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I don't mind spending a few hundred dollars on a pair of denim, as long as I'm paying for quality.   Which denim brand do you consider the best value for the money?
I have very sweaty pits, and antiperspirant isn't enough to prevent soggy pits on my dress shirts.   What's a good undershirt to wear to hold all that pit sweat back and away from your dress shirt?
  I've read of people saying NOT to get a gray blazer, because a blue blazer is far easier to look good in. Based on your pictures, I don't think it's the case. What are your thoughts Parker?
Yes, I admit, the combo of jeans and a blazer (or sport jacket) doesn't always look good on people.   So, what is a good example of this combo looking good?
  Same fit, but the faux had a distressed look.
I've read on here that everyone's first leather jacket should be a black leather jacket, cause everyone supposedly looks good in a black leather jacket.   There's an exception to every rule, so who doesn't look good in a black leather jacket?
I know, real leather jackets will far outlast faux leather jackets.   Recently, I purchased a real leather jacket. It feels great, but I preferred the look of my faux leather jacket. The faux leather jacket also received more compliments from others.   Anyone here find faux leather jackets to be better looking visually when compared to actual leather jackets?
  I'll mostly wear these pants on weekends with a casual jacket and nice casual shoes.   Do you buy white chinos, or off-white chinos?
I'd like to get some white pants for daily use in the summer. I've never had white pants before, so I'm not sure if a cotton denim is best to get, or tailored "dress" pants. I'd like ones that will stay looking good, and can have potential stains removed with a Tide pen stain remover or something similar.   Which white pants would be best to get for everyday use in the summer?
What are your thoughts on natural leather items such as belts, wallets, watch straps, etc.?
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