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 That's because it's actually 38.5mm. 
Jeez RFX that Daytona looks fantastic on your wrist.
 ^^^ All of that.  I wouldn't buy one myself, but when I put the RG RM011 on my wrist, it wasn't "OMFG take this sh*t off my wrist it's horrible." If my Sugar Mommy gave me one as a gift I would accept it.
I have never appreciated Richard Mille. I still do not understand its pricing. However, after I put this rose gold RM011 on my wrist I now understand why it is appealing to many.
Fantastic discussion of late and broad range of watchmakers represented. Love it. @mimo - the 175th Patek anniversary auction c/o Christie's is unlikely to feature any bargain deals. I'll take a look at some of the lots when they are shown in NYC and take pics for you. Today, on a business trip:
Yup. She's a bad, bad, bad girl.
 Yup, that works!
^^^ Congratulations, RFX45!
Platona at 285g > DSSD at 220g...Whoooooa
Well, ever since I was about 11 years old I noticed a strange imbalance between my left and right wrists, as if the right one was just stronger and better coordinated and got more exercise or something.So, I figured that wearing 440 grams of solid DSSD goodness on my left wrist would help even things out:
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