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Everyday I see people donning one of these trends and I just do not understand it, I do not know why they think it looks good or how it all started. If you know, please enlighten me. For now, here are the current worst 5 in my opinion-   5. Top button on shirt buttoned but without a tie I see many people do this all the time. Personally, I think it looks a bit weird with the top button done, but without a tie. It just doesn't look right to me.   4. Fluorescent...
Thanks for the advice.   Went back and had another look at the IWC and is quite big to be used as a more formal/dressier watch.   After looking in many shops and trying on numerous watches I finally decided on buying a Patek Philippe Calatrava 5196. Much more suitable for a dress watch than my current Omega and the sub-dial seconds gives it something additional as I did not want a very plain dial. However, it did cost a lot more than what I...
Thanks for the feedback.   The JLC looks great too. Hmmmmmmmm.......I might need to go have a look at it and try one on to see how it feels.   In terms of the size of the IWC, agree that it is slightly large (diameter) for a dress watch but it's less than 2mm larger than what I wear now and it is slightly thinner too so shouldn't be a problem for me. Ideally, in a perfect world, it would be smaller and my decision would be all that easier.
Did you end up getting the suit made?   To save time, you could have just gone to Topman and bought one of their super skinny fitting suits. IMO, they are the most ridiculous suits I've seen
Thinking about picking up an IWC Portuguese Chronograph watch (black strap, black dial) to use as a watch for work.   I'm looking for something elegant and subtle (not a big fan of the plain dials so would prefer some chrono). Do you think this will do the trick? If anyone owns one of these, how are they? Do they last over time?   I currently wear an Omega Speedmaster (metal bracelet). Looking for...
If it's comfortable and you like it, just wear it. 99% of people who see you probably won't care what brand it is
Can't believe how "trendy" suits are getting these days. Saw someone wearing a suit with the jacket only going down to just below his waist. Unbelievably short! Don't know how someone can be taken seriously wearing that type of suit for work....maybe he got changed into that suit after work so it's not as bad.....but still pretty bad though.
Looks cleaner without the tip showing
With collar stays in and collar down. I tend to go for stiffer collars when I buy shirts and not an issue after months of use
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