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Still working today, wearing Nautilus.      Working SUPER hard.     Hey. Where is my Nautilus in this pic above?
 Hah! Thanks Cleav.  And no, I haven't been hiding them... I've been wearing them once every 3-4 weeks I'd say.  But I never had them cleaned or polished (not by anyone, not by myself) except for the occasional dab of Renovateur if I scuffed them a bit.  Went for the spa treatment this time.  $3 plus tip, not bad heh heh.  mimo, I'm a 9 with Corthay (which I think is more or less my size with G&G, expressed in UK terms) but the 001 last does run very narrow.  For whatever...
Also, not a watch but needed to share with TWAT brethren - had these polished the other day (finally, after more than a year of owning them). There are wingtips - and then there are seriously breathtaking works of art like this one from Corthay.
Looking good TC family! Pop quiz: what has a thumb, wears a Nautilus, and is en route to the airport to catch a flight before the game begins because he needs to work on Sunday evening? THIS guy.
 Hahahaha I posted those pics partly to get "a rise" out of you, mimo! 
 You KOP Brooklyn Decker of course. Also Elle MacPherson's choice, FYI. 
 But maybe I WANT it to come up every time I am quoted... Ah, no, those sigs come up every time I post via TapaTalk....!  Let me figure out how to turn that off heh heh.
Cartier smash and grab from yesterday. Four watches, $700k. Love how the article says they tried to hit Wempe first but got thrown out by a security guard. Guess Cartier needs to hire that guy. /****** Apparently I live on Instagram too - mainly timepieces, shoes, attire and the occasional cheeseburger. @no_frills_vc. ******/
New Posts  All Forums: