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The resolution for that SD4000 with a SubC bezel: Rolex admits their mistake and will take back the shipment of SD4000s and replace the bezel inserts.
Walked in the door this afternoon and caught these two red handed, on top of each other.
My apologies.  For further research and reading, her Instagram handle is @gabriellalenzi,  she is from Brazil, and I believe she is currently involved with some football player named Neymar.     Also, here's a pic of my Exp I for reference:     On Iza Goulart:  
 Hahahaha, you're welcome my man! 
Her teeth and skin are exceptional too.  Just wanted to put that out there.
Is this an Explorer I?
Boom fake! Hahahah!Yes they are Trinity cuff links from Cartier. Dino has a pair as well. It's horrendously difficult to capture all three shades of gold on 'em (white, yellow and pink) in pictures.
I have no objections to having more than one Submariner or more than one SeaDweller.And though I played around with RubberB straps for the summer, all the beasts are chained back on their original bracelets now - where many would say they rightfully belong. Just switched out yesterday.The one day in weeks when it's breaking 90 degrees in NYC and I have to be in a suit. No DSSDs for me today. Went with the slightly less bulky/macho/badass overengineered alternative:
^^^ mimo that looks fantastic. Did you kop? To prepare myself emotionally for the end of summer in NYC, I have switched out the divers from RubberB to their OEM bracelets.
Supposedly not a hoax either as folks who worked for that Norway AD confirmed that the SD4000s they recently received as stock had that bezel insert...
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