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  Love the Speedy Pro! I have always wondered if I wanted a Speedy Pro in my life.  Have had the willpower to hold off for now - but the G-Shock's potential use in my out-of-office life and its relatively low price point is eroding my willpower.
  The GX-56! How large is this watch in terms of how it wears on your wrist?   Yes, I guess I've done a bit of research and I know model / reference numbers.....     Thanks for the encouragement!  Yeah, I'm thinking of activities like running, stuff that potentially involves tons of sweat, possibly mud and sand.  For kicks I do the Tough Mudder races and I'm not sure I want to wear my other mechanicals doing that. The G-Shock looks like it's built for that.     You know...
  Hope the session proved therapeutic! 
Will I be kicked out of TWAT if I confess that I am considering getting a G-Shock?  
    Thanks! Pic of me with Dean Girling and Steven Taffel of Leffot back when I placed the order for this G&G Colcutt on the Deco last.  
  I wonder if I should ask Tony and Dean if they make G&G MTO slippers.  HAHAHA!  Speaking of, here's a pic of me with Dean Girling and Steven Taffel of Leffot when I put in that order for the G&G Colcutt in vintage cherry / pingrain chestnut; this one was from last year.     You will note that I am wearing my SS 5711... with the lovely blue dial.         Again, if someone's personal values were such that they wouldn't even consider buying a luxury item if they couldn't...
Darn it, wurger, I disappointed you with the slippers, didn't I!
  Again - incorrect. I do not know how you come up with leaps of logic like this.  I regularly interact with mega-collectors whose watch collections value in the multi-millions - split seconds chronographs, minute repeaters galore: they are among the savviest of collectors and will grill any seller about the piece's service history (proof?), whether it's been polished, whether the piece's specifications match the original paperwork, or if there has been any alteration....
  Wait.  This is your response?  To me and Dino944....?   .............................. 
  Did someone say cherry?  
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