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^^^ #KiddingAboutThatLastComment
Lovely session yesterday afternoon/evening at Patek USA's HQ c/o Wempe. Got to try my hand at disassembling a pocket watch ETA movement, stamping a Tiffany dial, etc. Fun! On the wrist of Laurent Junod, their Director of Technical Services: Also, Patek tried to sell me one of their cheaper watches. I had to politely decline. I said, please call me once you have something more rare, more ornately engraved, more complicated, bigger, thicker, and more expensive. Thank...
Cleav - E. Bonafe from Italy makes it for Aubercy. Sold at Leffot. But, sourced from E. Bonafe and not Aubercy. Cheaper that way. Hah!
On the hoof: On the wrist:
In an offline conversation with a TWAT brother I consider wise (his handle starts with a "D" and ends with a "4" - and in between it's spelled "ino94"), several months ago, I remarked that I was hesitant to invest in solid gold cufflinks because I often lost them.In the ensuing exchange he and I both agreed that once I spent what needed to be spent for cuff links that appealed to me from Cartier, Patek Philippe and Van Cleef and Arpels, I would rapidly pick up the skills...
RFX45 - nice. Heh heh. Although Wempe is one of my ADs, I've never found the best deal from them in terms of pricing or discounts. Love the service though. Tritium not dead on this one. Some Cartier Roadster love too (roller ball):
Happy Thanksgiving to all! Timepiece related thought for the day, as I read the perfect Thanksgiving book ("Prince Lestat" by Anne Rice). Check the last paragraph: Apparently the vampire Marius, turned during the Roman era and thousands of years old, appreciates fine timepieces. And yet he still had to kill some human to get his hands on a gold Patek. Hahah!
Ref 114060 for the win Moo! Congrats!
Super busy and catching up on TWAT. Hope everyone is doing okay! Mimo my man, congrats on the kop! On my wrist yesterday: significantly smaller than the DSSD D-Blue...
Say what?
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