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So I had an awesome time last night. Pierre Corthay - who makes some of my favorite shoes - is in town and is holding a trunk show at Leffot, but I was busy all day yesterday and today so I could only meet up for dinner. Well, after dinner Steven Taffel opened up the store because there were just too many goodies to be seen. But this is TWAT, so I won't focus on the mind bendingly awesome shoes. Let's get on with some of the watches people were wearing. There's that...
Traveling today. Omega display in the lobby of the Four Seasons in Denver.
 Saw that yesterday. Crazy.  Love how they had to "extract" it and all.  Whoa.
Frilly does not lie: Also, since this is SF TWAT, do you guys think this suit looks a bit short? Comments on fit?
I'm not going to comment on jbarwick's post - not because of the aesthetics per se but because of the audacity of pricing and the association with LV. Oh wait, I guess I already commented. Hahah! Instead I will simply post this picture of me on a train, and the challenge of taking a wrist shot given Amtrak's stability or lack of it: Also I will post this picture since jbarwick reminded me of her: Unsolicited plug: she is in Amsterdam today promoting her new movie...
Congratulations TheWraith! Nice PP, seattlesf!!!
Today's choice. Not just milk. MUSCLE milk. Not just yogurt. POWERFUL yogurt. Tag line reads: "Find your inner abs." No kidding. I will totally be shredded for summer now.
Awesome pics dddrees and mimo!
Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified!!!
The platinum was a bit hard to bite into, I admit. Undercooked but maybe I ordered it rare.
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