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After a Mismo MS Backpack, don't mind which colourway, I'll consider any. And used is fine, don't want to pay full price.    Preferably within Europe, as I am based in the UK.   Cheers. 
These are the exact ones but unfortunately they don't ship to Europe. If anyone happens to know where I might be able to get these within Europe then let me know.
This is perfect, cheers, don't know why I hadn't tried Amazon. 
Does anyone know where I can find pins like these? I can't seem to find out anywhere. They're worn a lot by Josh Peskowitz (pictured), and they're essentially just oversized coloured safety pins. If anyone knows where to get these exact ones, or something very similar, I would really appreciate it. 
After the Mismo x Tres Bien collab backpack, but am interested in the Mismo MS and Daypack models in other colourways too. Must be willing to ship to the UK.   Thanks. 
Looking for a Uniqlo Chesterfield overcoat in the navy colourway, size XS, don't mind if its been worn, and doesn't have to be this year's. Preferably from within the UK or Europe, or if not you'll have to be willing to ship to UK, cheers, let me know.   
I'm looking to buy a navy wool overcoat for winter, in an XS sizing or equivalent (a 36" chest ideally). Something fairly modern and not too long, like the Uniqlo one pictured, but not Uniqlo (unless it's +J, in which case that would be perfect). Not looking to pay too much, so used is fine, please let me know. Am based in London, so must be willing to ship to UK (preferably from inside UK or...
I'm after this OL jacket if anyone can help me, in a XS or a S. Thanks. 
Looking for any outerwear from the Uniqlo +J collection, mainly after one of the Chesterfield overcoats, but I'm interested in any down jackets or blazers as well, let me know, cheers.
Wrong time of year and I know this is a very long shot, but I'm desperately looking for this grey neoprene single breasted car coat from COS, lost out on one on eBay earlier this year and have been looking ever since. New or worn, I don't care, but if anyone has anything please let me know, I'll give a good price! Thanks. 
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