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 Wait. What?  Well, now that's a deal killer for the kind of Dark Knight operations I plan to put this baby through. Oh well. Moving on...
CHRK33 - that Nautilus is going to retail for $57,300 according to Hodinkee (although this might change).  That is not so far from the Nautilus chrono 5980/1A that was discontinued recently, and I bet it will be a hit for fans of the Aquanaut Travel Time.  Seeing the live pics certainly made it look better for me versus the crappy 2D pic I posted initially.  For its price, and overall offering, I will  pass on it.  But I can see why others would like it.   Now, as for...
 DAFAQ IS THAT. This Batman doesn't wear belts.  Only side tabs.  #boom
The problem with the kind of pics you post, CMT1, is that they present the watch so well.  So tempting.  You're such an enabler.  Just the kind of guy that fits in here at TWAT.  Hah hah.
 If I was driving along some street in Staten Island and that clown appeared and terrified my children I would step out of my car and pulverize it.
Hahah! Well, some images are popping up and I'm not sure what to make of them. First, until the actual Basel release no one can be sure they are legit designs. Second, the 2D rendering might not do justice to what these watches actually look like in the flesh.But from my first impressions, I do not like what I'm seeing.Supposedly new Nautilus with complications:Supposedly new ref 5951 monopusher split seconds chrono with calendar and F*NG MOONPHASE ON TOP:Supposedly new...
Fascinating discussion here re: straps and bracelets. Aquanaut chronograph! Yoicks!
Thanks wurger and RogerP! Going through the shoe lineup for a twice yearly shine not administered by yours truly. Dang shoe shine masters - there's a reason why I pay them to do the job versus doing it on my own all the time. They can do stuff like that mirror polished toe look on my StC chukkas that I could never quite do well!
I don't think Nautilus models on leather straps necessarily look bad. Even a thick 5980R on a strap looked quite good to me when I tried it on - even though I'm not hungering for one.I guess I wanted to find out why you think an Aquanaut would necessarily look better on a leather strap if you think a Nautilus looks bad on one. I don't follow.
New Posts  All Forums: