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 I am unqualified to answer this question...
Fantastic pics stitchy!!!!
Take a caliper and measure it around the case at 10 and 4. Don't include the Chrono pushers. Voila. 38.5mm. To be fair the modern SubC TRF 114270 is 40.5mm using the same method. @Belligero measured the Daytona and the Sub using a caliper somewhere in Europe, and I confirmed the same results at Wempe in NYC, shocking two SAs who did the measuring for me. Now you know why it wears smaller than 40mm. It IS smaller than 40mm.
 That's because it's actually 38.5mm. 
Jeez RFX that Daytona looks fantastic on your wrist.
 ^^^ All of that.  I wouldn't buy one myself, but when I put the RG RM011 on my wrist, it wasn't "OMFG take this sh*t off my wrist it's horrible." If my Sugar Mommy gave me one as a gift I would accept it.
I have never appreciated Richard Mille. I still do not understand its pricing. However, after I put this rose gold RM011 on my wrist I now understand why it is appealing to many.
Fantastic discussion of late and broad range of watchmakers represented. Love it. @mimo - the 175th Patek anniversary auction c/o Christie's is unlikely to feature any bargain deals. I'll take a look at some of the lots when they are shown in NYC and take pics for you. Today, on a business trip:
Yup. She's a bad, bad, bad girl.
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