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 Given my two most recent acquisitions, one of the girls is just going to have to "settle" for their mother's beat up AP ref 15451...
My four year old already put it on her wrist this morning and threw a bit of a tantrum when I coaxed her to give it back to me. They love looking at Snoopy on the dial and in the case back.
Thanks @jhcam8!  But wait, let me read up on all this...  
You mean something like this? (Sorry, I'll take a better picture later when the lighting conditions are more optimal)
 Thanks!  It's the 45th anniversary Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award, launched/announced in Basel earlier this year.  Comes in an appropriately swanky presentation box, with literature about the Snoopy Award / NASA and Omega's involvement in the Apollo 13 mission.   I originally ordered/requested number 0069 (heh), but I ended up getting 0501 out of 1,970 pieces (the Apollo 13 mission was 45 years ago, back in 1970).  The black and white motif was patterned after...
 Hahaha thanks @Dino944... I guess I made an exception for this whimsical little thing. And delivery was only delayed by three to four months!
On topic re: Omega. The Beagle has landed.
   Because @Dino944 is one KICK A** DEFINITIVE DUDE.
   Congrats @Novelty77 - and as @rnguy001 has pointed out, there is no way this is your end-watch. :) 
As requested:
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