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The suit is very dark navy and if you zoom it you can see the fabric is a small herringbone!   In my opinion the Washington is a good fit, for me the jacket is a little too long.   However, at Suitsupply they can shorten the jacket by 2 cm.   Good luck!
I totally agree as well.   In my opinion a watch is a kind of investment, you will probably keep it for the rest of your life.   And with this I don't mean spending 4000$/€ on a watch, however, it it worth it to save and buy something decent.   For example; Oris is a swiss brand which actually manufactures good watches for a reasonable price.
Wearing a watch has nothing to do with being desperate.   In my opinion it is better to look at watch to check the time than on your mobile phone.   When you're used to wearing a watch you would not want to live without one.
  This is actually something I can take into account and improve. My goal is to make a unique hopefully timeless look everyone could wear. I understand you think that I sometimes lack focus of a particular style? It is sometimes difficult, since I don't want all my posts to be about Italian suits with wide lapels and a natural roll. For example; I like to write about selvedge jeans as well. But I will think about what style I specifically want to communicate. I will...
  Thanks for the feedback! I follow style, I don't like the skinny look either, but my post was not about the skinny tuxedo like your comment. Off course, the lapels of the tuxedo were more slim than the average Tom Ford tuxedo. However, in my opinion style is not specifically a matter of width of lapels. I think a distinction can be made between a more British and a more Italian style (I actually like both). For example; I think Sean Connery as James Bond has a great...
Thank you for your feedback, it is really useful. I will try to add some more personal preferences and thoughts in to the articles. I will also try to write longer comments with the pictures. Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate it.
I understand your concern, however this is really not my intention. I actually joined SF to get inspiration and share my thoughts and perhaps knowledge with other menswear enthusiasts. In any case, my apologies for the inconvenience and the trouble.
I will do my best to attend this pop up!   Kind regards,   Dapper Edition
Unfortunately, I haven't got a lot of response to this thread.   I understand it is not as interesting to give someone feedback on a blog as giving someone comments on his new suit or look.   However, I would really appreciate it if some of you fellow style enthousiasts would provide me with some feedback.   Thank you very much in advance for responding,   Kind regards,   Dapper Edition
  The suits Harvey Specter wears are probably Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Tom Ford or Bespoke. Therefore, you be probably best to look at the Washington of half Washington of Suitsupply. I unfortunately don't know any other company who sells this suit style for this price/quality!   Good luck!
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