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 Stitchy - yes, that's them (Bovet). Horrible picture quality I know.  I'll ask my friend for a better pic.
Oh alright. Not in the mood for "toys"? Here's a tourbillon from Bovet that showed up last night. MSRP in the $200Ks. Hat tip to my Insta friend @horologyandtechnology for the pic.
So last night I had much fun hanging out with Nicholas Manousos, who brought this fun item with him: A 3D printed fully functional tourbillon, x1000 its typical size. Video on YouTube here: Not just a WIS, the dude actually went to watchmaking school. Also teaches/relays concepts very well. Fun times.
 Fantastic share - and pics!  Congrats, CMT1!!!
mimo - that's exactly what I felt with the different Sub / SD / DSSD models. But really, if there had to be just one, I think any would suffice.
And what did you think of the Sub, SD4000 and DSSD mimo? Ranking?
This today:
You are in so much trouble. Hahahah.
Dayum look at that "Sub" with polished center links.
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