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Right on!
On topic - here's one that looks fantastic in real life AND in pics heh heh.
 These are good points about how you present/view watches in pics versus in real life. One of the grey dealers with whom I've purchased watches actually posts rather underwhelming pictures of his inventory on his site.  They aren't ugly pics, but they fall far short of what the watches look like in person.  Of course it's deliberate: he would rather have potential clients be in shock at how beautiful the watch is when they see it in person, versus feel underwhelmed once...
Thought I heard someone say "Rolex."
Bit of a better shot of what I wore to that Patek/Govberg event last Thursday evening:
 BLUE Galways + Nautilus 5711/1A for the win!
   Thank you brothers.  But just imagine the kind of logistics (and insurance?) required to transport pieces like that to a show/gathering in another city (or country).  Those were not the only pieces on display - there were piece uniques there, fantastic works of art, along with their full range of Nautilii and minute repeaters, plus a few priceless watchmakers who answered what must have been (to them) incredibly dumb questions from me.  Hey wait, maybe they should have...
Lots of awesome watches being posted here! These aren't the best of pictures because of the dim lighting, but I was at a watch event last night and wanted to share: Clockwise from upper left: 1. Patek 5307 in platinum - tourbillon with minute repeater and instantaneous perpetual calendar with 40 baguette diamonds (3.91 tcw) - will retail for around $850,000. 2. Patek 5131 World Time with enamel dial in yellow gold and white gold. Low production numbers and long...
Congratulations NS - that's a great find!
 Hah hah hah!    Oh man.....
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