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  Hoped you might weigh in on that one given your legal expertise.       With the exception of the Nautilus/5711 all of my PPs are 36mm.  Have no problems wearing that size - but then my wrist is all of 6.25".  JLC certainly makes a lot of very lovely classic dress pieces, at much more affordable (reasonable?) price points.  Finishing/decoration is, IMHO, on a totally different level with PP though (as it should be).
  Likely verboten in SF but I put Vibram on all  my shoes too.  And taps - heel and toe.  Boom.
And, in other news from NY Mag, AP is suing Hilfiger and Movado for basically aping its ROO design:   http://nymag.com/thecut/2013/08/luxury-watchmaker-sues-tommy-hilfiger.html   Of course, this is NY Mag so the pictures they used for comparison sucked.  It ain't the classic RO that is most closely comparable, but the ROO.  Hodinkee does a better photo comp:   http://www.hodinkee.com/blog/audemars-piguet-sues-tommy-hilfiger-and-movado-for
    Thanks, TWAT brothers!  Running the 30 year watch budget into the ground in four months helps fuel restraint!
  I totally get your concern.  $29,000 MSRP for the Patek 5296 is not a small amount of money.  However, given this particular watchmaker and its offerings, you usually shouldn't expect a deployant clasp to come with any piece under $35K to $40K (although you can very well purchase a deployant clasp: $3,600 for YG/WG/RG or $5,100 for Plat) and even the "sportier" models don't really come with high water resistance.  In exchange you get arguably the best...
  I do not know any SA who can draw meaningful distinctions between who's there to drool and who will never purchase a watch ever again or who's there to drool and who will eventually purchase a watch, if they are treated right  So to me the best response seems to be "treat every customer right, within limits of time/attention and the needs of other customers."     I will never understand SAs who mistreat prospects.
  AHAHAHA I didn't even notice that.  Guess she's really mine! 
    Yes, you have to declare items you purchased when you leave St Thomas to go back to the mainland.  You're allowed up to $1,600 of duty-free purchases per person (so for a family of four that's $6,400).  The jewelers I spoke to said "the customs agents usually don't give you a hard time" but I don't really know what that means: if I got the BLNR for $8,550 would they charge me for part of it that's above the $8,200 I was allowed (there were five of us in the family...
Up, up and away!
Quick point of note re: discussion of new black/blue Rolex GMT BLNR - am on vaca in the US Virgin Islannds right now and AH Riise at St Thomas (Rolex AD) had it in stock. $8,550 asking.
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