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Wow, 128 post back read. Awesome new kops and considerations, guys!
 It is the story - the why's and therefore's of your choices - that we find interesting.  Well, me at least!  Welcome!
  +1.  Welcome and share away! What an epic post.  Enjoy your time with your child(ren), @NonServiam!!!
 Congratulations to Mr and Mrs @DLJr for delivering their first bundle of joy earlier today! #ShitJustGotReal @rnguy001 - quite enjoy learning! Don't google the models, don't drink the Leica Kool-Aid... A dangerous path! 
 She doesn't look too sinister, does she?  * NOTE: Wow, uploading to SF degrades the image quality so much...
It's happening NOW @DLJr ???? Braxton-Hicks or the real thing???
Hahahah. BOOM!Yes, she is.
Naw, just a fun hobby (although as far as hobbies and interests go I get pretty obsessive). I haven't "evolved into needing" a Noctilux just yet, and it took me a few months to feel like I had learned enough to fully appreciate what Leica could offer. Had tons of fun with my old Canon and recently, the Fuji X100T, which is still close to my heart especially for bangabout travel etc. I didn't want to drink the Leica Kool-Aid, but once I went fully manual (though still on a...
Used a 50mm Summicron APO but cropped severely for posting. Lighting conditions were pretty challenging, but the subjects were fairly photogenic.
You can tell from the pictures?!
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