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 That's Rob's right?
Well, they work!
Well this little bugger had better work properly tomorrow, of all days...
 Very nice. Best wishes for whatever you choose for you and the wifey!
 Adam writes fun stuff like this ("18 Things You Didn't Know About AP's Royal Oaks"):   5146 in white gold with an anthracite grey dial.  Really nice in the metal.
At this afternoon's gathering of fellow enthusiasts, from NYC's Red Bar Crew: A few Snoopy Speedmasters and Rolex DBlues; each of these pieces are held dear by the respective owners. He's achieved some notoriety of late given his involvements in the watch world, but remains incredibly down to earth and is really such an awesome guy all around. One of my closest friends, Adam Craniotes, flashes me his usual skeptical look:
Fooking love Eva Green.Lovely Lange @tim_horton !
 Yes.  The Leica M Edition 60 released in 2014 to celebrate sixty years of the M line.  I shoot with that camera, and it constantly prompts me to learn more about the fundamentals of photography given its inherent "limitations." Some images I shot with the M60:   
 Hahah dayum @Keith T - just read the meme on your profile pic.  Why "In Memoriam" to our erstwhile Princess?!?
 +1. @mimo - great FAQ.  Just read it all. A somewhat trivial question, perhaps - Why was this originally named "Part Three" and now it is "Part Two"?  
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