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 Hah hah hah this is awesome!
Offered one of these:
Why wouldn't the 15202 be okay for sporty activities or the beach?Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
I too get discounts from one of my ADs. However, it really depends on your relationship and their relative business situation and negotiating power. I want to say I have a decent relationship with Wempe in NYC but I can't get any discounts from them for new steel Rolex models.
Patek released a bunch of new watches for their 175th anniversary a couple of days ago. I must say I'm not incredibly impressed, aesthetically, with any of the offerings. http://www.patek.com/contents/default/en/175th_anniversary_collection.html Maybe with the exception of this: Wish the case back came with a sapphire crystal option: Still, I prefer #womw: Although someone offered to exchange their CHF2.5 million ref 5175R for my 3940P in a straight trade, I...
 Geezer is the new young and trendy!
 Were you able to try on the new SD4000 ref 116600, or is it too close to the modern Submariner in your eyes?
If you get offered 15% off on a SubC I think that's a great deal!
What about this one? Offered to me about a week ago. I did not kop.
Probably not impossible. Glad I overpaid for my Wolf winder...
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