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Unsure shell cordovan would prevent creasing - see pair below - but perhaps worth a try.
If the leak came from Justin Verlander's phone I have mixed feelings about whether I want to thank him profusely or if I want to pretend to reach out to shake his hand but then suddenly level him with an axe kick to the shoulder.
I'm sorry TWAT brethren. I was perfectly aware of these developments but I couldn't post on TWAT as one hand was busy.
Both RTW, both US9.
Thanks for the share. Must be my old eyes but I just don't see any difference. A side by side pic of the top and bottom of the same shoe model, bespoke versus RTW, might be what I need.
But the bottom pic from the post above is not of an Arca, is it? Can't really compare different uppers on the same last, 'no? Here is my Arca - RTW on the 001 last: And here is my Cocteau - RTW on the 001 last: Doesn't the Cocteau look "sharper" and "narrower"? Do we have a side by side pic of an Arca in RTW versus an Arca bespoke? What if the owner's foot was naturally fatter/wider than the 001 last would permit - wouldn't a bespoke option necessarily look...
OM "F" G - those last two pics of the TWAT Princess certainly showed me the error of my ways!
Absolutely, finances and preferences permitting!
I highly endorse this approach.
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