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  Yes, moon + stars clearly applied, in precious metals.    Isn't it lovely?     I thought you might point that out!   And yes, it's still a lot of money but here's a platinum one that cleared in a Sotheby's HK auction for around $65K including buyer's premium:   http://www.sothebys.com/en/auctions/ecatalogue/2012/important-watches-hk0389/lot.2146.lotnum.html     We give a crap about this stuff, don't we!
  Thanks for sharing that vid, Belligero.  Certainly not old hat for me - a fun 28 minutes!     Best wishes on the exam, Newcomer!  Let us know how it goes!     Exchanged tons of private messages and emails with ADs and friends before Bruno finally posted that thread about the platinum Nautilus.  Still some doubt as to whether Patek will produce it (all I've received are denials and/or "no word yet" from Patek USA and US ADs), but we'll see.     That's 85,000 CHF too, so...
  This is clearly an aesthetic judgment on my part, but the sharp edges and square-ish pieces in the movement enclosed in a round case kind of comes across as jarring to me.
  I must be getting old or something, but I kind of like the fluted bezel on a DJ more than a smooth/mirror-polished one.  Not that I'm a mirror-polished bezel hater - I have the Explorer I and love it just fine.  Must be a "if it's a DJ, then I think it should have a fluted bezel" personal bias on my part.
  Keith T - I have seen this picture many times and yet I do not tire of looking at it.  Also, why do I feel like it is my moral obligation to reply to any post that includes a reference to Ms Upton?     No, seriously - did this really happen to you?  Was said gentleman exposing himself to you or to your girlfriend or both? Sheez.  Sorry, Nuke.  
  Jayzus that sux.   Best wishes on shipping and that repair, Nuke.  Sorry this happened to you.    (And before wurger comments on the severe weakening of my spelling skills, this is deliberate: sometimes I like spelling and abbreviating stuff 'coz imma kinda hip like dat, you dig?)
  Strange Tourneau experience yesterday here in NYC too:   1.  Tourneau on 57th street: Too much condescension and lack of attention when I walked in inquiring about a ladies Nautilus.  Finally I tire of said treatment and take off my suit jacket.  Had my 3970 in yellow gold on.  Salesperson finally checks me out, doesn't even know what I'm wearing.  Presumably his manager comes by after a minute and gushes over the 3970 and proceeds to fawn over me.  Ick.   2.  Walk over...
Quote:   Well, if you make that decision that he should go, it may well mark the first time we'll meet - that is, if you offer a fellow SF TWAT brother first dibs.     And for a deal about a collectible no less!      Oh, you were just saying.....
  Hot dang Dino - that's the original Godaikin Voltes V.  I had that back in the early 1980s when we had family friends from Japan give me one as a gift, but I probably promptly destroyed it as a young lad.  The construction is solid, mostly diecast metal, and the detailing is incredible.  These things tend to trade for anywhere from $1,200 to well above that number, likely a multiple of what your parents paid for it in FAO Schwarz back in the day.  Check out this video...
  The purists will probably not like the date function but I must admit I did a double take when I saw the images in this article.  Still, $30,000 for the yellow and rose gold versions means they'll be competing in tough territory, IMHO.
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