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Measurements, if you still have them? Thanks!
Looking for pair of OP eyeglasses. Not looking for a specific model although vintage would be nice!
This is a great shoe, why sell it?
I've seen alot of people asking about the quality of their jeans here but how well does their clothing hold up? Their jackets are a bit pricey almost as much as Opening Ceremony's but if they will last me years then I'm willing to make the purchase. 
Hey guys, I want a new hairstyle for the new years. My current cut isn't that bad but I've been rocking it since 10'. My co-worker has been telling me to get something like Nate Ruess' Cut but I'm not sure how to get it that way as I only use American Crew boost powder and fiber as my only means of hair styling. I'm also looking for other style recommendations.    I'm just getting bored with the whole asian side swept bangs trend going on and I want to expand past...
Hey guys I was recommended here from Reddit. I've been browsing /r/malefashionadvice their and I've learned alot from the big boys. I'm a college sophomore currently looking to get into the medical field. My current job aspiration isn't related to fashion but I'm always trying to improve my wardrobe. Nice to meet you all :) 
PM'd you.
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