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Congratulations TheWraith! Nice PP, seattlesf!!!
Today's choice. Not just milk. MUSCLE milk. Not just yogurt. POWERFUL yogurt. Tag line reads: "Find your inner abs." No kidding. I will totally be shredded for summer now.
Awesome pics dddrees and mimo!
Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified!!!
The platinum was a bit hard to bite into, I admit. Undercooked but maybe I ordered it rare.
Lunch earlier today.
Belligero, rnguy001, Dino944, mimo - you know me all too well.   Perhaps this will indeed be the occasion when I break my Sub/SD cherry and get myself a proper dive watch.  Woot!  We shall see.
Mistake setting time. NOT midnight yet. Hahahaha!
RE: Pepsi GMT in WG.  Suggested retail price will be in the high to mid-$30s if posts around the 'net hold true.   It seems in line with a strategy to start picking off the higher end market segments that would spend that kind of dough on APs, VCs and even Pateks.  You can get a lovely Patek 5110 World Time in PLATINUM for that price in the secondary market.  Add a few more thou for the high $30s and you get a perpetual calendar like my 5040 in yellow gold.  As others...
     Thanks, gents.  I like posting these BIG pics on TWAT via TapaTalk too because it helps me zero in on things like "oh, well that pic that looked so good on my small phone screen doesn't look so good blown up."  And stuff like "holy crap there's water stains on the darn crystal, better wipe that off."  Hah hah hah.
New Posts  All Forums: