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  Think she's a keeper, man. 
  I've had far better, more knowledgeable service at Wempe - very close to Tourneau in NYC.  Wempe is on 55th street and 5th avenue.
Here's a cute idea for a piece for the wife.  The discontinued 5800/1A, "midsized" at around 38mm (including the ears) X 34mm (case/diagonal).  Pictured right beside the 5711/1A "jumbo" Nautilus currently in production (pic c/o the internet/PuristSPro).       Her wrist is about as large as mine (6") and I think it would look fabulous on her.  She wears a midsized Aquanaut (the 5066/1A) right now and she loves it.  Pic of her wearing the 5066/1A below while...
  That would have to be at very private, very inebriated, Imeldific parties.
  Bawhawhaw, this is one of the best posts I've read recently hehehe. Thanks for sharing! P.S.  I wouldn't wear something like that, for the record.
Am in San Francisco for literally about seven hours, and had three hours to kill (don't ask me, I didn't come up with the scheduling).  So walked around the Union Square area and wouldn't you know it, I wandered into Tourbillon and Shreve.  Found an interesting women's piece at Shreve: Patek's 7071 in white gold, the "ladies first chronograph" (as they term it).  Diamonds are inside the crystal versus right on the bezel, interesting touch.  But even more interesting was...
  W-oh! TWAT get-together in Las Vegas!
Great recent posts from Dino, mimo and stitchy about the evolving relationships of ADs and manufacturers.  There are a few 100+ year old relationships that Patek has with the Tiffanys and Wempes of this world that might stand such tests, but all I've heard about Rolex is what others have posted about it too about tightening the screws on their dealers, past relationships be damned.   On a lighter note, a friend of mine is headed up to Geneva for a week to be wined...
  +1 especially for the font sizing!
  I especially love this display back shot - and of course your points about time-only finishings for the rectangular case.   Now, tell us: did you take this picture right after you purchased the watch?  Right after you had a new strap put on?  Or do you just not have sweat glands! 
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