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@kiya - a shout out to the Self Edge folks in NYC (Andrew and Wesley), who were both just phenomenal when Ia few Sugarcanes and a couple of jackets I picked up recently.  Love the service, the detail, the quality.     Both jackets are in horsehide, and the only problem I have now is which one to wear - because I love them both a whole lot!     ^^^ The rider's jacket from Flat Head with a semi-aniline finish is in warm brown, which I adore.       ^^^ The William...
+1 - love the new Snoopy Speedmaster too! Might even be my first Omega...Live shots of a few Rolexes and Pateks from friends in Basel:Also, this one... 😳But what about this Schwarzenegger Legend line, a mere 52mm large, with case and hands evoking barbells? BOOM!No? What about the new DD40 in platinum?
Strangely I am diverted to a thread titled "Custom alterations" when I click on this link.
There are some interesting new chronos from Patek at Baselworld. None of which diminish my love for this old one.
Sometimes I wish Dino would just tell us how he really feels!
 I don't see this being an issue...   I am unsure of whether or not these "LEs" are collector's items, really, or whether I will like the watch itself when I see it in the metal.  We shall see.  But, I must say it is the first Moonwatch that's prompted me to get off my a** and actually look into stuff more.  We shall see, won't we, brother?
Snoopy Speedy lume from @ablogtowatch. Maybe my first Omega.
Had I not declared this year to be one of Temperance for me, it may well have become my first Omega too!(Which doesn't prevent me from getting it on January 1, 2016... Still probably my first Omega!)😂
I am actually quite impressed with the new Snoopy Speedy.
Hahah.On the plus side... 5711 in all rose gold and chocolate dial. Probably a hit.
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