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I love all three of those!!!
No love for the PAM 243?You able to check the SD4000 at the Doha airport?
I would qualify this post as most excellent, quite competent service. Just saying.
 What program are you taking up in NYU!
Yes, the ManFridays crew assembled on a Monday. Craniotes was back from his Europe jaunt and had fun stories to share.
 Hahaha, no shaving, just Asian hairless genes! Technically I've got a few wisps of hair tho... No juicing -  although I did do a two four week cycles of prohormones over about six months in 2003 back when they were legal.  Went up to 211 from 185, crazy strong.  Arms up to 17 7/8" cold, but added lots of fat too.  Should have just done proper 'roids but wanted to go the legal route - prohormones required post-cycle therapy anyway.  Once I went off I gradually deflated to...
Just checked. 16 1/8" - probably 16" cold (first thing in the morning).But more importantly, calves measure the same:As for "aesthetic overlordism," I've got to call in @tricky here, who is in phenomenal shape.
Hahah! It does look a bit blue, doesn't it?  Trick of the light only, unfortunately (fortunately?)... Lunch with fellow watch enthusiasts. 
 Then this SD has been almost a decade in the making!  Congratulations raised to the tenth power! Your SD's modern sister says hello! 
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