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 Geezer is the new young and trendy!
 Were you able to try on the new SD4000 ref 116600, or is it too close to the modern Submariner in your eyes?
If you get offered 15% off on a SubC I think that's a great deal!
What about this one? Offered to me about a week ago. I did not kop.
Probably not impossible. Glad I overpaid for my Wolf winder...
My 5711 and the 5800 on the wrist of my friend's wife: FWIW my wife's wrist is all of 6" or even slightly smaller and she has no problems wearing my 5711. Or any of my watches, for some reason...
 The 5711 blue dial is very, very difficult to find, at least around ADs in NYC.  Even pre-owned mint 5711s are trading at close to MSRP of $26,700.  Thierry Stern has definitively stated that they intend to limit production of the 5711 blue dial.   I'm not sure if it's easier to find via other ADs in other geographies, but even grey market resellers here in NYC find it difficult to source, and presumably their networks are nationwide. A NOS / mint pre-owned 5800 is even...
 How big is your wrist?! Mine is all of 6.25".
But does it qualify as a dress watch? Tried and True - I detested the Nautilus and spoke vigorously against it in the past. Then I tried the 5711 in the metal and on my wrist and, well, I fell in love with it.
Cloudy day in NYC. PC in plat.
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