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 Saw that yesterday. Crazy.  Love how they had to "extract" it and all.  Whoa.
Frilly does not lie: Also, since this is SF TWAT, do you guys think this suit looks a bit short? Comments on fit?
I'm not going to comment on jbarwick's post - not because of the aesthetics per se but because of the audacity of pricing and the association with LV. Oh wait, I guess I already commented. Hahah! Instead I will simply post this picture of me on a train, and the challenge of taking a wrist shot given Amtrak's stability or lack of it: Also I will post this picture since jbarwick reminded me of her: Unsolicited plug: she is in Amsterdam today promoting her new movie...
Congratulations TheWraith! Nice PP, seattlesf!!!
Today's choice. Not just milk. MUSCLE milk. Not just yogurt. POWERFUL yogurt. Tag line reads: "Find your inner abs." No kidding. I will totally be shredded for summer now.
Awesome pics dddrees and mimo!
Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified!!!
The platinum was a bit hard to bite into, I admit. Undercooked but maybe I ordered it rare.
Lunch earlier today.
Belligero, rnguy001, Dino944, mimo - you know me all too well.   Perhaps this will indeed be the occasion when I break my Sub/SD cherry and get myself a proper dive watch.  Woot!  We shall see.
New Posts  All Forums: