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That's good to hear!  I don't live anywhere that is super cold for a long period of time, so mine should hold up even better in theory!
Flipped the collar and added a scarf this time.   In case anyone is curious, I bought this from J Crew for $105 a week and a half ago.  It was on sale for $150, plus another 30% off (which has since increased to 40% off all sale items, now putting it at $90).  They don't have much selection available online, but both stores near me had ample selection in multiple sizes and colors.  I even saw several smalls (my size) and extra smalls.  They weren't marked at the...
  This is my first piece of outerwear and I'm unsure of exactly how it should fit.  I really like the way it fits me now, but I'm always open to a second opinion.  It comes to the end of my natural shoulder and the sleeve length seems appropriate as well.  The only thing I would be concerned with is having it taken in a little at the sides.  I think that just might be because I'm comparing it to the fit of a blazer.  This fits slightly looser than a blazer does at...
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