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I think its a clever campaign strategy for a suit company. How do you make women sexy? Put them in skimpy clothes. What about a man? Put them in a sharp suit.
Man, they walked into a woodchipper. All anyone asked about was the marketing.
This is true, I didn't mean to sound like a snob, I just feel like the social commentary carries so much more weight if he gets away with all of his crimes.  When I look at it as a big dream sequence, it turns into a dark retelling of Walter Mitty, where the people around him are no longer oblivious to his actions because they are shallow and inwardly focused, but because Patrick is just a spineless social outcast that's being treated as such.  That just doesn't do much...
Both the book author and movie director have said that Patrick did murder all those people.  Interpreting it as a big hallucination pretty much misses the entire point of the story, though I would agree that the ending is not very well written and leads the reader in the wrong direction.
  6'8" and athletic, wears a suit that makes him look short 4'10" and pudgy.    
+1 on suitsupply.   I don't know about Indochino, but jos and men's warehouse are not worth the money.
I'm pretty sure the only difference between slim and extra slim is that the extras are darted to take about 2 inches off the waist.
Can't go wrong with a navy blazer and white nautical hat.
It's really not that bad.  I always get awful ties from relatives for Christmas.  The worst one has dancing Tabasco sauce bottles on it with matching pocket square.  At least no one thought it was a good idea to buy yours.
You should be able to pre-order from the suit supply spring collection in a day or two.  They may have some more suits at their $399 price point.  I have no idea how long before you'd get your order though.
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