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Me today:
Are these fake Rolexes or what!!!
   Looking forward, EMartNJ and TheWraith!
Had I seen your post right away I could have put you in touch with @whatchs on Instagram, who sells it.
Precisely. Welcome to TWAT. Love it here. Glad you got great feedback!
^^^ FAKE!   But seriously, Stitchy, that's insane.
mimo, you're welcome. And yes, you did call this last (ongoing?) round of frillyvolousness. P.S. I heard you liked the symmetry of this one currently on my wrist:
^^^ more like TapaTalk posting my single response multiple times. But yes I am always excited about meeting friends! Hahahah
SF/TWAT meetup at Leffot!
SF/TWAT meetup at Leffot!
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