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  mimo - excellent choice and a great "starter" mechanical piece!  Great pic!
  Congratulations!  And yes, that is my modus operandi too with my missus! Mweeheehee.
Late to the game here but crazy busy at work.  Glad you got your beloved back so quickly, Nuke!   Great discussion about the merits of activating the chrono function.  I tend to switch on the chrono for a few minutes every few weeks or so, but I do agree about liking to see that "sweeping seconds hand."  Not enough for me to get a Patek 5960 (annual calendar chrono with a sweeping seconds hand), and not enough for me to think that the classic 3940 with no sweeping or...
Comic relief for the day.  I would just like to definitively state - before "Anchorman 2" comes out this December, and before the "Ron Burgundy coyote coat" becomes the new must-have winter coat for men - that no frills wore this coat about one full year prior:       On topic given TWAT, was wearing the 3970J back then:         (NB: Date for the pic is March given unseasonably cold weather earlier this year, but had the coat in November/December...
  Have no problems with my midnight blue / navy suede Galways - although I have yet to wear them with a suit.       'Dem speed hooks for the laces sometimes catch the inner hemming of me pants though!  (Pardon the pirate-like language, hanging out with the kids all day)
  I love the Arca.  Soooo comfortable!  Here's mine in lie de vin:    
  CONGRATULATIONS!  Nice wrist shot.
  Spot-friggin-on, especially #7.     And.   [[SPOILER]]   Here.   [[SPOILER]]   Is.   [[SPOILER]]     My.   [[SPOILER]]   Contribution.   [[SPOILER]]   To.    [[SPOILER]]     This.   [[SPOILER]]   Thread.   [[SPOILER]]   Bored yet?  Not me.   Sorry for the facetious post.  Long day spent with family.  On topic, wearing 3970 today.  Didn't get a decent wrist shot because I was too busy chasing after the kids, so a stock photo will have to do.        
  Nothing like being a professional photographer and a brand ambassador for Panerai.  I will ask for more "samples."   Yes, I have provided feedback to my friend about not properly photographing the subdials properly.  I will attempt to gain access to other more appropriate shots.
  CONGRATULATIONS! Nothing like that awesome feeling of a hunt well accomplished!  Truly a grand acquiescence into TWAT-dom - wear that beauty well!
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