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Boom. Congrats! I quite enjoyed Spectre too, like @Keith T
 @rnguy001 my man - let's see it! 
A quick iPhone pic from tonight's Audemars Piguet dinner to celebrate the launch of their 2015 Royal Oak perpetual calendar: I took this pic of some of the participants, practicing with a razor thin depth of field (my friend on the right is one of the organizers/promoters of the event, along with the 'Dink). Alas, as incredible as this lens can be for taking portraits with a specific "look," it's pretty much useless taking detailed close-up pics of watch dials. Hence,...
Reading the Phillips catalogue on paper is a far more satisfying experience than browsing through the lots online.
 I am unsure.  It is incredible in person.  Only seven pairs will be made - and at this point all have been spoken for.  Not bad for a boot that costs USD2,500 retail. 
Spotted shining shoes at Leffot - a 16610:     Of course it was also the Edward Green Trunk Show, with a few lovely shoes (and not a few kick a** boots) on display:        This particular version of the Galway is Edward Green's first salvo at making the boot in cordovan:     Back to regular programming - have a rocking weekend, everyone!
Wow, 128 post back read. Awesome new kops and considerations, guys!
 It is the story - the why's and therefore's of your choices - that we find interesting.  Well, me at least!  Welcome!
  +1.  Welcome and share away! What an epic post.  Enjoy your time with your child(ren), @NonServiam!!!
 Congratulations to Mr and Mrs @DLJr for delivering their first bundle of joy earlier today! #ShitJustGotReal @rnguy001 - quite enjoy learning! Don't google the models, don't drink the Leica Kool-Aid... A dangerous path! 
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