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I have a few natural leather belts to go with my raw jeans.   I'm in the market for new loafers and chukkas. What shoe colors would go well with natural belts? Would suede be a good match, or just stick with your typical leather?
I'm looking for a minimal front pocket wallet that will fit well in my jeans.   I'd like it to be able to handle the usual (some cards and monetary bills), but I'd like it to hold some change, so it's not making noise from just being dropped in one of my pockets.   Any suggestions?
You can tell that a "blazer" is actually an "orphan"? If so, how?
I have a buddy that is selling 6 Tom Ford suits (1 solid navy blue, 2 solid dark grays, 1 solid light gray, 1 checkered gray, and 1 checkered navy blue). The jackets fit me nicely, but the trousers don't.   Would the suit jackets (after a tailor changes all of the buttons to mother of pearl buttons) make for good blazers for day and evening wear?
I've got some white trousers that tends to get small stains from eating or just being out and about.   Are there good portable stain removers that I can instantly remove those small stains? 
So look for his 2012 and earlier blazers?
I'm going to be getting a MTM blazer for day and night wear in spring and summer. There is a Tom Ford store near me, so I'm considering going there.   I do find his style appealing, though I want a blazer that has a classic look (and will still look appropriate years from now).   I saw Skyfall, and I wasn't a fan of the Tom Ford "trendiness" that I saw with James Bond's clothes.   Does Tom Ford do classic, or just trendy?
What's a good blue fabric that allows a blazer to be suitable for day and evening wear?
What's wrong with wearing the same shoes everyday?
I'm getting my first MTM blazer for spring and summer wear.   Where I am, spring can get hot, and summer gets go hot that you don't want to wear anything, though the evening can be nice enough to wear a blazer.   What kind of fabric should I look at?
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