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This one today.
 I do - for a select number of pieces: a couple of perpetual calendars that are somewhat of a pain to set if they run down, a vintage Rolex that doesn't have a quickset date, and several of my wife's watches (which she prefers to pick up, on the go, real quick).Basically, six watches that I would highly prefer not to set every time I or my wife want to wear them.
 There are several ceramic bezelled Daytonas. 
^^^ Is it still relatively difficult to find the BLNR via ADs? An AD just offered me one last week, and I didn't put myself in any kind of waiting list for one.
Stitchy, was that RG or YG? Another YG Patek today: Cloudy and rainy today. Hope this one can take some water. It's "EJ" after all - etanche, yellow gold. "Water resistant." Heh heh.
STFU Nuke! She might hear you!
His and hers for the weekend.
Happy to help! Congrats again - mine says hello (WOMW today):
 Oh here it is!  Is that dial slate grey?
Congratulations!!! Pics!
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