item soon?      The dude in West World is rocking one now.  Hard to see but I love this one.    
Greg, next time can you please email me the alt photo with a little girl and a bracelet fist bumping?  Thanks a bunch... What's the font color for sarcasm?
 I just received and wore that same tie Wednesday.  The barista at my local coffee shop complimented me on it.  So it's already repaid my ego tenfold. 
Just received my order from the sale and among the ties and wool hat was the OS crazy tweed Plymouth (color blocked) blazer.     First off, the delivery and service gave me a smile this morning so thanks Greg and Willy.  Completely impressed.   Second, thanks to the folks who recommended sizing up to a 40.  Fit is better than I expected.  Its on the short side but it's not a conventional piece so I'm okay with that.  Sleeve length and shoulders are spot on.  Love the...
   Agreed.  Thanks guys.
Ugh, now I'm really thinking of pulling the trigger on that Oilver Spence crazy tweed plymouth blazer.  I'm in love with it.   Trying to figure out sizing. I'm typically a 38R.  38 seems on the small side based on the measurements. Anyone have experience with OS sizing?
Got...ties...ties...ties...and more ties.  Sweet.
Hi, any input on the hybrid jackets?  This one in particular.  I live in NorCal (East Bay) and need a jacket that can be lightly layered and worn in spring and fall.  I'm looking for something that resembles an unconstructed sport coat  and this seemed to fit the more casual end of the bill for that.  I was looking at the Jcrew barn jacket but I just don't think it would be versatile enough for me.   I did read some earlier posts in this thread that commented on it's...
Anyone have any feedback on the McGraw's?  I am thinking of pulling the trigger today.  My only reluctance is it's a loafer and I just tried the Presidio with bad results.  I know the #2 last is difficult so I'm hoping the #4 is more forgiving.  Typically I'm a 10D in the #5 last.
I don't think that I can try anything else in the 2 last, it's just an odd fit for my foot.     I just got my return label from Adam.  He's been really helpful when I purchase shoes from the Brookfield store.  I'm thinking of trying the McGraw's in Walnut.  Does anyone have experience with the 4 (234) last?  I do have a pair of Cortlands and I think they are on the 4 last as well but I think it might be the 4 (444) last.  Not sure of the difference besides what is stated...
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