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 How big is your wrist?! Mine is all of 6.25".
But does it qualify as a dress watch? Tried and True - I detested the Nautilus and spoke vigorously against it in the past. Then I tried the 5711 in the metal and on my wrist and, well, I fell in love with it.
Cloudy day in NYC. PC in plat.
But should it be accepted by TWAT/SF/mimo's standards?
 If it's a DSSD then you might as well not post it! I keeeeed! 
 There's a reason the 114270 hasn't been sold: it was my first "good" watch, it's been around for years and seen me through the birth of two kids, and though my preferences have evolved to desire her larger, beefier sisters every so often, her svelte 36mm good looks always have a welcome place on my wrist.  There are also fine details like that raised crystal, rounded edges (which the Subs and SDs don't have, but the Daytona does), and lacquered dial that offer a visual...
Yeah. I don't consider my Exp I or any of my dive watches a "dress watch." On rare occasions I have worn them with a suit or sports jacket just to "break the rules" when I feel like it, but I prefer my other watches for relatively more formal wear.
This one today.
 I do - for a select number of pieces: a couple of perpetual calendars that are somewhat of a pain to set if they run down, a vintage Rolex that doesn't have a quickset date, and several of my wife's watches (which she prefers to pick up, on the go, real quick).Basically, six watches that I would highly prefer not to set every time I or my wife want to wear them.
 There are several ceramic bezelled Daytonas. 
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