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Tried and True, are you the latest troll to come around these parts? Meh.
Up the Wonder Wheel in Coney Island today.
A shitty watch to put on your wrist indeed.
Exp I for the win!
Look what was available via the Rolex boutique at some city in Texas where I found myself today: Picked it up for a friend who really wanted it. He will of course pay me back hahahaha.
Today I didn't wear my DSSD. Instead, I wore this with a suit: But - horror of horrors - instead of formal balmorals, I wore double monkstraps: Eh. I look ok, good to go for the day. Carry on.
Hahah! I weighed in. Kate needs no one to defend her, really. She is like the DSSD of supermodels - polarizing, but beloved by her fans. Mwahahahahahahahah!
TC you are a ROCKSTAR! Stitchy - "W B" could also mean "WANNABUY!!!" Hahahahahaha.
Oh alright, here's a pic since you asked:
^^^ It's a great watch 'no?
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