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Would like to purchase, sent you a PM
I am 5"10, 165 pounds, do you think this jacket will be too big? 
I am looking to buy the limited release schott cafe racer x restoration hardware leather motorcycle jacket.   If anyone has any in size small or medium, in good condition, I am willing to pay over the original retail price, I would do $650-$700 USD shipped to Illinois.  I would like it ASAP. http://www.porhomme.com/2011/11/schott-nyc-x-restoration-hardware-motorcycle-jacket/
Can we delete the post above? How about the 7-11, they have the best deals on sunglasses and trucker hats
Will you ever consider discounting your shipping prices?  I do not want to be nitpick, but if you order a pair of pants on sale, adding $14 dollars to the price is quite considerable given that they would fit in a flat rate postage at 5.05.  I know there are more moving pieces, but I think shipping cost might kill some of your orders.
I am selling a pair of Redwing x Jcrew Irish Setter model 4583 in size 9d that retailed at Jcrew stores for $320, plus tax.   Original Owner   Have tons of life left in them, as you know, redwing has a rebuilding program that costs $90, including shipping, for both ways!     These boots have been broken in and are ready for some blogger bait pictures.   If you are interested, message me for pics, my system is acting funny   Will ship internationally as well,...
PM sent
If you are referring to the Beams+ shirts that Unionmade had to offer for sale, I can tell you that they are not made in Japan.  The check work Nel shirt and the button down blackwatch check, I had asked if those were made in japan 2 weeks ago, and they are not, they are made in China
Unionmade is encouraging folks to call in to place their orders over the phone.  All you need is the item(s) you are looking to purchase and your credit card.  
New Posts  All Forums: