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 There is an event tonight in NYC.   And yes, it IS a new DSSD of some form.
It was a fun lunch gathering!
Pierre still dabbles in shoemaking but I'm not sure he does a pair from start to finish with his travel schedule these days. He has been known to still roll up his sleeves and do the patination work - as well as the polishing work in retail shops if he doesn't like how certain pairs are displayed.It's just MTO so not bespoke. Yes, Arca is a pretty standard model and the 001 or the Pullman last both fit me just fine.As for the material and cost, I will post that alongside...
Here is a muscular perspective to consider. Daytona looks ok on a tough guy: Heck, even a Mocha Day Date on a Jubilee bracelet doesn't look "a bit feminine" at all: The SD4000, all of 40.5mm large and 15mm thick, also looks fine on a 6.25" wrist: Whatever you choose, DLJr, I'm sure it'll be well thought out - and super awesome. And just so TWAT isn't too inundated with pictures of muscular men, I present this picture of young Charlotte McKinney from yesterday's...
I have spent a lot of time with this living national treasure and he is a down to earth dude who is extremely serious about his work.Which does not mean he is averse to the occasional selfie with a blue Arca:He is making a pair of Arcas for me right now. Will post once it arrives in a few weeks.
MCT anyone?
Oh snap sorry apropos - didn't see this page when I replied! Darn seller!
apropos - what's the pickup? I have come to expect nothing less than tremendous insight from that Dino guy. Something new and something old, on my wrist today during lunch with friends: With us, the head of private sales at Christie's and this old thing: Teeny weeny 36mm watches I brought for show and tell and wear:
 That rendering looks fantastic and the text is hilarious.  Hah hah. On the plus side, if they made the DSSD in platinum then I can get a kettle bell workout in on my left side constantly throughout the day.
This one is for Belligero:Ehh rendering:(Think the bezel will be blue too though)
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