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 Wait, so, what's your choice - GO Pano or Lange 1? 
 I have a few other modern Rolex divers, but the ref 114060 occupies a super solid place in the rotation. Love it.
Great, diverse shares over the last few pages!
 As recently as last August - when I purchased a DSSD DBlue for a friend (he paid me back!) at the Rolex AD in Houston - they went through this entire process of copying my driver's license and the like. No discounts of course. Also, in the distant past I had a white dial Daytona ref 116520... until my wife appropriated it!  White dial for the win! Although black dials are awesome too.
Happy holidays, my TWAT brothers (and maybe sisters)!  I am off overseas to spend time with an ailing family member, but I will continue to lurk and read posts and congratulate incomings and occasionally post watches on my wrist.   Thinking I'm going to bring the Snoopy and the 5711 on the trip.  The AP is basically welded onto my wife's wrist, she loves it.
 The Leica Q packs a whole lot of punch in a fixed lens package. For me, it definitely justifies its use case and relative premium pricing (relative, of course, since it's several times the cost of a Fuji fixed lens mirrorless system and yet about half the cost of the latest M-P typ 240 body only, no lens).  Its EVF is incredible - truly class leading for the compact mirrorless category - and bested only by the SL that was introduced last October (which is not a compact...
 Thanks! Friends who searched on the eBays of this world mentioned that the asking was USD18K. I think that's way too much, even despite the hype and such.  It's certainly not easy to come by, though the preordered units have been trickling in.  That's exactly why it appealed to me - aside from the Speedy + Snoopy's history together and all.  It's a TON OF FUN watch.
This watch, so cute. #PostingAgainAndAgain #OffendingTWATTrolls #WhereIsThatAssholeAgain #DontCare #LoveSnoopy
Ohhhh snap @jhcam8 - congratulations on your new 5167! How are you liking it so far? So light and feathery on the wrist... make sure it's still strapped on!   Enjoy that lovely beast!
 One can only guess at Omega's intentions. I guess it was a crapshoot anyway, even had they decided to produce only 1,970. It could have not appealed... And then when every single piece was sold out real quick, well, the press release was out so I'm not sure they could go back and reissue more (which some companies like ST Dupont have done to "limited edition pens," for example).   As it stands, though, delivery has been incredibly slow. No confirmations but the rumor is...
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